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  1. Definitely seems to affect people differently. I do prefer vaping over edibles, I also find edibles can be rather grounding in the sense that it makes one lazy. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  2. How was dinner? :D Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  3. Does not look as if you have a proper tent, so it is 100000% dark when the lights are off? Does any light leak in? Perhaps from a window, under a door etc. etc. If the plants are not getting 12 hours of more of darkness, they could be revegging.
  4. It is a bit of a mission, but not difficult. Perhaps a tutorial for some beginners or people looking to get into trying coco will be a good idea though.
  5. @wanna be dagga kop it really is not difficult to buffer coco. Perhaps I will put together a tutorial sometime with pictures - however when using coco you do need a decent PH pen. Will see if I can get a tutorial put up early November when I have a bit of time and am buffering some more coco.
  6. If the Slurricane passes on its frost, it will at least be a good plant to look at! I don't know choc gelato, but have heard good things about gelato - I am sure this will be a pretty awesome cross! How do you get your seeds out when you have a looot of seeded plants? Any easy way other than digging through the bud?
  7. Dem seeds be poppin' bruv What was crossed with the Slurricane?
  8. That is pretty small and slow in terms of growth. Being an auto, I would cut my losses and start over to be honest - the yield you would get from that would be teeny tiny. You may not even get enough for a single bowl at this point. Is the plant in a tent or open area? Humidity can be kept high by placing a plastic bottle over the plant when its small if the humidity is very low.
  9. @zairek would you consider splitting items or will you only sell it as a bundle?
  10. @SkunkPharm I assume you reuse them as well?
  11. PsyCLown

    Forum cuts

    So whats happening now? 😄 How they looking now that they're in flower? @1000Hills Nursery
  12. Looks good, nicely done 😄
  13. If you don't mind me asking, what is the relation between Aeradix and Hydroponic / Windell?
  14. @Aeradix Ahh nice! Now how well does it work in terms of containing smell? If you leave a bag with 50g of some strong smelling bud inside your car on a hot day and come back to your car 2 or 3 hours later... Will it really not smell at all like weed? I know if I even take 2 or 3g in a small ziplock and put it in my car, go to the shops before stopping at a friends place ... the car smells pretty dank. Keeping jars with boveda in a cupboard, you open the cupboard and you can smell its a bit funky. Similar case with these bags or does it really not leak smell at all?
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