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  1. A few months have passed. Plants love this light. All good.
  2. My dimmer is still fine, plants love the light.
  3. I got the seeds from a local distributor / breeder / seed bank. They were not branded but came in small plastic vials (?) with a bit of (that shit that sucks moisture out of the air) in each. Now I bought at least 15 seeds and got a few free thrown in. I have only germinated 6 of those seeds, and four are looking awesome, maybe 2 or 3 weeks to go. The other two have got stuck. I haven’t pictured the second “bad” one; it is stuck on the “plenty white pistols” stage. Now the one I pictured above, which seemed stuck in Veg, has spent 2 days in isolation on 12/12. I’ll try that on the other “bad” plant, seeing as it is all alone in a. 4x4.
  4. Do you import directly from the States?
  5. I’m going to stick that plant in its own 12/12 and see what happens.
  6. This is the question, who is the breeder? Up to now I’ve only purchased branded seeds, like Dutch Passion, Dinafem, Humboldt Seed Co and Divine Seeds, all through local seed banks.
  7. Hi Skunk Farm It’s from a local supplier. I assumed I was getting “overseas” genetics but when the seeds arrived they were packed into little plastic vials with tiny printed labels on the inside. Nicely done. I assumed maybe he got bulk and just re packed them. Anyway my first run of 6 seeds produced 6 massive plants, 3 x the normal Auto flower size I’m accustomed to. This raised my first suspicion that something was maybe off with the genetics. (However I hardly LST’d the 6 because of time constraints, so thought maybe they grew normally to about 1m high). Four of the plants are big and producing decent enough buds, and the remaining two seem to be stuck. The other “faulty” plant has stopped at pistols, no bud growth. I’m not going to mention (yet) who the supplier was, I haven’t tried contacting him yet.
  8. I should have culled it ages ago but I’m curious to see what this plant does. It’s meant to be a Gorilla Glue auto. It’s on day 77 more or less. Not a single pistol in site and from what I can see, no male parts either. The others from the batch are already well into flower. Is this hemp? Is it a genetic photoperiod throwback that’s waiting for a 12/12? I’ve been running 18/6 for my auto’s.
  9. I’ve seen this sort “dangerous” UV being used in marine fish tanks, where the object is to run a completely sterile environment, ie no good bacteria and no bad bacteria. The light lives in a black tube which forms part of the under-tank filtration system. The tanks have a finite amount of water which pass at a high hourly rate through the UV filter.
  10. It might be worth looking at diluting with RO water or getting some kind of home RO filter.
  11. Wow that is an insanely high EC for tap water (or borehole water). From what I recall the highest I’ve ever heard of is .05 or .6 EC. Is there an explanation why it went so high so quickly? I’m concerned that there might be some other unwanted “salt” in your water pushing up the EX that much.
  12. There is a way. You can toggle it’s “power-on” state to either on or off, however I don’t know if it compares this to what it was programmed for at the time. It’s fine for fans, heaters etc because they don’t impact on a plant like light does. One thing is for sure, the Sonoff will eventually continue with its schedule after a power fail and return, when a programmed or environmental state is reached.
  13. I’m still learning the art of growing. From what I’ve learned so far, I would say maybe that bud in your hand is ‘Foxtailing’. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m just trying to hone my observational skills. If I’m wrong, then is this how buds fatten up?
  14. My autopot trays in a 1,5m x 1,5m space. Even this is crowded and I’ll probably run 6 pots in future.
  15. Not sure about the nutes etc but some observations on your Autopot setup. It’s very neat, well done. However you are going to need more space between the pots for you plants as they grow well beyond the pot dimensions. Secondly if you intend LST’ing you should consider drilling holes along the outer rim of the pots. Makes it easy to attach training wire. You should also use one of the holes to cable-tie your air pipe securely so it doesn’t get ripped out accidentally when you need to move a pot and forget about the attached air line.
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