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  1. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    This build ends up costing me about the same as an HLG 550/650 kit, so not cheap. But I’ve got better cooling than those kits, so my boards should last a little longer. And when my boards are finished, I can just replace them. Plus, there’s a lot of satisfaction making something yourself.
  2. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    Haha ya you don’t wanna walk into them. I’m still looking for a heatsink with a thinner base, but these things are hard to find in this country.
  3. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    Thanks my dude Yeah, the silver doesn’t look too bad. My first effort at building my own QBs. Ive refined the wiring, and the hanging arrangement. Black releases heat faster than any other colour, so the new ones are a little more effective. These boys are quite heavy with those massive sinks. A little over 7kgs each.
  4. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    I don’t like having anything in the grow tent that doesn’t have to be there The QBs are 480w total, split in two fixtures I mount the drivers on a board outside:
  5. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    Can’t find the correct heatsink on RS now, but this is the closest: https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/heatsinks/4907056/ The ones I used are 300 x 200 x 40
  6. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    These are my DIY QB lights I can run them full power with no issues. Quite expensive to build, but I like the reliability of passive cooling.
  7. First one is Northern Lights from a few years back Second is a Blueberry I’m growing now- pic from my last harvest. That one dried to a 20 grammer
  8. Problem is, you have to heat at lights out. You’ll be wasting CO2. Gas is also more expensive than electricity. And what about humidity? This a pro idea. If you’re not a pro, don’t even think about DIYing it. If you can find a professionally built system, go for it.But know this: If something goes wrong, you can blow up your house, or asphyxiate everyone in the house. Don’t mess around with this.
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