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  1. Problem is, you have to heat at lights out. You’ll be wasting CO2. Gas is also more expensive than electricity. And what about humidity? This a pro idea. If you’re not a pro, don’t even think about DIYing it. If you can find a professionally built system, go for it.But know this: If something goes wrong, you can blow up your house, or asphyxiate everyone in the house. Don’t mess around with this.
  2. A variable resistor will set your house on fire. You need a variable transformer aka variac (expensive) or a triac based dimmer. Why not blow through the area. Put the fan on the intake. Pressurise the room. Negative pressure in the room will suck dust and stuff into the room. Put a filter on your intake. I run a positive pressure tent as a veg room. Walls push out, so gives me more space. The walls don’t suck in onto my plants. I’m not worried about smell.
  3. Here’s how you do it: Build a plywood box and make drawers for it. The drawers don’t have bottoms. Buy filter elements and put them in the drawers. Easy to clean.
  4. Buy a small 600w box heater at Clicks and the STC 1000 thermostat from GT or Hydroponic. Hang the box heater from the roof of your tent. Wire your intake and exhaust to the cooling side of the STC 1000 and the heater to the heating side. Cover the red light on the heater or open the heater and cut the lights wires. Tape the protection switch on the underside of the heater down. My extraction sucks through my lights, and out into the ceiling. Filtered intake is ducted from another room. The thermostat oscillates between heating and cooling constantly, so I get fresh air all the time, and humidity stays in check. https://clicks.co.za/safeway_mini-fan-heater/p/232396
  5. The level of growers on this forum has come a long way in the last few years. Well done dudes😎
  6. A pic of your winged adults and the root zone aphids would go a long way to our education Thanks dude
  7. Sweet Zombie in Homegrown Organics GreenGrow Soil No nutes, just water🤙🏻
  8. That’s a Ca deficiency. Calmag could work, but it isn’t organic, and can mess with your pH. You’ll also be adding N, since “Calmag” is actually Calcium Magnesium Nitrate. You need a fast acting organic Ca.
  9. Don’t worry wont last long enough to attract anything. Trailblazer, you need to make another plan there dude.
  10. This is true for HPS. New lighting tech is changing the game. Controlling ambient temperature for the sake of it is misguided. You need to achieve the correct Leaf Surface Temperature, for optimum photosynthesis and transpiration. The correct ambient temperature for HPS, cannot be the correct ambient temperature for LED. Without the massive amounts of infrared wavelengths, HPS produce, LED lights need higher ambient temperature, to compensate for the cooling effect of evaporation, from transpiration. Point is, with new lighting technologies, you need to measure the LST ( cheap infrared laser thermometer) and adjust your ambient, to achieve an LST of 25/26 C. FYI: Set emissivity to 0.98 on your laser thermometer, for green foliage.
  11. Truth is, if you’re really growing organic, you shouldn’t even be “feeding “. Organics is about growing in a soil that has everything the plant needs, from the start, and relying on the soil microlife to make those things available to the plant, as the plant needs it. Your job in organics is to nurture the soil life. You can add things to help the soil life along, and increase the populations of those creatures by using teas. You add the feedstock for the plant when you first mix your soil.
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