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  1. How did you stick the strips to the sink ? What did you use. I m struggling with that now
  2. @afternoon blazer howzit bro , I picked up some parts for a diy light from another member here . And at the moment I ve been waiting for over 5 weeks for a PH pen . Haven’t planted anything yet due to just waiting for stuff to arrive . Will def post a pic of the box and everything when I m done . Right now I m just stalled
  3. @Bakstein420 that’s amazing thank you so much . Will drop you some questions when I go through everything later
  4. @Bakstein420 Is that not import ? I m not that clued up on doing it all myself . I would be willing to try because I have some friends who are engineers . But when I looked the website was confusing and I wasn’t sure the exact leds would be correct .
  5. @TheUltimateNoob I m still looking . I might just buy a Mars ts 600 for now because I only planned on doing max 2 plants . Can always add led strips or bulbs to the box along the way
  6. @TheUltimateNoob I see what you saying . You prob right about the lights though . My grow space is 70x70x1.5 so that’s the reason I didn’t wanna break the bank on a light over 200w . A lot to figure out between having the right light spectrum and what is actually actually available .
  7. I did see a new forum on here with someone selling qb240 for like 4900@TheUltimateNoob
  8. So with lockdown seeming to be never ending finding a light has been hard to say the least . this is my first choice .https://greenleafgrow.co.za/collections/quantum-board-led-grow-lights/products/samsung-quantum-led-board-125w and second https://www.onlinegrowshop.co.za/product/120w-led-quantum-board-with-additional-red-and-uv/ any opinions ?
  9. @Roasty did you just use old pc fans for intake and exhaust . If so how did you wire them ?
  10. Well I m looking but I honestly haven’t found anything in stock/in budget . Might have to get a built light from grow opz . Their pricing was fair considering the current state of things
  11. Chinese qb is not gonna be an option for a while . I want to start ASAP . Being home for this long is making me go crazy
  12. Another question. If I build my own light with led s is it vital to have the Meanwell driver ? I ve been looking into building and some videos never mentioned the driver at all .
  13. @CerealKilla do the COB lights have to have the Meanwell driver ?
  14. I m not sure where to even start by doing it myself . With lockdown happening everything I find online is out of stock . Basically I need a light that can get me through the full grow . What K led strips will be best ? Is 120w enough for 2 small plants in scrog ?
  15. Hey guys . I m looking to build a small grow box to grow like 2 plants . As it’s a first build I ve done a lot of research and I m still not sure what light will be solid enough to have a decent yield and not break the bank . I have about 1500-2000 for a light . https://legalgrow.co.za/product/150w-cob-led-grow-light/?v=edb5dc74af1c https://marijuanasa.co.za/product/cob-led-150-watt/ these were a couple I was looking at . I have looked at HID but factoring the ballast 2 different bulbs and a reflector it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna work for me. I wanted to make the box 70cmx70cmx1.2m any help would be greatly appreciated thank you so much !
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