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    Please Help -

    Sup yo what's the ph of your water? I noticed my plant did something similar they got dry and crispy like that when the ph was to low and it happened on the lower older leaves the new growth seemed fine all I did was up my ph to 6 and it stopped
  2. @CreX thanks bud, been reading mixed reviews of ripen on the net so I'm gonna try it for 4 to 7 days and not the recommended 10 to 14 days then florakleen flush for 2 days
  3. Hi Crex I'm running a Dwc with 20L water and EHG grow micro bloom nutes and in the 2nd week of flower. Iv been wondering about the flush tho, I have Ripen and Florakleen have you ever used them and was it worth it or just a waste of time?
  4. @Zah thanks, I think one joint a day wont kill you tho just my 2c
  5. @Zah smoking is unhealthy regardless maby try another form of consumption if it worries you, vaping perhaps? Some people say it's also got its cons I got a vape for the exact same reason you mentioned now but still enjoy a joint so I quit cigarettes to keep smoking my joint now n then. As for old people smoking there are plenty dont know about their healthy tho but then again people die from not smoking either my aunt got lung cancer and she never smoked anything in her life
  6. @Zah I think it comes down to personal preference I don't smoke everyday I used to but don't like getting tolerant, now when I do it's a joint in the evening and 2 joints the weekend, about 2g the weekend and 2g for the week. Safe consumption would depend on the quality of the strain, if the thc is low you would need to consume more which is unhealthier because of all the other byproducts you inhaling if you smoke. You will figure out for yourself how much you need and if you have to much you will probably go to bed early or turn pale and stare at your washing machine for what feels like forever before you throw up in it. Good times
  7. So glad this works thanks for the info!
  8. SneakyDave


    @Oolong83 howsit I think 25cm is low but it also depends if the light is running at full strength I'm using a bloombeast a900 and keeping it 70cm above the canopy with seedling and veg switches at full strength
  9. Hi guys Hope everyone is all good im a newbie grower who needs some help with a plant. I also love sunsets and long walks on the beach Should I start another title for help as this is an intro?
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