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  1. Thank you, I really appreciate the recipe. Definitely want to give it go sometime. :)
  2. Thank you, that's really helpful. Yes, how important is the ph when using soil? Is it necessity or can I wing it?
  3. Hey guys, planning an organic grow, out doors, in pots though. Going with FF soil and biobizz. All the organic growers out there, which nutes do you use, and what additives? Been doing some reading about biobizz grow and fishmix, and I'm stuck on which to get, new to growing, and I've read that the fishmix can be a bit more forgiving, some do both, but got conflicting reports about it leading to possible nitrogen toxicity? Which do you use, and why? Any input is appreciated.
  4. I've been to two of the cannapax shops, one on witkoppen and another in northcliff. The service and product at witkoppen was very decent, The other was not up to the same standard, weed was not great. Overall, I don't agree with the business because it does seem dodgy and they seem to be pushing their luck, which might cause new firmer laws in regard to marijuana use, distribution etc. Capitalism trying to get their hands on the weed community. Also found they weren't very knowledgeable as far as even a rough estimation on thc content and cbd, which seems important for a dispensary especially if it is being used to help for pain and other medical ailments.
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, I saw there was a poll on the local seed banks but a few of the sites were down and some were great. I'm just looking for some variety on a pick n mix batch of about 3 different high thc strains. Feminized. Can anyone suggest any decent places and nice very high the strains? I've been thinking of buying from cannasmiths, biltong n budz or greensmokeroom. Have some nice strains, decent prices and sell individual seeds, Looking at royal gorilla, Jack herer, utopia haze, Durban poison Jackys girl on gsr sounds amazing, a touch out of my price for one seed. Any local strains that are especially good in our climate? Is there anything I should watch out for with any of the local seed banks? Any and all feed back appreciated :)
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