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  1. What I'm looking for is something that could provide a lot of extract for cheap. The dry sift is also an option, but I have a feeling I would over do it and end up with too much plant matter. Looking for something efficient and foolproof. Which keeps leading me to solvents, and butane seems to be a good choice because of the purity, risk of blowing yourself up is a concern, would have to be extra cautious. I was even considering rosin, getting a press or even constructing one with perhaps a truck jack. But sturdy heating plates are proving to be expensive, though solventless quality extract is still the dream. Bubble bags are like R700 for the cheapest options (5 gal). Read the screens are awful though.
  2. Hey guys, been researching a bit, but not getting solid answers. What is the cheapest and best yielding form of extraction? Bubble bags seem to be the cheapest to me, but I'm not sure if solvents would provide a better quality and higher yield? Though blasting butane or using food grade ethanol doesn't seem all too cheap. I've read of people using acetone? And denatured alchol(non food grade) and medical spirits? If the boiling point of the toxins in the non food grade stuff is below 100c wouldn't purging be relatively simple? Thoughts?
  3. Thanks man. It's bulk seed bank, their strain names are confusing sometimes bru.
  4. Also have a psychedelic going. It's in a 2l pot atm, considering transplanting her, have yet to top it or anything really. Is it big enough to be transplanted?
  5. Some gorilla glue or perhaps OG kush. Getting my replacement seeds from biltong and buds soon. They've been really great and helpful. Few better photos. The plant is getting resinous af, touch led the tiny cola's and my fingers were sticky as shit.
  6. Will take some better ones soon. It's been flowering for about 4 - 5 weeks. Hoping she finishes before the reveg thing starts. Would prefer the patch of garden being used by something better. Thanks guys. Will take better photos soon
  7. Hey guys, how far do you think she is till done?
  8. Hey guys! So @Jedi Messiah and I started growing a few plants around June this year, random bag seeds. Two of them already look like they are flowering, but I'm not cetrain because they but the one in particular seem very small. First picture is oldest and is pretty big, she was grown about 3 weeks before the second plant. Been very healthy and vibrant. Topped it and did LST, grown outdoors. Didn't give it much feed in the first month or two. But give it bionitro and bioneem once a week and water. Pic #2 and #3 are some of the what I think are preflowers? Then we have plant #2 (pic #4) the younger one, northern lights bagseed, this plant is 3 weeks younger than the first and i's only at about 15-20cm tall and maybe 10cm wide but very bushy and has a lot of also what I see to be preflowers ? Same feeding and water schedule. Pic #5 is a close up of its flowers. So my question is, is it starting to flower? If so, will it reveg when the daylight hours increase? And if we should stop foliar feeds and using neem if it's flowering? Thank's guys
  9. need some help, germinating seeds seems to be going horribly wrong. some are completely fine, while other are just not doing much of anything, with the same method. we tried germinating 4 seeds, in cotton, on a plate with cling wrap over, 2 germinated fine, tap root came out, one has died since, put it in soil, and it just never came out of the shell, the other two have been in the cotton for just over a week now, with no growth. really not sure what we are doing wrong =/ tried the same method with bag seed, and not a single hiccup, all of them sprouted. any advice, please guys? considering throwing in the towel with growing. pics attached are of the two in the plate.
  10. Hey guys, tried germinating my gorilla glue photo period I got from biltong and budz, germinate alongside a psychedelic, which showed the Tap root in less than 24 hours after the soak, already popped her in some soil, but the gorilla glue isn't showing a Tap root yet at all, 48 hour in cotton later, it did crack, quite significantly, but nothing else. Quite disappointing as I was mostly looking forward to growing that strain. Anything I can do? Should I wait a bit more and hope it bounces back, or just give up on her?
  11. Was mainly just the heat. December the temperature sometimes hit 35, didn't know how they would handle it. Thanks man, appreciate the feedback guys. What forms of training do you guys use outdoors? Was thinking of just topping them, maybe some lst to bend the whole stem down and spread them out even more? Just not sure if it's necessary with indicas. Just don't want any tall plants peeking over the walls
  12. Hey guys, does anyone have experience with growing indicas in a hot environment? Got our hands on some awesome strains from B&B when the relaunch specials were on. But in the excitement research wasn't done, and we got mostly indicas. 2x ananas funk. Stated as mold resistant, but it's mostly indica. 1x gorilla glue, also indica dominant 1x gorilla glue auto 1x psychedelic. Indica 1x bigger bud. Indica 1x northern lights. Indica 1x amnesia haze, probably the only sensible choice because it's like 95% sativa. All from bulk seed bank, germinated the GG and psychedelic, both seeds cracked in cotton, under a diy humidity dome. No tap root yet. Plan on growing them all in small 4l pots until they mature enough, then moving them straight into the garden. What can I do just to help indicas flourish a bit more in the warmer days to come? Any training I should consider implementing? Thank for any advice guys. Happy growing
  13. There weren't any on the leaves, just in the soil. Think they might be soil mites. Couldn't take pictures of them, camera won't focus on anything that small
  14. If they aren't a real problem, should I consider leaving them as bait for good critters? Would prefer to do less and let nature take care of it and step in when I have to. On a side note, when moving the soil to look for larvae, I found what appeared to be reddish mites or something. Looked like arachnids of some sort.
  15. I actually have some karbadust from when my dog had fleas. How would I go about applying it?
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