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  1. It helps a lot. Thanks brother. The pics I posted are all of the same tree. Removed any rotting pieces, will keep a close eye on her. She's the furthest along, all the other girls are quite far behind.
  2. And with the rain that's expected for pretty much the whole week in gauteng, the issues will likely just worsen?
  3. Thanks man. So you reckon harvesting asap? Checked the trichomes, they were clear. Did smoke a dried piece, nugs are dense af, think stacking is over.
  4. I recently harvested a GG4 that was treated with neem, had a terrible aphid problem. Used a bud wash of bicarb and lemon then plain water, honestly wasn't bad at all. But I shall head the advice of more experienced growers. The pictures aren't great, will take a couple better ones tomorrow. It's bad though, pretty much anywhere the sun doesn't reach has mildew. This is the LSD, it was the first to show signs of infection, the rest were probably already infected. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, battling hectic mildew, weather in Gauteng has been very wet. Been going at it with 3 different solutions, in 5 day intervals. Milk and water 20/80 strength, around 1 tbsp bicarb to 5 litres with some oil and dish soap, and finally Jaimes neem oil, at close to double the recommended strength. Frustration is building, it's a huge chore spraying the grow at the moment. So, I need the mold control equilevent of a nuke. Any sure fire way of burning this shit out of our grow?
  6. Where do I sign up to become a fan? 😄
  7. So with most of our plants already pushing out pistils, and harvesting a gg4 auto INFESTED with aphids, I wanted to find out what pesticides and fungicides you guys use during flower? Read contradicting shit on neem and decided against spraying anything on the auto, and sorely regret not using what I had on hand, did a simple lemon bud wash and got rid of most of the aphids, will be spraying neem a lot more generously going forward. Anyone using some ol' cheap and effective methods? Went over board on a side project and fundings for the grow are scarce xD
  8. If anyone is interested, starting off with a 1m x 0.5m piece of fabric, seam allowance included, you end up with a 15 to 17 litre pot. Bit hard to measure the fabric without a medium. Will provide a more accurate volume once filled.
  9. What I'm looking for is something that could provide a lot of extract for cheap. The dry sift is also an option, but I have a feeling I would over do it and end up with too much plant matter. Looking for something efficient and foolproof. Which keeps leading me to solvents, and butane seems to be a good choice because of the purity, risk of blowing yourself up is a concern, would have to be extra cautious. I was even considering rosin, getting a press or even constructing one with perhaps a truck jack. But sturdy heating plates are proving to be expensive, though solventless quality extract is still the dream. Bubble bags are like R700 for the cheapest options (5 gal). Read the screens are awful though.
  10. Hey guys, been researching a bit, but not getting solid answers. What is the cheapest and best yielding form of extraction? Bubble bags seem to be the cheapest to me, but I'm not sure if solvents would provide a better quality and higher yield? Though blasting butane or using food grade ethanol doesn't seem all too cheap. I've read of people using acetone? And denatured alchol(non food grade) and medical spirits? If the boiling point of the toxins in the non food grade stuff is below 100c wouldn't purging be relatively simple? Thoughts?
  11. Thanks man. It's bulk seed bank, their strain names are confusing sometimes bru.
  12. Also have a psychedelic going. It's in a 2l pot atm, considering transplanting her, have yet to top it or anything really. Is it big enough to be transplanted?
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