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  1. Went down to the local nursery and picked up a bag of Landscapers Choice Compost, no bark or wood chips and checking all the boxes! How does one store compost to ensure the microbial biology stays in tact for usage in AACT? https://owngrownshop.co.za/shop/landscapers-choice-compost-60dm3/
  2. Here is an LED within the 1k budget. https://growopz.com/products/qb-75 , ive seen guys on insta pull 80g from one of these in an 80x80 tent scrog
  3. thanks @Smelly Joe Would mushroom compost work the same? My local starke has RED tractor but the bags dont look too impressive, most are filled with bark and branch chips
  4. Hello! Looking for a good source of compost for my AACTs. Im in the Cape, can anyone recommend ? Open to other suggestions too
  5. a bad batch of OM soil going around?! This could be why i just lost 3 clones in their mix
  6. had about 12grams pressed at the just cannabis dab bar recently took this pic after i got home 🤣 we enjoyed alot while there. This is a mix of my indoor grow
  7. I tried to find some and build my own, ended up getting bubble bags and now just use that when i have trim from harvests
  8. finally feel like i have some plants worthy to enter 😄 Ethos - Zsweet inzanity - Day 44
  9. Damn, i need to do this. The closest i get to a tolerance break is going out for some beers after work and being too fucked to smoke by the time im home 🤣 Good luck! I am a few weeks away from harvest and always think about taking a week/few days off before enjoying the new bud
  10. Ive got the Midea 20L running inside my 1x1m tent. Only real down side to dehumidifiers is the heat they give off! I have mine set to keep a constant RH of 45%. The unit goes on for a few minutes every 15-20mins or so, drops rh to high 30s and then lets it raise up to 45+ before going on again. My temps fluctuate constantly because of this, 27-30C
  11. i ran two autos in the mix indoors using 0 nutrients, check the diary here: https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/1967-yourstonedbuddys-auto-run/
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