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  1. Hey everyone I am wanting to get rid of my TD silent 250/100 extraction fan. If you're looking for something silent this is it! Extraction is in great condition, used for 1 year. Fully cleaned https://www.futurama.co.za/s-p-td-250-100-silent-series-duct-fan-100mm-4/ - paid R2500 brand new
  2. @trichomechaser's cut of Ethos Genetics - Orange Kush Cake. On day 65 before harvesting her :
  3. This my my #4 pheno of The Plug seedbanks, Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittlez on day 59 of flower. She smells like nasty dogs breath
  4. Went down to the local nursery and picked up a bag of Landscapers Choice Compost, no bark or wood chips and checking all the boxes! How does one store compost to ensure the microbial biology stays in tact for usage in AACT? https://owngrownshop.co.za/shop/landscapers-choice-compost-60dm3/
  5. Here is an LED within the 1k budget. https://growopz.com/products/qb-75 , ive seen guys on insta pull 80g from one of these in an 80x80 tent scrog
  6. thanks @Smelly Joe Would mushroom compost work the same? My local starke has RED tractor but the bags dont look too impressive, most are filled with bark and branch chips
  7. Hello! Looking for a good source of compost for my AACTs. Im in the Cape, can anyone recommend ? Open to other suggestions too
  8. a bad batch of OM soil going around?! This could be why i just lost 3 clones in their mix
  9. had about 12grams pressed at the just cannabis dab bar recently took this pic after i got home 🤣 we enjoyed alot while there. This is a mix of my indoor grow
  10. I tried to find some and build my own, ended up getting bubble bags and now just use that when i have trim from harvests
  11. finally feel like i have some plants worthy to enter 😄 Ethos - Zsweet inzanity - Day 44
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