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  1. Wow dude, your blumat girl is super frosty, mighty impressed! The structure on both choco's looks appealing.
  2. i ran two autos in the mix indoors using 0 nutrients, check the diary here: https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/1967-yourstonedbuddys-auto-run/
  3. Very nice bud! What size pots are these in & how many cycles have they done?
  4. @PsyCLown Sounds promising! Whats your feeding schedule like?
  5. I was thinking of doing this but dont want to put them under any more stress
  6. Whats good everyone, i have 3 x peyote cookies germinated in solo cups. They got rootbound really quickly and i had two plants finishing up in my space so i had to transplant them into little 2L pots to save space while my autos finished up. Girls were transplanted into these tiny pots 10 days ago, and ive not once seen them perk up since. Plants are in jamies orgasoilux, 3 weeks since germination. Sitting under a 240W QB dimmed to 120W in little 2L pots. Being fed molasses/EM1 and plain water. Last watered them 2 days ago and before that it went 3 days without water. lights on: 22-23C 50-60% RH, lights off: 17-19C 70-80% RH
  7. Any retailers planned for the cape?
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