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  1. Helmet heads are not an issue, usually the plant pushes the seed shell off of itself as it starts growing. The second issue sounds a bit more serious and sounds like damping off disease, which is very common with seedlings and overwatering. There is no cure for that and the plant will die. However, I would need to see pics of it to make sure though...
  2. Thanks for this. Do you know what the microbe product from Jamie's Garden is called?
  3. Hi guys, I am about to transplant an outdoor plant into Jamie's Orgasoilux and I will update this thread with my findings and whether I experienced the same issues that some of you have had. One question, when some of you mention that you just feed it "microbes", what product is that? Apologies, I come from a coco/perlite substrate with ghe synthetic nutes.
  4. Seen this company before... They have agents, and sub-agents working for them... To start off as an agent your initial cost is R150k and for a sub-agent it's R30k. And then you go for training, get set up and start selling their cannabis products for which you get a percentage commission in return. Don't know if they're registered through SAHPRA, but I doubt it. And its not like people love COR, I just don't think it's as well known as Canapax and therefore there's not as much hate towards it.
  5. @Chris Jay hey Chris... I agree with the having balls part... Especially when it was done in such a sloppy manner... It was found that he wasn't even registered with the Traditional Healers Association of SA, they have publicly stated this. On top of everything he's business was not even registered with the CIPC (where all new businesses must be registered and tax registered). And the part where it all makes Russell a bad person is he knew this. He knew a traditional healers license wouldn't fly... (Heck if you read the license it even stipulates cannabis does not fall under the tr
  6. In jail. Bail was denied. Next court date in Feb.
  7. No high for dagga shop owner 6th Dec 2019 The owner of a dagga shop in Brits, who was arrested on 9 November for dealing in dagga and contravening the Medicine and Related Substances Act, was denied bail in the Brits Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 29 November. Russell de Beer (48), the owner of Canapax in Van Velden Street in Brits was arrested by the Hawks in his shop and 500 kg of dagga, as well as equipment for processing dagga were seized. During his bail application, the court heard that De Beer, who claimed to be operating under the Tradit
  8. @LukeS Just read the entire thread. You mentioned being a bit disappointing from your grow but from where you were to how your plant bounced back is truly remarkable so well done. What was the actual reason for the plant not doing well once you moved it into the grow tent at the beginning?
  9. 😲 When I grow up, I want to grow just as crazy of a grow-op as this!
  10. Wow, never knew this was a thing. Time to research lol
  11. Just checked this out and I'm sorry but it's shocking to keep seeing how much markup local LED manufacturers/suppliers are putting on their products. Literally almost half the price (with shipping ) if you order from China directly. @Timmah I don't want to kill your vibe dude, just want to spread awareness I guess.
  12. He lurks... In the shadows.... 👻
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