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  1. Thanks everyone @DamDave @Naughty.Psychonaut @Ill_Evan @The_StonedTrooper @donnob @Weskush
  2. I am a student that owns a software company which makes enough to fund my newly realized addiction passion for growing cannabis.
  3. Awesome man. I have been wanting to get into this since I started, but have no idea how to go about advertising, etc with all these confusing laws. Very different to the software industry lol Wishing you plenty of success
  4. "Right Click > Save Image as..." Am I a millionaire too now? :D
  5. Something else that I’m thinking about - breeding 2 clones and then pheno hunting with lots of seeds next year like @Prom suggested. I’ll be growing these CBD plants for years so just the seed production would be worth it to me
  6. So.. this escalated quickly lol. I bought a second tent, Mars Hydro 60x60x140cm. This will be for the mother. Then I'll take clones and veg them a bit in my main tent then flip to flower. Not sure if I should lollipop yet or not but I'll get to that when the time comes. Then for now while I'm still looking for a strain that's perfect for me I'll give the mother to a mate so he can flower it and then I'll start growing the mother for the next strain I want to try out. Thanks for all the help guys!! @Adansonia digitata @Prom @CreX @PsyCLown @GGG @Twix Aphen
  7. Ah right I forgot about taking clones from the clones.. but my issue is that I only have space for one tent until I move Unless I can find a tiny tent to veg the mom (like 50x50x50cm lol)
  8. Say I didn't do this and wanted to keep the mother in my one tent with the clones.. would it be worth it/safe to reveg her and take more cuttings for the next one? or just pop another seed and grow out another mother?
  9. Ahh okay I understand what you're saying. My thing is just that I can't afford to start with 9 seeds when using high CBD strains like these at over R300 per seed with a chance of some not germinating well. So that extra few weeks would be worth it for me. But yeah when I find a strain I like I'll get a bunch of regulars and pheno hunt, etc. Thanks
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