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  1. Great light. more specs, please? What are you doing with your 800s now?
  2. Toby

    Friend or Foe?

    No worries, whenever bru.
  3. Toby

    Friend or Foe?

    Shot for the heads up, Ill sprinkle some diatomaceous earth over the topsoil.
  4. Toby

    Friend or Foe?

    Aweh, TD. This is the sunny side of the house. The shaded side is going into flower already. Only flowering the indica dominant pheno.
  5. Toby

    Friend or Foe?

    Hi Guys, My outdoor plant is growing well with no pests or the like. No chowing on leaves evident. With gentle rains received over the weekend, I noticed house flies chilling on my plants. Like quite a few of them. Don't know if they keeping the other baddies like mites at bay or just taking shelter? What's your guys' opinion? See image below.
  6. Toby

    Help Identify

    Thanks, @Budwizer, I fixed it with Epsom and AACT over the week. Bounced back beautifully. Shot gents. My soil mix was a bit too rich, so I broke it down with equal parts, coco, ewc, my soil mix & perlite. Didn't add lime for the extra coco. I think that particular strain was just more sensitive to the deficiency. IMO. Ill monitor and Epsom salts as per @CG420za schedule above. Pic below a week later.
  7. Blue Dream Amnesia Haze White Widow Peppermint Kush
  8. Toby

    Help Identify

    Thanks gents Epson salts it is. Ill follow your recommendation @CG420za aweh
  9. Toby

    Help Identify

    I won't use it in my regiment only as a problem solver. Don't want to be killing off precious microbes. I'm a noob myself. The more you know, the more you realise how little you know.
  10. Toby

    Help Identify

    That's the thing Blue Dream is not heavy on nutes, based on pass grows. Ill give it some Calmag+ with the next watering and monitor. Thanks chaps
  11. Toby

    Help Identify

    Hi Guys, One of the strains is showing some leaf discolouration. Not sure if is N deficiency or toxicity? It has a dark blue line running through it and become lighter on the edges. Image below. All the other strains with similar soil and watering regiment are growing as they should. Please help and identify what the issue could be? Images attached. Plant in question on the left.
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