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  1. No problem.Only joined last mnth.
  2. Is the code valid for a specific time
  3. I ordered from Canabist and seeds arrived today.I got a lot of extra seeds.I only ordered the 3 packs, the rest are extra.
  4. send me some so i can grow and provide daily feedback from day 1 🙂
  5. i compared the przs for seeds and i think @Cannabist is the cheapest so far.
  6. there you go 2017-11-06_Intervening-Parties-Responsive-Submissions-FINAL.pdf
  7. Hi Guys.Thought you might be interested in checking the below https://www.rxleaf.com/thcp-discovered-cannabinoid-stronger-than-thc/
  8. Nice music there.I prefer dub.Check out Pablo.
  9. by the way i got 50 seeds from local guy that sell weed.(not even sure which cultivars.) I wanted to try and plant those first just to get experience.So what i did was put them in a cup of water and after 12 hours about 15 settled to the bottom of the cup. I only planted those 15 and i will monitor and see if how many germinate.
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