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  1. hi guys I'm kindly asking if anyone has pruned recently.I'm looking for leaves/branches. I will crush into powder(as attached) and make cannabis tea.Its the best thin for me to get high since my lungs are tired Im in PTA
  2. im looking for any free seeds/cuttings around centurion.Thanks
  3. I got some bag seeds from a friend and now I’m struggling to identify this strain.Also is it male or female.Its 1 and half mnths old now.
  4. Hi guys. Does anyone know which strain is this
  5. which ones are the Shortest High-Yielding Fast Strains available in the market.
  6. send me some so i can grow and provide daily feedback from day 1
  7. i compared the przs for seeds and i think @Cannabist is the cheapest so far.
  8. there you go 2017-11-06_Intervening-Parties-Responsive-Submissions-FINAL.pdf
  9. Hi Guys.Thought you might be interested in checking the below https://www.rxleaf.com/thcp-discovered-cannabinoid-stronger-than-thc/
  10. Nice music there.I prefer dub.Check out Pablo.
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