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  1. I agree, the pumps alone are insanely priced. Have you considered a refrigerator pump? I've seen a few of those used in a DIY vacuum chamber. @420SA Did you buy a Blast chamber ?
  2. Stop watering until it's dry until the second knuckle when pushing your forefinger into the soil. Over watering is a major problem amongst new growers. Remove as much of the bark content as possible as this is very acidic and strips the plant of the required Nitrogen. Keep your pot clean as the junk can attract unnecessary critters.
  3. Male yes and don't use a potting mix for your Cannabis plants, its way to acidic and strips your plants of the required Nitrogen. You probably over water them too. Start over with bag seeds until you are comfortable before going out to purchase seeds. Or try and get a clone
  4. Did you make the mix yourself? Is it only Coco and perlite? If so did you buffer and charge the Coco before use? If not, it may be in need of some Calmag albeit she is quite small and shouldn't really require much at this point
  5. You have freedom farms and just cannabis within your area so you sorted for soil and nutrients. Seeds is all over the internet and Facebook. I'd agree on the photo albeit it's legal to grow, you comments from here on in could change the legality though 😋
  6. I wouldn't stress too much, I also wouldn't pack all my shit away as it's your legal right to grow. So just keep 2 to 3 plants if you want. I've sent you a message if you need help with any problematic SAPS members.
  7. Would that include any old used soil let Freedom Farms and the likes? What you up to 😂
  8. Do you supercrop the same branch or stem multiple times? If so what sort of recovery period do you give?
  9. The amendments in the soil with buffer the PH up, hitting 7 on the run off is acceptable
  10. Hope to see you all at Trenchtown for the annual Cape Town 420 event.
  11. This one is available in Cape Town from a guy at the expo at R10 250.00 Sent from my ALE-L02 using Tapatalk
  12. Welcome brother, hope you will show us your ups and downs. Sent from my ALE-L02 using Tapatalk
  13. Welcome, I remember my first grow like yesterday until I found this great community and let's just say I'm able to harvest some dank weed these days.
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