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  1. Looking good, so what's your thoughts on a date to flip?
  2. What's up 420SA family. Hope everyone is well and in these trying times most importantly safe. So onto the Ladies. This week I've made my choice in the lady I'll be taking through to the end, and well she is the smallest of them all in No 2. She was one of my top 2 from the beginning...No 1 was a male SOB. She has just got a structure to my liking as they say 😂, so I'm hoping for good things. I've also decided to hold onto No5, a female also but taller with a different type of structure to her. No 2 will be the final choice though so let's make that clear. Other than that the ladies were potted up to 20l and will veg for a few more days before switching. Hope I'll make it in the end but this is about the experience for me and not really anything to gain. Hope you all have a blessed week ahead and most importantly stay high and stay safe. PS...just realised one cannot see the tag of No 2 but it's the other one 😂
  3. What's up gang. So of the 5 plants I have running I may have identified 1 male and 1 female, that being Choco#1 the male and Choco#2 the female. #3 to #5 are still not showing. Below is a group pic along with individual photos. Must say one thing I've noticed is this strain has some serious sized main stem and branches compared to most other strains I've run. Hope you all stay blessed.
  4. What's cooking Cannafam. Once again a week of plain sailing pretty much. Only thing that really changed is 3 of the Chocolope had to put into 5 litre pots as the other 2. Plants started to become root bound and I left it as such for a bit too long so they became droopy, I persisted in the hope they will force sex but unfortunately nothing had shown as yet. Haven't had much luck in identifying sex on regs during preflower except here and there. I suspect this may be the case whereby I'll have to flower before sexing. It may only show once I uppot to 20 litres, hoping so. The uppot should happen in the next few weeks. Hope you all having a cracking evening and blessings for the week ahead.
  5. AsI feel you on the PM and it's just crazy in Cape Town. I too have tried everything from AQ SF, to Hydrogen Peroxide, to Bicarbonate to Soda and eventually am myself trying a systemic fungicide as recommended by another grower. Will keep you posted. I did find using the AQ SF the best during flower because little or no residue is left behind as it's merely spores suspended in water. You must keep it refrigerated and use within a certain time period to be at its most effective. The product I'm trying is below.
  6. Update time: All going well, did a little defoliation this weekend hoping for better penetration. It's pretty cold in the Cape over the last week and it shows as the growth has slowed down some. Haven't identified any fems as yet but do think I may have spotted one male, but not 100 sure on that. The predominant Indica seedling has started to show a bit more of a her hybrid sides over the last week. Hope you all have a wicked week ahead, we're expecting another storm to hit over this evening 🙃.
  7. Hey guys and gals, apologies for the late update, made arrangements to update over the weekend only to fall ill and well things didn't go according to plan. So the only real update this week is I've potted up the ladies and placed them in the big tent, this should encourage them to grow with a little more impetus. Hopefully the next update we can visibly see the difference. Hope you all have a cracking week ahead.
  8. What's up Canna Fam, hope everyone is doing well this fine Wednesday evening. Plants are in need of a feeding this evening so that's the plan, but before doing so I thought I'd give us all a quick update. All 5 received a topping and lollipop removing the first node basically ensuring we have 6 shoots to work off. This evening will be a touch of Freedom Farms Microlife and Probiotics as the plants are more than happy what's in the soil for now. Hope you all have a splendid week further and a cracking weekend ahead. Be safe, but above all be lekka !!!
  9. Alright, update time albeit we feel like things are in cruise control at the moment. Only major thing that took place this week was all received a topping. Topped at the forth node, might just lollipop the bottom 2 off at a later stage. Btw: Currently using Freedom Farms as my soil. Feeding hasn't been anything really besides some Explogrow and Microlife. Ah, and I broke my freekin PH pen so that was fun lol. On the hunt for another, if anyone has a spare you're not using pls Holla 😂. Be Safe and be blessed.
  10. Lol, great minds think alike. Was thinking about it last night but couldn't get around to it.
  11. Holy cow they've come along nicely in the last week, the power usage is clearly telling 😂. Good job
  12. Looking great, like the way everyone has that twist on the first set of leaves.
  13. Quick update, ladies are coming along. Still have a sneaky suspicion the one is male, the bigger one of the lot as can been seen in the pick (one to the left in photo). What I must say is the plant has an amazing structure so far, should be an amazing grow in and outdoor. Blessings to all.
  14. Exactly, so what's the point. And the usual give you what went round last year but the flu like anything else evolves.
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