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  1. Explogrow is really difficult to get hold of in Cape Town other than Uncanni and another garden shop in Kommetjie. Needless to say both are in the deep south and a real mission to get to. I know Hydrobiz also stocks it but only the 800ml which will set you back close to a grand. Great product no doubt
  2. Do you supercrop the same branch or stem multiple times? If so what sort of recovery period do you give?
  3. I've experienced the most fattening over the last 2 weeks during flower. I'm sure they'll push out a bit more. Looks great.
  4. Ohhh weee, gonna have some decent colas right there πŸ‘Š
  5. Totally agree, this summer going to epic. Hope you have a great one.
  6. You'll be needing some stakes to hold up the colas soon. That Black Valley sounds pretty interesting.
  7. A good evening to all. Plants have settled in nicely and a few pistols here and there so at least we've confirmed these 2 as Fem. The other 2 outside seem to be males so that was 3 males and 2 females from the 5 seeds I dropped. As can now be seen on the pics I did a major defoliation and lollipop on No 2 which is the chosen plant. I want all energy concentrated on as much of the canopy as possible. No 5 I left pretty much as is. At present No2 stands at 40cm and No5 at 50cm in height measured from soil. So far so good. Hope you all have a super week ahead.
  8. Alrighty Fam, So big things happening this week, my update is a day late due to the ladies undergoing their dark period so didn't wanna disturb them. So flower period has finally arrived and the count down now begins to where she is comfortably throwing pistols. Didn't get too much of a stretch on the dark period so let's hope it doesn't go crazy over the next 3 weeks. Started the introduction of some bloom this evening and over the next 3 weeks will be gradually decreasing the amount of Nitrogen. Have a fantastic week further. PS...the wait for the outdoor season to start is becoming unbearable πŸ˜‚
  9. Thanks brother, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to then tent.
  10. What's up gang. Blah the Chocolope No2 is taking its sweet ass time to recover but has some over the last few days with her beginning to perk up some. No5 is thriving and ready to be flipped so this will be interesting. Don't think I mentioned it previously but I also kept no 3 and 4 as those 2 just don't want to show any signs of sex, I've potted them up and put them outside for a bit and let's see what comes of it. Won't be used for the outdoor comp.... unfortunately πŸ˜‚. Anyhow, will see how things go over the next week and make a call then. Pics below as follows: 1st Photo- To lazy to pull out the plants lol- back left is Choco No2 and front right Choco No5. Second - Choco No5 Third - Choco No2 Hope you all have a great week ahead.
  11. A blessed evening to you all, hope everyone has eased into the week by now. So I'm probably going to regret choosing no2 πŸ€’, she is way behind No 5 and to top it all I've pumped her with a bit too much nutes resulting in a slight burn. The drooping has subsided slightly but not quite where it should be. I haven't flipped as yet because I think they can do with another 2 to 3 weeks veg to recover and prepare. That would pretty much push me past the finish date. I'm not in it to win anything by all means, I'd prefer that go to the community. So if I may openly ask, can I still continue till the end and obviously post updates as per usual? Have a great day and week ahead fam.
  12. Looking good, so what's your thoughts on a date to flip?
  13. What's up 420SA family. Hope everyone is well and in these trying times most importantly safe. So onto the Ladies. This week I've made my choice in the lady I'll be taking through to the end, and well she is the smallest of them all in No 2. She was one of my top 2 from the beginning...No 1 was a male SOB. She has just got a structure to my liking as they say πŸ˜‚, so I'm hoping for good things. I've also decided to hold onto No5, a female also but taller with a different type of structure to her. No 2 will be the final choice though so let's make that clear. Other than that the ladies were potted up to 20l and will veg for a few more days before switching. Hope I'll make it in the end but this is about the experience for me and not really anything to gain. Hope you all have a blessed week ahead and most importantly stay high and stay safe. PS...just realised one cannot see the tag of No 2 but it's the other one πŸ˜‚
  14. What's up gang. So of the 5 plants I have running I may have identified 1 male and 1 female, that being Choco#1 the male and Choco#2 the female. #3 to #5 are still not showing. Below is a group pic along with individual photos. Must say one thing I've noticed is this strain has some serious sized main stem and branches compared to most other strains I've run. Hope you all stay blessed.
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