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  1. Quick update all, No2 is moving along, I suspect we looking at about a 11 week flowering period this side considering that next week should be at week 9. Will have to move her to the smaller box as the main tent is needed ASAP. It really has been a effortless grow on the chosen plant, she is still all green without a hint of fade. I'm not sure if that part of the genetics @Totemic can probably help us out there a little, do they fade must towards the end? Otherwise, hope you all have a Blazing weekend 🤘
  2. I agree, the pumps alone are insanely priced. Have you considered a refrigerator pump? I've seen a few of those used in a DIY vacuum chamber. @420SA Did you buy a Blast chamber ?
  3. What's up gang, Heading into week 7 and all is hunky dory with the chosen one, slight curl on the edges of few leaves here and there but nothing serious. My amnesia haze does the same and my other plants not so it can't really be a heat of feeding issue unless they light feeders 🤔. Anyhow, she sure does have a great structure and huge colas which are filling out nicely so far. Feeling a bit of ripener now for the next week and then the flush will begin. Hope you all have a great weekend ahead.
  4. Stop watering until it's dry until the second knuckle when pushing your forefinger into the soil. Over watering is a major problem amongst new growers. Remove as much of the bark content as possible as this is very acidic and strips the plant of the required Nitrogen. Keep your pot clean as the junk can attract unnecessary critters.
  5. Male yes and don't use a potting mix for your Cannabis plants, its way to acidic and strips your plants of the required Nitrogen. You probably over water them too. Start over with bag seeds until you are comfortable before going out to purchase seeds. Or try and get a clone
  6. Did you make the mix yourself? Is it only Coco and perlite? If so did you buffer and charge the Coco before use? If not, it may be in need of some Calmag albeit she is quite small and shouldn't really require much at this point
  7. You have freedom farms and just cannabis within your area so you sorted for soil and nutrients. Seeds is all over the internet and Facebook. I'd agree on the photo albeit it's legal to grow, you comments from here on in could change the legality though 😋
  8. What's up gang, I'll only be doing an update on the main plant as the other one still looks like crap. I wait for a bit of a recovery before posting her again lol. Anyway not much to say other that the main Chocolope had stacked quite nicely, let show a few pics.
  9. I wouldn't stress too much, I also wouldn't pack all my shit away as it's your legal right to grow. So just keep 2 to 3 plants if you want. I've sent you a message if you need help with any problematic SAPS members.
  10. Good Evening chaps, hope you'll are well. So far so good with the chosen one #2, she should start the process of filling out from here on in. The other one I've kept #5, got a defoliation along with a flush like all the other plants followed by a microbial tea and she didn't like that process. I'm thinking due to the flush she became Calcium deficient. Perhaps some of you can give your input. It's basically all over the plant, what looks like a rust colour at top with more like blemishes at the bottom. For some strange reason some of the growth wasn't affected especially the older stronger fan leaves. Let's get to the pics. #2 up first with #5 to follow and the affected leaves. Peace out.
  11. Beautiful, she is finishing off real good.
  12. Whazzzzzuuuuupppp Gang, hope you all having a fantastic week. Ohhhh weee things are pretty exciting coming towards the end of week 3, the ladies have stacked really nicely so far and are by far the stars withing the flowering tent. Kudos to Totemic for putting such a well developed, stable strain together, from what I've seen I just can imagine things turning for the worse in any manner that will can be attributed to the genetics. So let's show you all what we have this week. Below first up is Choco#2 in all its glory, #5- the monster in the tent, followed by a cola side shot of #2. Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead and keep it safe.
  13. I've retracted myself from the prizes o few comments back lol. I didn't want to waste the plants potential and chose to veg a little longer, the ability to grow such a nice developed strain is reward in itself 🤘.
  14. Would that include any old used soil let Freedom Farms and the likes? What you up to 😂
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