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  1. They replied. Apparently they were under renovations. So I'll go have another look some day next week.
  2. So since I started my 2 tree, CFL grow a while back... I have been demotivated on various occasions in regards to the health of my plants due to watering problems. Maybe i haven't seen a post on watering but I'd like to know which watering method (non hand watering) would be the preferred COST EFFECTIVE method. Anyone with tons of cash can buy a 30k watering system but for us normal home growers. What would work best. I scrog.. have to. Small tents function best in scrog imho. (Debate for another topic) I consists out of 4 tents and the all would need differe t notes as 1 is veg and the other 3 scatter for perpetual flowering. So... with all of this in mind here is what I'm looking at: Blumat tropf Autopot Autopot smartpots Floraflex Drip home made irrigation:
  3. Hey guys. So I was followed by these guys. They have a spot in alberton but no reply and looks very closed. Anyone have been or know what's going on?
  4. Making clones even vegging in that will be cool. I wouldnt try flower in it. Not as is.
  5. Theres no All of the above. Plus. If I vape dab. Do I vape or do I dab?
  6. Anyone hear what's happening now with our criminally charged franchise owner?
  7. Master_G

    Sativa or Indica?

    So... yall know that sativa/indica really does not mean anything about what the strain is going to do right? Terpene profile is what makes a strain do whatever. Of memory recalls sativa/indica is nothing more than which hemisphere the strain originates from. When you harvest in conjunction with your terpene profile is what makes your bud energetic or lazy.
  8. I have absolutely no issue with waiting. My only issue is absolute silence. Happy to wait
  9. Seems my money is there but that's the only thing that is.... cant stand no replies.
  10. So inplaced an order on the 14th. Any idea when I can see a change on the status or will I not receive anything till 2020?
  11. Thb I have no clue why you even posted this. I have long forgotten about this. I was under the impression overnight. It makes no difference as I didnt plant the seeds was just under the impression I paid for x and got y. All over no need to even try and explain because that is more than likely not conducive to good client service. So basically what I'm trying to say is I read the flowing from BnB management (seeing that you talk for them) Good day mr client from last month. FCK YOU, you're wrong. The end. Please order again soon. Now tell me why again you took a month to come and say this?
  12. I didn't see that its indoor medical bud advertised anywhere, just indoor and other than that I just saw bud. Bags full lol. Most at 50 and 2 cheese strains at 60 which were to be "indoor" but ultimately yes. It's either high grade outdoor or low greenhouse. I smoked the Chemdog and it was/is great. I cant complain. It's not top shelf. But its cured. Potent enough, smells good.
  13. Master_G


    I saw a shop open closely to where I stay and decided to drop in. R50 and R60 (indoor seeded at R60) however I bought chemdog and honestly. It's not bad. Its seeded greenhouse quality but not terrible
  14. I just bought from the Cannapax Traditional healers. Straight walk into the shop. On a chalkboard the strains written. R50 for outdoor R60.00 for "indoor" all seeded of course so maybe indoor is basically.meaning inside the hemisphere of earth. So at least we know Aliens didnt grow it. The quality. Hmmm... not sure. It doesnt look terrible I guess? Above is meant to be chemdog And below Bubblegum Cheese
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