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  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yeah under the impression I paid for overnight considering my previous delivery arrived on a Sunday morning at my front door. (Those "hey I'm unstable genetics" seeds I got previously) so its like strike 1.. strike or not strike 2? As a consumer you kinda look at what you get for the same R100.00 than the guy next to you does. When it feels like you're getting less than the other on various levels, I think you'd be a fool to accept it just in good faith. Its bound to upset. Anyway.. nothing I can do about it. The seeds can arrive whenever.
  2. I can guarantee with evidence and more than likely anyone will agree with me that has been on this forum for longer than 30 days. If this was you, you'd be vloeking the proverbial promised land now and be a total Julius about it too. Hahahahhhaa
  3. Not when your buddy orders same day and get his days before you.
  4. So... 2-3 days. Last time I checked 17 - 13 = 4. And yes you get yours delivered and seen to as priority as you order more than us normal folks. Because i know how fast you get yours and I get shit treatment. If something is wrong with your order, like when I paid 970 for a pack of duds.. I got fckall but a promise you on the other hand get more than that. Anyway I have enough strains and will just take this again as a lesson learnt.
  5. 13th order was paid and confirmed. It's the 17th
  6. Lol not even an affiliate link. Hope they give you some freebees for the advertising Alice. πŸ˜‰
  7. Biltong and buds - that's where I ordered from. I'm in Jhb. I have many awesome strains but when I order and pay postage. I expect delivery. I feel like I'm paying for government service from them.
  8. So I ordered some World strongest strains from BnB. Order was processed on 13th. Today 17th. I pay 120 for delivery supposedly 24 hrs. Guess I'm just a 1 pack p03s that dont count so who gives a shit if I pay for seeds and fast delivery. Previous experience was I got a pack of shit genetics that died. (Expert seeds nogal) So far my experience is below par. No idea why I even waste my time Rant over. I need to become my own seed supplier I guess.
  9. So... I kinda see value as this was an idea I played with. It ended up in me setting up someone and I teach him to grow and I take 20% of his harvest. There are many people out there who wants to have the Legal Home grow, but they are too scared, lazy, dumb to do it themselves . (Oh wait too busy making bucks) I know a few people with mega bucks that just want to try and stay on the legal side. Easy sale to them. Hey bro. You need this shit for your medical issue. Growing is legal buying is not. What you say I help you grow at home and then I take 20% of your harvest for the first 12months. My success on this grow of yours depends on how successful I am at teaching you. I can guarantee with proof that I will outgrow your first year's attempt at growing by much more than 20%. So basically I'm giving it to you for free. SHARE THE LOVE (always add that in the end of course otherwise you look like your trying to make a buck out of the person or scamming) πŸ˜„
  10. Master_G

    New kid

    This needs to be a sticky. This is Vital information and look you dont even need to know what V's from the C's. Thanks so much. Now I just have to make some PM happen... Wrong time of the year in Joies for mildew
  11. Erm... wtf is that and how does it work? I bought a bad rig the other day. Now I have to make some dab. Just cant find my wife's hair straightener. I do however havent a cooking clue what that "nectar collector" is
  12. Master_G


    I used tap water I left standing for 24 hrs and ph'ed the water to 5.8-6.0 ish. I suppose it's a bit like. It doesnt harm to do it so yeah.. no harm no foul I guess?
  13. Master_G


    I know nothing. I am finishing my first grow in soil and got bud. that's all that I'm concerned about hahahahha
  14. Wow thanks guys. This thread soothes my morning constipation. Laughed so hard at all the bitching! Keep it up. @greenkush love the lights bro. Can’t wait to see what they do
  15. lol 110g dry on auto.. NOT BAD GOING I can only hope to get more than 30g off a plant. haha.
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