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  1. Cheers 420sa.

    Next time you wanna single someone out first have a chat with said person.


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    2. Totemic


      Bummer bru. Please PM me an alternative contact. I'd hate to lose the connection.

    3. 420SA


      Dude it's really simple. I allow you to advertise your lights then anyone should be allowed to. I contacted you by PM and you read the message. You ignored it and so clearly didn't want to "chat".

      Also, how were you singled out? Your post was only hidden...

      Please read the forum rules

    4. Master_G


      its really simple. My 196 posts and my contribution is 0. i have nothing more to say. This could have been handled differently but  thats probably reserved for people ober 200 posts. haha

      other than than i suppose im stepping on toes. its ok. 

      im just a home grower who got a light. not some.big fckn company i barely pay my rent lol. 

      anyway Fatcats unite

      peace out 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Lol the h purely has the spec sheet written for horticulture. No difference in the LED spec or price.
  3. Hey man. So there will be a lot of sold out issues due to the fact that the boards are all imports and this isn’t happening at the moment. Don’t fear because all is not lost. I have heard a little bird singing and apparently there’s a company making quantum boards locally. Also remember the pricing you see now and the pricing with the Rand dollar exchange rate change will be different. So expect things to grow In price. if you’re keen to check find out more about this, feel free to drop me a line. The company will launch soon but I’m sure we can waggle a pre launch del out there somewhere. I am sure we are also able to work with your price-point as we have gone a custom route where each client will be dealt with on personal need. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. fyi. All warranties are local so there’s no shipping back to China if something goes wrong or any delay as we literally place the leds ourselves etc.
  4. Master_G

    Lost my bet ^^

    Ok. I dont buy into the marketing crap. To me 200w is 200w. I dont care what you attach to the end of your cord. That's your business. This equivalent shit makes the HID crowd pissed off anyway. I grow bud. Get a messily 1.3g per wat under led. Obviously I'm just a noob cause others get over 2 grams per watt. But that's that. If I got another light and it gave me less for the same usage. I would just go back to the one giving more.
  5. Master_G

    Lost my bet ^^

    That is the strangest equation I have ever heard. I am learning so much today
  6. Master_G

    Lost my bet ^^

    Wow... I need to learn here. You grew. 976grams of dry bud in 1 square meter under 450w of led light? That is better than anything I have ever seen in my life! Well done mate. After this I give up. No point in growing no more. After years of growing I'm a noob
  7. Nr 1 - Lockdown Emergency Dab Press. 1 x hairstraightner 2 x clamps (to maintain constant pressure) 1 x Twinsaver Non stick Foil (no baking paper available or parchment paper for sale) 1 x gram of high quality Citradellic Sunset
  8. @CannabistI sent you a mail. A very serious one. Please read it asap
  9. Lol. There will always be better lights etc. This is a friends setup and he grows.big fat chunky buds. Veg 150w cfl. Flower 250w cfl Its Ugly AF. But he makes enough for him to smoke. I agree what pretty much everyone has said because it's all about perspective. (Like the lobster in the kitchen thought the sinking of the titanic was an absolute blessing.) Anyway... you can grow under cfls. You can go buy 10 x 9w led lights in pnp, break them apart and make a light with that and you WILL get bud. If you keep your environment amazing, have great genetics and feed the plant well,you will get great bud and you can do that for nearly nothing. Shit lying around can make you bud. Stick that 1000w blurple china led in a similar little box and u see what it can do. Might not make the most glorious tight buds, but you will still get decent enough. PsyCLown explanation is amazing and I get what he is saying. And yes its 100% correct, yet a home build citi golf drops a m3 like it is looking for parking. So theres perspectives again. The trick is in my honest opinion...What do you want? How much do you want to spend and what are you happy with. SCREW ELECTRICITY. Still cheaper than buying bud and legal to grow. So grow. No matter what equipment you buy now. You're going to upgrade anyway.
  10. So I ran into a similar problem. I didnt make this myself. (Labourers doing the actual work) but this is my version of the covid19 emergency light at 3000k with decent light spectrum. I have successfully vegged under first version and its in some grow diary here. Not too sure. But I now have adjusted some things to get what I want from them and they are locally manufactured with warranty locally. No stress about diode going and postage. Are they are efficient as Samsung 301H/B diodes. Plain answer is no. Do they hold candle to something else Absolutely. 561c was rated at 187l/w and I grow under that panel of Greenkush and I get amazing results. So I will be basing my result of this light test to the 561. This is my answer to mad exchange rates and over inflated prices locally.
  11. 30% coupon? What does that mean. Sorry for the inconvenience please spend more money with us because were sorry? Isnt that a Chinese move? You can give 100% discount but 0 seeds in my hand is still 0 seeds. I kinda wanted seeds now. Hence saying swap it then. Not place another order now. Anyway. I guess that's that.
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