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Welcome dude. This forum is fantastic for learning and there are plenty of people with tons of knowledge here. 

Checking your post on reddit and doesn't seem to sound like someone I know on this forum. Everyone here is very welcoming.

Let us know what you are growing, indoor, outdoor, autos, fems, soil, coco, hydro etc etc etc. We love seeing new setups and ideas.


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Hey @Wondergom

Welcome to 420sa, its a top South African growing community. I am surprised you were banned so quickly and does not sound right. I have had two other profiles banned since joining this community, but think it had more to do with smoked moderators at that time. The community here is very welcoming, and has always been a helpful resource to get answers, share information and have a banter. Look forward to seeing more of you here. Will sub to your reddit when I get back from town. Cheers.

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No "smoked moderators" here. If members repeatedly and knowingly break rules they'll get banned. Very simple

In this case it's clear Wondergom was not banned. He was approached by a member in their personal capacity who is not a mod. Perhaps threatening to have him banned, I don't know. 

We have nothing to do with this supposed banning, neither did any banning actually happen. We see no reason at all to have the member banned

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    • By Bos
      Aweh gromies.
      Been planning around this idea for a while now. Seems a natural evolution from a smoking carpenters' point of view.  
      Today the creative juices were just right.
      The material was retained and cured from the 2022 outdoor grow.
      She weighs is at a miniscule 179gr.
      Comments and ideas are welcome.

    • By Chris Jay
      Hi Growers

      I would like to introduce you to The Survivals Band. Based in Gtown/Makhanda Eastern Cape they have been jammin since 1991. If you guys know of any good venues that may be interested in hiring them during the weekend of 11-13th March please let me know. Enjoy. 
    • By CannaBaer
      Hi there!
      I am currently doing my MA in anthropology at Unisa, focusing on cannabis policy in South Africa. The process entails interviews (and participant observation where possible) with stakeholders form a diverse intersection of the South African cannabis context including, growers, sellers, govt policy makers, entrepreneurs, NGO's, representatives of indigenous knowledge systems. If you would like to participate and make a contribution to the research in the form of an interview, please send an email to cannabis.res.dev@gmail.com, and we can set up a meeting.
      See the attached informed consent form for more information on study parameters.
      Most interviews will likely be done over a digital platform like Zoom/Skype for the sake of convenience.
      Also, participate in the poll, it's anonymous.
      I look forward to hearing your perspective on cannabis policy in South Africa.
      Kindest regards,
      Study participant informed consent form.pdf
    • By StonerZN
      'Olla Bromigos!
      Getting started a little later this year than last, rain around this time in my neck of the woods played havoc with seedlings last year. 
      For this Season I am firmly in the Local is Lekker corner, and will be running a bunch of @Totemicand some @Bay Seeds sourced a while ago from the Legends at @Cannabist. Thank you all for the great deal and freebies! Very grateful and super keen 🙃

      So here we go! Up first 2 each of:
      Totemic - Green Gelato. Reg
      Totemic -Strawberry Deluxe. Fem
      Totemic - Strawberry Sugar Cookies. Fem
      Bay Seeds - AK Royal x Lemon Jedi X Choc Gelato. Reg
      Totemic - Gelato x Cherry CBD. Reg

      All seeds soaking since 4PMish, dechlorinated water with a spritz of Biodyne and BioBizz Root juice.
      Some king sized seeds, some so big they got stuck in the container and needed prying out.

      Very keen to get started! Some will go straight into pots from here, others via ziploc and paper towel route. Don't have enough side plates to separate 5 diff strains in paper towels etc. Will give the Fems the special treatment and let the Regs go au natural.
    • By Smelly Joe
      So I was browsing the Internet last season, more or less end of season, and in the process startes browsing local seedbanks to see whats out there. So I noticed a "free seeds" section and of course I checked it out and saw Chocolate Gelato on test a testers needed base, i guess and did a fake checkout to see what I needed to buy to get this deal. I did not complete the checkout cause I just figured lets leave it cause I don't have cash now anyhow. 
      Couple days later I received an envelope with feminized seeds, some rolling papers ans a sticker. All they asked was to do a test grow here. So here we go.... 
      @Cannabist, @Totemic
      I received 5 x seeds and planted 3 for this season. 2 popped and is alive. The 3rd one did not make it sue to human error. 

      I'm not sure what the Sativa/Indica ratio is and the genetics either and I am hoping for Totemic for that answer and maybe a few tips.. 
      They have been watered and fed with Humigro yesterday morning and they are responding well to it. Soon they should go to their bigger pots homes in the garden.. 
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