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  1. Welcome to the forum my guy @Bundy. I am sure you will learn alot from the guys around here. Lots of people with plenty of knowledge to go around. I have learnt a tremendous amount about MJ on this forum. Also a real passion for me. Not just smoking, but every little aspect. Hope ypu enjoy your stay. Also..... @Ill_Evan is a showoff . But definitely worth following the mans diary.
  2. I have also printed the documents supplied by fields of green and keep it with my grow at all times. This is the scarey part. Cops and logic have never been known to go together. Thats when you have to go to court and spend those hard earned $$$ to get out (even though you are not guilty). I agree, everyone should have the documents printed and stay safe.
  3. I wonder if those 10x 20l were actually just the pots with the roots in. Sometimes these guys weigh the whole dam pot including soil and say its 20kg of product while it is just dirt. What saddens me the most is this guy probably thought he was within the law and thats why he let them in. I will never allow them in if I can. The problem is you might be within in the law but the police are maniacs in SA. They will rip all your shit out and confiscate everything. Making it your responsibility to get your equipment back with lawyers etc. So all they end up doing is wasting our tax money and then you end up wasting your own money fighting them, while they use your tax money to fight you back. Its a terrible vicious circle. In the firearm community we sit with the same problem. You apply for a license and maybe they feel like they dont want to give it to you. You then end up spending your own money to fight them in court while they have endless amounts of tax money to fight you back. Even though in the long run you probably will win the case, after you've sold your house and your kids' university savings. I would still err on the safe side. Dont trust those fuckers. They dont know the law.
  4. Namajunas' fight was absolute shit. I know there are people posting videos of them falling alseep during the fight. I too fell asleep. Was terrible. Really wanted gaethje to win but happy for oliviera. Hes been working at it for very long. Chandler's kick was next level. Crazy good. Glad tony was OK and checked out of hospital quick quick. The guy is a champ. Shitty about cowboy. Fucking tacos. What the hell. I wouldve thought you would eat a planned balanced meal before fighting. Not just tacos because you made weight. Abit stupid. I was really lookong forward to cowboy. I see theres attempts to get diaz and chimaev. I dont like that. Thats a pure beat down and dont think diaz would survive it. And i love the diaz bros. Adesanya vs Cannonier is gonna be epic. If alex perriera beats sean strickland that night, i want to see the izzy fight next. I dont doubt izzy but man I think putting that champ in with someone thats beaten him not once, but twice, would be crazy to just see it happen. Sugarshow and Dricus will both be there. Cant fucking wait!!!!
  5. Hey man. Yeah I noticed in my last grow I can also get a little closer. I like to keep it about 30cm, maybe 25cm from the canopy but I am pretty sure I can get nice and close. Maybe 15cm or 10cm. Will check. Love it. Golf balls are my favorite. I think definitely red diodes and a good cleanup should help. I hear you man. Also been on a blurple light and what a piece of shit. Maybe good for vegging. I actually foujd my normal 6400k flood lights do a better job. Lol. Cant wait man. Would be very cool to see. Please let us know what he produced under that bad boy. Once again. Nice build
  6. Very nice build man. Very nice. I did a build like this not too long ago but I went for the bigger strips. Their measurements were 1100mm in length so was perfect for my 1200mm tent. Plus I only did 4x bars of 3 strips each. I just recently harvested 2 batches of 1 strain under 2 different lights. The one is the 480w diy build off of LEDgardener and the other a bought 480w from kingbrite. I must admit. With all the effort and time spent making a light (which is a fun process) I found it was cheaper to buy from kingbrite. None the less fun experience. One thing I want to mention is that with my previous harvest I found the Kingbrite light produced more nugs of good density than the DIY. Wether it is the penetration of light, or the red diodes on the kingbrite, I am not sure. I kind of think it is the red diodes because both lights are 3500K (What K are the strips you got?).So with my next batch under the DIY I will be lollipopping very close to the top to make sure all light penetrates. I am looking at getting 3x bloom booster lights from kingbrite. Still thinking about it. They are 30w red diode lights which I think could fit inbetween my existing light strips which are 3 spaces. Perfect. Only problem is they sell them seperately. I will try convince them to send me 3x lights on one 90w driver instead of 3x 30w drivers. Will see if I can add it to the DIY. Maybe they would sell me the strips seperate and I will just source the correct driver. Anyway. Just a thought. But definitely let your friend know to clean those babies up when flowering. He won't regret it. I could definitely get over 400g of proper prime nugs from that light. Very nice build. Looking forward to what comes out of it.
  7. I took a set of sift trays from Hydroworks. I have a 73micron and 160micron. It may sound nuts but I barely have anything that comes through the 73. So I just use the 160. I also have bubble hash bags which I got from them too which I love. They are my favourite. I will brobably go bigger and get bags from Hashitall. Reason I mention the bags is because I press my own hash rosin with the bubble. I get much higher yields off my bubble. I think I just suck at the dry sifting. What do you want to do with your sift?
  8. Hahaha. Smesh brothers. Damn I must say theres alot more hugging coming to UFC. Anyway. That 10 pushups for john is kak funny. I see youre a man of reddit? @Ill_Evan I lurk the forums quite often. I just stay away from The South African pages. As you would believe there is some serious sensoring going on there. Whatevs. And youre spot on about the UFC getting fighters to promote their fights for PPV etc. Craziest part about this last one, Colby did not want any PPV income. . Dont know why. Either way. He got a serious amount of publicity this weekend after that performance. Still amazing that he declined so much money.
  9. Mad fights this weekend that passed. I must honestly say I am a Colby fan. To see what he was like and how he changed after his "Brazil you're a dump" and "all you filthy animals suck" speech, this man knows how to get a reaction. To see him turn it up to 10, knowing he did social studies in College, a person must give this man credit because he has played fans to a next level. I feel asif he sits down at night and thinks of the craziest nicknames and ways to mock any opponents or future opponents. This is calculated. The man is a genius. I do admit he comes across as a serious ass but man can he can back it up. Thats what is so exciting. He lays on the smack talk and then backs it up. Cardio is next level. I always have a fight that I am anxious for and that was Kevin Hollands fight against cowboy. He had a fantastic 2020 and an absolute shit 2021. Buuuut the man is back in the right weight class. I do still however miss his smack talk in the cage. I lool forward to more of his fights. First round he looked like he might be in trouble, ending off with a thumbs up while cowboy has a semi choke on him. Then second round he knew he had to bang and put serious pressure. He did well. Also the 9 april card looks seriously stacked. Cannot wait for it. I need to see sterling get his ass kicked again by yan. Would be the sweetest revenge. I must add though that Drake bet $250 000 on masvidal winning. what an idiot.
  10. Awesome man. I am a big sucker for outdoor and gosh, with a scrog?! Im salivating. Very nice setup you have there. I have zero experience with the karoo to be honest. I cant wait to see what you get from those 3 plants. Please share when you finish them. And growing in the ground is definitely a great way to grow trees, like your forest friend. I think it could be a really interesting excercise prepping your soil in the ground. I have a friend which preps every year and grows monsters from these beds that he creates. I think he uses sleeper logs about a meter or more deep and then fills it with goodness to the top. Lets it settle for a couple months and then plants. Doesnt supplement with anything and has really really good results. I look forward to seeing what you have planned. Have a lekker one and good luck with those good looking ladies.
  11. Hellllooooo there. Nice little plant you got going there. No one's laughing. Don't worry. We have all had bumps along the way, especially with autos. I for one am not a fan at all as I have also had sooooo many of my autos fail. Actually every single one failed . I think I am really shit with them. So you have answered most of your question already. Clear trichome on the bud is a good indicator that she can still go a little. I think I can see some white pistil hairs on the lower part of the plant. Thats also a good indicator although not the best. Usually I would let the pistils also darken but that is not the best way to check. The trichome turning cloudy and then amber would be your best indicator. But I think youd be ready to harvest anytime soon. One thing I noticed was the soil you have has alot of bark in. Looks like the potting soil you get from builders, with some perlite mixed in. I have used this soil on its own and have had seriously decent bud grown in it. Better than most outdoor kak you can buy. But learning from the guys on the forum it is probably not the best for Cannabis (too acidic). Either way. I do think, even if you use the same soil with a photoperiod plant you will get waaaaaaay better results. Thanks for the share. Let us know what it smokes like when its done and dried etc. Enjoy
  12. Epic. Thanks for the share. I have made a couple of jars which I cemented a valve ontop of which I used to create a vacuum for BHO extraction. I wonder if those jars have just found themselves a new use. My thinking is; if I store my flowers in a jar and vacuum the oxygen out, technically it should help preserve the terps. Has anyone done this? Anyone tried storing their bud in vacuumed jars? Not bags.
  13. I see alot of these on facebook from the SAPS. Often they throw in a firearm or two from a different case to make it look even worse....Funny part is if you know your firearms you would see it's a "stolen" police issued firearm. Fucking idiots. Plus.....I really really hate how they still use words like "dagga" or "magic mushrooms". Complete sensationalism I would agree.
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