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  1. Hey man. Thanks for the input. I'm sure this will help me alot. Each strip is 1120mm long. This specific model comes in 4ft, 2ft and 1ft strips. Obviously I have the 4ft. I don't know if those two potentiometers actually adjust each output. If I'm not mistaken; one does constant voltage and the other constant current. Not left and right output. The idea of splitting the way you did in your perfectly drawn diagram is definitely an option. I've had to look around and ask some electricians about this as I'm not 100% sure which options I have. Still trying to figure out what impacts what when
  2. Dude Yes!!!!!!!!! Totally on the same page. That is exactly how I understand it. I think it is a safety thing since you won't be sending one load down one wire. Lol. Agreed on the potentiometers aswell. So now I'm trying to figure out what would be the best way to wire them up. Thanks again Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. Hey man. Here’s the link. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/mean-well-usa-inc/HLG-480H-42A/7704115 Honestly don’t know if this link is going to work. As far as I understand the driver has 2 separate outputs so I think it’s recommended to use the two. There’s also 2 adjustment dials. I think they both adjust something different. Lol. I know sooooo much about this shit. I think this driver still puts out 12 amp but in 2 outputs. So it’s still 12 amps each splitting the current but also keeping it at 12amps each and not dividing it to 6amp each [emoji2369]. I feel like I understand
  4. Hey man. Thanks for the response. Daisy chain is the word I think I was looking for. Isn’t that pretty much what they call a series. Have a careful look, you’ll see the driver has 2 outputs. This allows for more amps if I’m not mistaken. Therefore I can use smaller wires. I think. PS. My drawing skills are still better than yours Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Hello there grow bro’s and ladies (could’ve used the word rhyming with bros but a bit rude) I sat here typing out a massive questionnaire on how I would go about wiring a setup etc etc. Basically I’m in need of a better wiring setup than the one that is currently being recommended. Long story short, I’ve decided to build my own 480 watt led light with bridgelux EB gen 2 strips. The driver that is recommended in the build is one of those that splits its power into 2. So.....basically the build is of 12 strips. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any better wiring options than this.
  6. @StickyD420 thanks man. It's all great info you've left us with. I've mentioned on other threads that I have family that works in the led lighting industry. All cheap industrial Chinese lighting options. So for me seeing this gap in the market, or rather not gap but slack in service, could be a great opportunity for someone. I agree with you that if there is a great customer service people would be happy to pay the price. Thanks again man. I really do appreciate the help here.
  7. That link I sent you now, has the whole kit as you paid for it. Thanks man. I see now it's the whole setup. That's crazy cheap. I agree. Boycott onlinegrowshop. This is robbery
  8. @StickyD420 thanks so much man. Yeah I'm just trying to find the best product for price, just like everyone else reading this thread (I assume). Will have a look and test this light properly etc. Will also use the guys recommended on this forum, that is why I am here. Thanks again. Appreciate it alot
  9. @Ill_Evan Thanks man. I just found it now online. So I saw the option I have at R7500 but nothing mentioned about any drivers. Assuming it's excluding the driver which is meanwell (R1500 -R2000). This is all before import tax or shipping. It's extremely difficult to find proper grow lights to import as you can see the Chinese market is just flooded with so many different options. I would love to find how these guys import etc and I will in the future build my own lights etc. Thanks for the help
  10. @StickyD420 dude how did you find that online? I'm trying to find that product on Alibaba and can't seem to find it. Would be great if you could leave a link to it. I would probably buy more of those in the future to be honest. Super easy to use etc.
  11. Thought I'd leave my experince here too. I too ordered a grow light off their website. I ordered 480w led bars. It took about a month to get to me after also nagging and nagging for days on end. Every week I was told at the end of the week my lights would arrive, then Monday I would be told the same storey again. It was repetitive to be honest. It's difficult to keep your cool and with no physical shop etc it's really tough following up. On another note though. The light that I have is actually of really great quality. I've only recently started using it so hopefully will see in the
  12. @SkunkPharm Howzit man. Thanks so much for the response. The information is great. I will for starters maybe buy 2 batches of proper soil that I can then cycle each grow. Appreciate it.
  13. @CreX Aah dude Thanks man. That's what I'm kind of looking to do. That actually makes sense to cycle it like that. Appreciate it.
  14. Hey guys So I've been reading up about soils and it's all really abit too much to be honest. I have grown in a +-60L fabric pot with soil that I bought from builders. Their "organic" potting soils. I think it's a grandmaster brand or something. Either way. I used 1x 60dm3 bag and the only nutes I ever gave were some nitrogen fertilizer. Gave it a teaspoon with water once every 2 or 3 weeks in veg and then some freedom farms fire juice once every week at 2ml or 3ml. From this I flushed for about a week or so using just my normal tap water that it's always been given (don't know the ph). I
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