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  1. They LAF.. Sure. Not stable though. Out of a pack of five, chances are you have 5 phenos.
  2. Awe, stoked we can go forward on the forum @DesignatedDave Jou yster. What a wild few years it's been, wow.. So at long last I am at this girl again.. Struggling with the germination as the beans truely have not been kept under the optimum conditions unfortunately. Have a few F2 and F3s on the go and will finally decide if she's worth keeping. After working with a few hard hitting legendary strains in the past few years it might be hard for me to admit she does not tick the boxes, but let's see. @Bay Seeds Knocking it out the park lately buddy.. Below a few picks of the babies and what I worked with the last few years. Happy flowering season guys and gals.. Let's see what the male to female rates gonna be. SSC- @Totemic Orange Velvet Underground Ethos Boo Berry Cookies-Ethos Crescendo Ethos GG#4
  3. Watch out for snails to.. Nasty buggers..
  4. Well.. 300 beans at R10 gives you a decent contribution.. I wouls say local genetics on the forum could easily go for R40 a bean that gives you R12000. If I take part again I will pay that easily.. I would also not mind to pay membership fees if it would help the forum.
  5. The larger pot is making a definite difference.. She's in her flower stretch and I expect her to be double the size of the Indoor plants. So to be honest.. I would grow Bay Seeds Autos annytime before Fast Buds. For me yield is better and I was happy with the terp profile and kick of the other two.. Nice one @Bay Seeds Affordable Local .
  6. Morning growmies. So pheno 2 got trimmed and bottled. These SV's are smelly.. She took her time to dry at 11 days I was getting a bit worried but she came out nice. 10g total. She's far more leafy than pheno 1 but I am happy. The seeded girl yielded 400 beans.. The outdoor girl is now starting with preflower and she is the same size as the the other 3 girls were at finish. So I expect a bit more from her. Have a awwsome weekend.. O yes.. Be different this time.. Vote Dagga Party..
  7. So 4 turned out to be male. 2 more chopped down this morning. Left with 1 girl. Luckily the larger one of the lot.. Pheno 2 of the Indoor run will be trimmed and bottled later today or tomorrow. Drying day 7..
  8. The Outdoor girls are doing well. The one is stunted.. She's in her own pot but something stressed her badly. Hoping for all girls..
  9. Yeah... Tortoni kicks ass.. Please stay away from a angle grinder when medicating on Tortoni...
  10. Well well so just a quick smoke report here on Pheno 1.. Different strokes for different folkes. I enjoyed it thoroughly. After only 4 days in the bottle she's smooth and right up there.. Not a smoke for me when driving... This is one of those that find you waiting for a stop sign to turn green and using a green light as a four way stop.. Movies, gaming and socializing in a safe space, you'll be ok.. Really worth it guys. If you have the beans grow them..
  11. So nr 3 came down, what a beautiful litle plant. Again I say that my experiene with these were far better than with Fast Buds.. If I grow Autos again @Bay Seeds you have my support all the way buddy. She's a completely different pheno and I like it. Variety is the spice of life..
  12. So nr 1 and 2 is now bottled. Nr1 has prodused a awesome amount of Beans. Nr 2 looks yummy and I can not wait to taste her.. Nr 3 has not finished yet. I'll probably chop her down in the week.. Thnx @Bay Seeds These were a real pleasure to grow..
  13. So 1 and 2 came down yesterday. The pollinated girl is seed only and absolutely no bulk on her. Nr 2 is a diferent story.. For a 5L pot and 12/12 lighting, I think she really did well. 92 days from seed. Thnx @Bay Seeds, you restored my faith in autos. Nr 3 will come down in the week. Nr1 Nr3 The outdoor girls were given more root space..
  14. So the bitch hermied.. It's a bit disappointing but relieved it happened now and not later in flower..
  15. So the F3 testers were harvested. Have not done a count yet but it looks to close to a 100 or so beans. These will be grown to see if the LGO has become stable at all. Had a good puff on the left overs and I'm satisfied with the terpene profile and kick.. If anny body in Cape Town is keen on trying these I'll be more than happy to share. 40 beans up for grabs.. Have a awesome weekend growmies..
  16. Welcome.. Enjoy bud. You wil be a master grower in no time..
  17. Welcome.. Don't do rabbit.. But enjoy and all the success to you in your venture..
  18. Just check your lower bud sites. Seem to be signs of bud rot. Cut it out before it spreads.. In actual fact I would say cut your losses and harvest that bitch.. It will spread and fast. I might be wrong but just check.. Looking good for a Sativa strong lady..
  19. Mornings out of a wet Cape Town.. The girl is doing well. She's not yet stinking up the place but is well into flower..
  20. Phungus Gnat hunting.. Needless to say... Another one bites the dust..
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