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  1. Welcome dude. This forum is fantastic for learning and there are plenty of people with tons of knowledge here. Checking your post on reddit and doesn't seem to sound like someone I know on this forum. Everyone here is very welcoming. Let us know what you are growing, indoor, outdoor, autos, fems, soil, coco, hydro etc etc etc. We love seeing new setups and ideas. Enjoy
  2. Wow!!!! These plants recovered so well and look really amazing. 😲 Good job dude. 👏👏👏
  3. I recieved my order on Monday morning at 9:20!!!!! Over a long weekend this is very impressive. I must give credit to TheCourierGuy as they play a big role too. None the less. Great service from @TheGroBro Very happy thanks
  4. Great grow. 👍👍👍love the pheno. first donkey dong photo I've liked.
  5. I just ordered from them aswell. Their price was also the best I could find on that specific item. Ordered last night, shipped today.
  6. One thing which is noticable, when you "crack" the plants properly, a few weeks later you actually see the branches thickening between the nodes. Love it
  7. Hey dude. Looks like a good option. Not too expensive at all. So I usually use Kingbrite as a supplier (you can search for them under suppliers) and haven't had any shit with delivery. Check them on alibaba and look through their product categories. You'll find bars and boards. They are also verified and have been active for years on Alibaba. Just remember to work out your costs properly. I see the delivery is estimated at $40 and your import might be about 20% which is roughly $20 - $30. The customs you will only pay before they release it. Mine was so quick last time. I paid while it was passing through the UAE, and when it landed in SA it was cleared immediately. I am not 100% sure but if you pay the customs within 48 hours they release it quickly, but if you take abit longer it falls onto a pile which could take weeks. Good luck dude. Let us know what you get.
  8. I absolutely love this video. One of the first videos a friend showed me when I grew my very first proper outdoor plant. A gem and atleast top 5 video any grower should watch. I love the feeling of doing the chiro on the plants, feels quite satisfying. The cracking scares people usually 🤣😂
  9. Howzit oaks. Just a short one again of a few little vacuum chambers I have made. There are bigger vacuums that you can make using perspex and pots but that I have not done yet. One day maybe. So this guide would just be for a little chamber and a hand pump. An extreme budget job. For the noob like myself. So a list of things: Jar and lid (preferrably small as possible (200ml)). WondaFix (pratley). 1/4 inch ball valve. Some 1/4 inch fittings and nozzles. Plumbing tape. Hand brake bleeder pump (tube included) So I also have one that uses an 1/8 inch valve which is awesome but fittings are quite tough to get hold of so just for the ease of it, we will refer to 1/4 inch in this quick guide. I managed to find all my fittings at a shop called Adendorff. What a shop. Lots of cheap tools and crap. I asked them if they do vacuum pumps and sounds like they have a huge request and might bring something in. Quite simple. Drill a hole into the lids of the jars. I used a 6mm drill bit. The 1/4 inch fitting fits nicely into it. I actually just screwed it into the hole using the thread on the fittings. Depending on your valve being a male to male or female to female, you will have to figure out the best fittings/adaptors for the job. I used female valves so I basically only needed a 1/4inch male to male adaptor and a 1/4inch male nozzle. Once screwed in I used the wondafix to seal it nicely. I used the steel pratley but doesn't work because the lid of the chamber flexes a little when you suck all the air out. Let the glue settle overnight and then make sure everything is screwed in tightly. You will notice in both photos that I am using different jars and lids but they are still small enough. The reason for the small jars is because you have to remove the air using a hand pump. It takes suuuuuuuuper long if you use a 1lt consol jar and pump it with a hand pump. Smaller jars are much easier. I am on the look out for second hand fridge compressors because the old school ones have an inlet and outlet. As far as I know you can get a really nice vacuum going with one of those. With the hand pump and small jar I can get about 24"hg. With a compressor pump/vacuum pump you can get very very close to a perfect vacuum (29.92"hg). Last two photos is from vacuum to no vacuum. When warming the extract with a mat or warm bath it helps get all the bubbles of gas out easier. The extract can also be directly blasted into the glass jar, then purged from the jar too, and utilized from the jar for consumption. Total estimated costs: M/M adaptor 1/4inch (R20) F/F ball valve 1/4inch (R40) M nozzle 1/4inch (20) Brake bleeder pump kit (R250) Small jar and lid (R25) Plumbing tape (R20) Pratley WondaFix (R80) TOTAL: R455 Hope this manages to help someone else that is also using chemical extraction methods and wants cleaner dabs. Thanks for watching.
  10. @Prom Thank you kindly sir for the awesome info. I did buy myself some coffee filters and have tried one before. I stopped because I kept reading that they must be "unbleached" but I guess it is just for the purests. Will do a run through one again. I like the silicon bowl. Works very nice. I have several different kinds of silicone things that I try with. I struggle though because I want to get it into the vacuum chamber without getting it on the glass of the chamber. Then I have to clean it with alcohol and becomes a mission. So what I used to do was blast straight into a glass jar that I put a cap on and purge. I manage to get it to remove the butane but then all the dab is stuck to the glass. Has anyone had experience with using 99.9% alcohol to remove the butane while evaporating the alcohol (like in the glass jar I mentioned).I have heard this works great. I am abit scared to try. This is the alcohol. Absolute ethanol to be axact. This alcohol is the shit. Been cleaning everything with it.
  11. Thanks man. I always forget about the heating mat. I do have one which I use for my clone dome. Will defs use it. Thanks for the reminder. My vacuum chambers are small (small consol jars 250ml) as I use a manual brake bleeder to pull the air out. It obviously isn't a perfect vacuum but every bit helps. Still looking for old compressors to make a proper vacuum pump. Yeah the screen is the only filtration I use to make sure I don't blast the plant matter into the dab and only allow butane through. I think I have one that is in the 70 micron if I'm not mistaken. 20 micron is the lowest I should go, or 25 mocron. Not sure. If I recall correctly with the bags for bubble hash the last one is quite low, 20 to 32 micron or something. I am in it for the pure gold, no green stuff 😂
  12. Hey dude. Thanks man. Totally agree it is BHO and not rosin. My bad. I do have a couple vacuum chambers which just got a fix up yesterday so will purge and see if anything comes out today sometime. Just waiting for them to dry etc. We did do a little sample, there wasn't any little popping flames from the extract so I kind of assumed it was cleaned enough. But I would rather be sure so will purge it properly. The taste was great, kept so much of the terps and tasted just like that jar smelled. I used a 20 micron screen at the bottom between the outlet and the pipe. It is like a little circular rubber with mesh in the middle. Worked great.
  13. Watsup guys. So this is just a quick short one on how we made some dab with trim sponsored by @John Stonedwell. As you noticed, he had a killer run recently and we decided to keep alot of the Twisted Helix trim as it was suuuuuuper frosty. Cured it just as we would the buds, and had a blast with it. Now I unfortunately do not have a press and I know I could have probably saved the money blah blah blah. But in this BHO extracting adventure I decided to use a butane extraction tube. Buuuuuuuut.......it is pressurized, so we don't use too much gas. I think this was my first succesful blast. Anyway. We did two short runs and the total product was 2.65g of puuuuure extract. We also were greedy bastards and went straight to a 20 micron mesh screen, for that cleeeean final product. I do have homemade vacuum chambers but will show those on the DIY section some time. We used an extraction tube, a couple grams of trim (we did not weigh it, I know, dumb of us), a silicon mat and some newport butane gas. I think the newport one is the recommended one as it has less kak (impurities) and is used for "medical extraction" as stated on the bottle. We also just used some beautiful outdoor sunshine to evaporate the butane. The vacuum chambers work faster but we were in no rush. We did nothing fancy in the extraction. We stacked the tube, kept the bottom valve open while we filled it with a little butane. Before anything could drip out the bottom we closed the bottom valve and pressed a brand new bottle from the top trying to get a decent pressure up in there. Once we couldn't hear it going into the pipe anymore we closed it off. Leaving it for a minute or two. We then slowly sprayed it out onto the silicon mat. As you can see we just used something to keep the silicon mat down as the cold butane pulls it up, pouring all the precious goodies out. We learnt very quickly. All in all it was a fun experience and we ended up with some decent product. Something I will continue doing and enjoying. The goal is to eventually after every successful harvest extract from the trim and build a collection of dab over the next few runs. Thanks for watching PS. We know that there are serious dangers to butane, hence we did it outside. There was no braaing going on or smoking. I would shout off every now and then no lighting of smokes. Safety first kids.
  14. What a cracker of a diary!!!!And for a first one, this is something to be very proud of. Only your second grow?! That's very well done indeed. Thanks for sharing. Gifs are really awesome, how do you do that?
  15. I will definitely take atleast 2L. Thanks for the interresting info. I have been using one method which has been working very well but having something that is usable in flowering is a major benefit. I am assuming it is probably not advisable to use serenade everytime you flower but rather incase of late emergencies in flowering and as IPM. Another tool on the belt.
  16. @Prom awesome. Thanks man. Appreciate it. Nice close ups
  17. I checked Amazon and cannot find it. What I did find is a comment saying it was discontinued in 2018 or 2019 possibly and the products we find today would be expired 🤷‍♂️. I dunno. If anyone finds a place to import let me know please.
  18. I am also curious. Where can you get serenade from in RSA? PS. Nice write up
  19. Howzit oaks. So a couple of days back I was surfing through facebook and up comes a post from the SAPS. Usually I see tons of people getting arrested for growing, possessing, dealing, transporting etc. of the cannabis plant we all love so much. It is depressing, I know, but also gives me an idea of what I have to deal with if something happened blah blah blah. So this was just a regular post (for them) about some "dagga" that they had confiscated and charges and sentencing and extremely scarey stuff. I do understand it is a huuuuuuuge amount but they referred to the Cannabis for Private Purposes bill. Here's the post. And here's the bill: B19_2020_Cannabis_for_Private_Purposes_Bill.pdf So a few things I understand or might understand: You can only have 4 flowering plants per adult in a household, and not more than 8 flowering plants per household. 2 vegetating plants count as 1 flowering plant. You can get sentenced if you smoke infront of your children or if it bothers neighbours etc. Seedlings measurements may not exceed 15cm height and width (above that is considered a vegetative plant). 600g per person, up to 1.2kg per household dried product. 1g dried product is 5g wet product. In public may carry 100g or 1 plant equivalent. And plenty more. So is this the bill that is in question tomorrow according to the sms you recieved? @Chris Jay I must be honest, this bill is absolute shit. There are still incriminating factors of the use of cannabis and therefore it is not "decriminalized" as I am sure that is what we are asking for (minimum)? I am not at all clued up with law and this stuff so please correct me if something is wrong in the post. I would love to know more. There are way too many issues with this bill and I agree to scrap it completely. Is this hopefully what happens tomorrow? It would be impossible to grow perpetually or have any mother plants as they would be taking up the so called flowering quota. This is extremely bad for our local strains, right?
  20. Nice man. Looks like a great round coming up. I don't use seeds too often, I'm all about the clones. The towel technique works great. A technique I used which helped sooooo much, especially if the seeds are old, is to leave it overnight in a cup filled with water. Initially they will float, the next day they should sink. If they've sunk, it means the husk has broken open, I then would use the towel method and go from there. Excited to see what happens.
  21. Sounds awesome dude. Looking forward to see what you will be producing. 2kg is quite abit. Would last me a looooong time too.
  22. This is interesting. As mentioned I know porcupines do it and a porcupine is a rodent. So your rodent guess is probably spot on. Plus I think I can see little teeth marks. Nice one.
  23. Thats actully crazy. Off the top of my head I cant think of anything besides a porcupine that debarks 😂🤣 hope its not one. Would love to know what else could do this
  24. The NNNNIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! WOw dude. Now you have really hit a spot. 😢. I practicaly grew up in cool runnings when I was very young. Once again the parents dragged us along. Have a lekker week
  25. @donnob hahaha. What a crazy small world. I was still so broke and couldn't get a golden circle ticket. Ended up getting one off a security guard for R50. 🤣😂 Just in time for Seether too. I do totally remember the power outage on collective soul. I think it was still when they were playing shine. I might be wrong but that was looooong ago. Those were the days dude.
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