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12 hours ago, Chris Jay said:

I think GOA has about 24 "licensed" coffee shops now, all according to them within the legal framework. Now that is not coming from a stoner but an expensive lawyer who speaks latin and a big briefcase.

Yeah, and THC also have expensive lawyers, lawyers who in fact were involved in the very constitutional court that GOA are using the judgment of to create their own in-house framework. I also don't see THC listed as an affiliate on GOA. THC are the ones fighting the real battle, in court, in this country, instead of passive aggressively breaking draft laws that aren't even enacted yet. 

2 hours ago, ORGANinc. said:

I get the whole empowering the community scheme and getting everyone to grow more and make things more accepted, but at the end of the day, we need to see face value of this thing, government see illegal farms as part and parcel of the Justice system, the same Justice system that is still amending the bill

I think we're reaching a point where the cannabis industry is going to have grown so big and have entrenched itself so much into communities through retail establishments and cafes that the justice system will inevitably have to catch up with the community, and I think this is what GOA and people like Chris Jay are pushing for. I just think it's risky business, but I guess that's what comes with social activism, but then let's call it that, and not a 'legal framework' or a 'license', because those do not exist within the cannabis industry except via the Medicines Act. 

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4 hours ago, Weskush said:


Thank you, this was very insightful @Weskush

I really like how Cradlestoned Quality Solutions runs things. Informative website with clarity on the legal situation in the country and a great FAQ page for newcomers. Very well done to them. I also like their model about keeping all things cannabis club related on-site. Their resources page also has pretty much everything one needs to know with sources in terms of the cannabis industry and it's current legal standing that anyone can self-research. 

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