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  1. Bought a quality 4 light COB from Grow Guru a couple years back, one of the COBs stopped working. GG gladly honored the warranty and organized courier for replacement parts.
  2. https://rwrant.co.za/why-we-should-not-mix-alcohol-and-cannabis/ By Natalie Gray
  3. elixerextract had decent options, i didn't need try any others after that.
  4. Another article with another pic https://northglennews.co.za/lnn/787938/big-drug-bust-on-n2
  5. Can vouch for Dynavape, small dosage is effective. It does take a bit of practice to heat evenly, see some youtube reviews.
  6. Skywalker Kush clone we've been keeping alive for a few years, few weeks into flower and going white dust.
  7. Does anyone out there have recommendations for reputable business producing reliable edibles? Are there any decent professional looking retailers? Currently investigating sites from zolr for some edibles in various doses for an elder. My main concerns are consistency of dosage + active ingredients and that the vendor won't disappear any time soon. The entrepreneurs with kitchen products are not preferred. cannasutra has nice looking baked goods. (shopify) elixirextract has nice sweets, delivery methods, (basic opencart) will test and let yall know.
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