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Found 68 results

  1. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH APRIL 2020 Sponsored by www.cannabist.co.za www.greensmokeroomseeds.com/ www.thehighco.co.za What's being given away this month? 1st Prize Secret Jardin Dark Propogator 60 Tent General Hydroponics 500ml Tri Pack Sponsored by Cannabist 2nd Prize 5 Pack Juggling Cannon Balls Feminized Seeds Green Smoke Room Lanyard Green Smoke Room Tray Green Smoke Room Rizzla Sponsored by Green Smoke Room Seeds 3rd Prize A TheHighCo R500-00 voucher Sponsored by TheHighCo HOW TO ENTER? Simply reply to this thread with your entries. Attach the images to your reply or embed the images from a 3rd party website Snapshot of The Month Rules: Original images only please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void. Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions. Members can submit photos and/or graphics designs of their own Entries will be narrowed down to 10 nominees which will be placed in a poll. The poll will not be the official decider of the winners though. Members can only come first in an SOTM once every 12 months or 2nd or 3rd twice every 12 months. 420SA and its moderators will decide the winners Entries are judged on: Overall originality - What sets the image apart from others. Wow factor - does the image get attention. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry. Effort - was there a good amount of thought and effort that went into the image Entries close 30/04/20 Good Luck! --------------------------------------------
  2. @Cannabist no worries, glad its sorted. Ive worked with ecommerce platforms and payment gateways, these things happen.
  3. Ive been trying to get hold of Cannabist since Tuesday morning. Ordered on Monday, on buyseeds.co.za, thus far I havent had any response to my emails to buyseeds.co.za and to cannabist.co.za as well as the WhatsApp number on the buyseeds.co.za So to make a statement that your seeds are going out same day is simply not accurate. Please respond to my messages or refund my money please. Order 2929
  4. My review of Cannabist. I ordered 2 packs of 5 seeds Gelato from Fast Buds. Service and delivery speed was second to none. Very pleasant experience. As those were the last 2 packs of Gelato, i also expected the seeds not to be the freshest ones. Took 1.5 days to have them pop, but got 9 out of 10 growing nicely now. So over all, very much recommendable to deal with! And if you never tried.. try a Humboldt seed.. best quality of seeds in my opinion, they are just a bit old school ^^ Happy growing Prom
  5. @Totemic is bringing out fem seeds now. Not available on the 420SA store but available on Cannabist. Here's the link https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeder/totemic-genetics/ Also maybe contact him directly on here
  6. Or.. #PanicBuy Totemics seed packs guys! πŸ’ͺ https://store.420sa.co.za/product/totemic-genetics-420-deal-3-packs-for-420/ https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/bubbleberry-feminised-seeds-sa/ https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/northern-lights-chocolope-feminised-seeds-sa/
  7. We are launching our affiliate programme whereby you can make some nice cash via helping us grow our customer base. We are offering a generous 20% sales commission on all and any order. If you are interested and would like to find out more, check out our page on becoming a affiliate. https://www.cannabist.co.za/become-a-cannabis-seeds-affiliate/
  8. @Mambawana Thank you for sharing your experience. My intention for the review was to ensure that @Cannabist knows how their customers view their business. Additionally they need an objective opinion/experience with some form of constructive criticism otherwise they will continue to do the same thing without having any motivation to improve. Maybe my standards for business practice are unreasonable but having a company continuously compensate customers because the business is failing to do its sole purpose/service has me concerned. Is this a fair and accurate assertion? I hold no negative vibes against the company nor the people that are involved with it. I am grateful they were able to source me a variety of unique strains by reputable breeders. I am aware that not every customer will have the same experience, however it should still be a strategic goal to at least attempt to. Rather under promise and over deliver than the contrary. Cheers πŸ™‚
  9. @CapeGrow Don't know the details of what really transpired with your order but I feel I should maybe share my experiences with @Cannabist This world is full of good and bad. Unfortunately the bad is more interesting to share most of the time. I was one of the 1st to order from cannabist if not the very 1st. My order took a week to 2 longer then I was promised, there was no communication back in that space of time. A few of us here were affected, the post is somewhere on this forum. A local breeder @Dank got hold of us and offered us some of his seeds for free cos we thought it was all a scam. What made us assume this was a scam was no communication together with his cheap prices compared to all the other seed banks or buying direct. Then suddenly cannabist got back to us from out of nowhere. He compensated me with a few free strains, some fabric pots and 10 x rockwool cubes. Since then I have placed other orders with him which was mostly on time I think. One order I received a pack of regular pineapple skunk from HSO that had one faulty looking seed in it. I messaged him and sent him pics. The next day he got back to me and told me to attempt germinating those seeds and he will organize me another pack from his supplier. 3 weeks later I received replacements together with more freebies and he still covered courier even thou I offered to pay. I understand you frustrated and upset. We all grow according to a schedule and things like what happened to you messes it completely up. But we are growers, we grow our own and smoke our own. We have the ability to adapt and always make sure we have something to put in our flower rooms. If you don't have, dm me and I'll share some of my πŸ”₯ with you. Besides that I hope you guys find some resolution. And @Cannabist I see you have already made some changes to your site to avoid this happening again. From my side thank you for providing us with the opportunity to grow genetics we like without breaking the bank. As for my order I placed last night... remember you promised FridayπŸ’š, don't let down and keep me in the loop if there's any delays. To everyone else...πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
  10. @Cannabist You have failed to mention in your response that the abundance of freebies that was offered was not completely fulfilled, much like my order. My reference to your lying is regarding the messages "I'm doing stock take this afternoon, have some really good extra strains, can I give you some whilst I wait for the double stuffed." The generous offer "I'll let you know this afternoon after my stock take." "Promise will get back to you this evening." These last two messages were complete lies. You did not follow up at all regarding this. Then when I demanded a refund due to lack of service and response you knew that you had failed to offer acceptable service. Now you are trying to portray the refund within 5 minutes as some sort of achievement. What kind of narrative do you live in? No wonder this service is lackluster, you can not even be honest with yourself. Less excuses, more improvements please.
  11. My review of Cannabist. Not particularly impressed with the lack of urgency offered by this newly registered local distributor seed bank. They offer a wide range of international breeders which is appealing if you know what lineage of strains you prefer or are interested in growing, however having to deal with sub quality service from Cannabist and Charl then having been lied to multiple times makes it a sour experience and one I would not recommend to other potential customers. The re seller seed banks make a ton of profit on these seeds at the volume they purchase it at and then resell, yet have the audacity to offer terrible customer service. This is an indication of greed within a company culture and lack of fair trade and business etiquette. These pop up seed shops are basically glorified importers that can bypass SA customs.
  12. @Cannabist Awesome idea. Pls add. Thanks Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. Add me please. Thanks cannabist
  14. Hi cannabist, I've been trying to email you guys but I get no response.. I was told I would recieve an update on Monday and expect delivery by Friday,its Thursday as i post this. I would appreciate ANY communication but you guys have stopped responding to my emails completely now. so what's up?
  15. Hi guys, had to do some research on what we could get for a client - wanted only 16% CBD and up. Was a bit of work so not letting it go to waste. Below are some of the highest CBD strains we can get if anyone if looking for mind numbing stuff πŸ™‚ Medikit CBD Feminised Seeds BREEDER/BRAND Buddha Seeds GENETICS Reversed Californian Harlequin x Various Latin American Indicas VARIETY Indica / Sativa FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod SEX Feminised THC CONTENT <1% CBD CONTENT 20% https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/medikit-cbd-feminised-seeds/ Solodiol CBD Feminised Seeds BREEDER/BRAND Elite Seeds GENETICS Asian CBD strain VARIETY Mostly Sativa FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod SEX Feminised THC CONTENT <1% CBD CONTENT 20% https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/solodiol-cbd-feminised-seeds/ Solomatic CBD Auto Feminised Seeds BREEDER/BRAND Royal Queen Seeds GENETICS Diesel CBD Auto x Asia CBD Auto VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 1% CBD CONTENT 22% https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/solomatic-cbd-auto-feminised-seeds/ Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds BREEDER/BRAND Kannabia GENETICS Secret genetics VARIETY Mostly Sativa FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 0.6% CBD CONTENT 20% https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/swiss-dream-rose-cbd-auto-feminised-seeds/ Swiss Dream Rose CBD Auto Feminised Seeds 10 Seeds (Out of stock) - R1,258 BREEDER/BRAND Kannabia GENETICS Swiss Dream CBD Auto x secret genetics. VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 0.55% CBD CONTENT 17% https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/swiss-dream-rose-cbd-auto-feminised-seeds/ Kush CBD 30:1 Auto Feminised Seeds R65 per seed BREEDER/BRAND Cannabist/Bulk seeds GENETICS Pink Kush Auto CBD x Pink Afghan Auto CBD PACK SIZE 100 Seeds VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 0.5% CBD CONTENT 17% CBD 26:1 Feminised Seeds R65 per seed BREEDER/BRAND Cannabist/Bulk seeds PACK SIZE 100 Seeds VARIETY Mostly Sativa FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 0.4% - 0.9% CBD CONTENT 12% - 22% Pink Kush CBD 30:1 Auto Feminised Seeds BREEDER/BRAND Seedsman GENETICS Pink Kush Auto CBD x Pink Afghan Auto CBD VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 0.5% CBD CONTENT 17% https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/pink-kush-cbd-301-auto-feminised-seeds/
  16. @Cannabist great initiative. Thanks bud!
  17. I've never heard of anyone being arrested for seeds to be honest. I've heard of seedbanks being shut down in the past but didn't hear of their owners being arrested. I've heard of customs confiscating seeds but not arresting the person the seeds were intended for. We have a few established seedbanks in SA now with owners names out in the public domain. Nothing seems to be happening to them. I don't think the SAPS fully understands their stance on it, nor do they thankfully want to waste resources on it. I think at the end of the day the big issue will become the money and whether its being taxed and that's probably why it hasn't been given a green light by the SAPS/government. I think the shutdowns and confiscations are like a slap on the wrist to prevent you from trying to spend your untaxed money again Last week I received an email from Payfast which is the online payment merchant for the online store. They said that they have disconnected the account because it's "High Risk". They didn't state the exact reason for the account closure but it's most likely because the store is selling seeds. @Cannabist that happened to you too right? I don't think Payfast are 100% sure themselves but are staying on the safe side for now...
  18. Contacted Cannabist 2 weeks ago and placed my order, just recieved my seeds, excellent turnaround time and the seeds come in the original packaging! They update you often with the status of your order which gives you peace of mind. Once again thank you Cannabist for such excellent service, will definitely be ordering from you again!
  19. I vote @Cannabist their service and variety are awesome. Ordered from their local stock on Friday 31st of Jan and it got delivered today. Have ordered seeds from various seed banks over the years, local and abroad, I must say that I have found my new favourite seed bank. PS. I have no affiliation with them.
  20. I've been buying seeds for a long time. Directly from European seed banks and from holy smoke seeds when they first came available. I bought from green smoke room when they first opened and had a hidden menu that required a special password that was very difficult to obtain. Putting the price aside the best customer service I've received was from @Cannabist, well except for when he 1st opened and payfast froze his account. But even then he fixed the issue and compensated all affected by it. I highly recommend @Cannabist to everyone. On a side note I have no affiliation with them. I've just been super happy with the owners attitude and his willingness to assist. Don't believe me, give them a try...
  21. i compared the przs for seeds and i think @Cannabist is the cheapest so far.
  22. It's now up @Bakstein420 and @Cannabist
  23. @420SA think we need to put @Cannabist on the poll. Good service, good prices and he is active on the forum.
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