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Found 9 results

  1. Hello growers I would love to have an opinion on this topic. Let me update you on what I have been working with. I have a one plant indoor grow inside a 80cm x 80cm grow tent. I use a 40l fabric pot with both Orgasoilux and Freedom farms soil (green bag). The bottom half I use Orgasoilux(20l) and the top half I use Freedom farms soil(20l). Throughout veg all I give the plant is Biodyne Environoc 401 (microbes), Molasses and water. This results in an extremely healthy plant. Once I flip to flower I start using organic bottled nutrients. In the past I have used Biobizz Bio-bloom, and more recently I have used Dirty hands inc - Bio-Phos (Jamie's brand). I give 3ml Bio-Phos once a week early flower and up it to 5ml every week mid to late flower. Plus a molasses feeding every 2 weeks and stopped using Biodyne microbes 1 week into flower. I was thinking about completely ditching bottled nutrients and going the topdressing route for flower. I was thinking of maybe topdressing a week before the flip with Jamie's elemental blend. I am just worried if it will provide enough for the plants through to harvest. I was also thinking of maybe using my own topdressing blend of Dry kelp, Gypsum, Malted Barley and Worm Castings. Would love an opinion on switching to topdressing for flower and if the elemental blend should be more than enough to take me to harvest. If you think I should just stick to bottled nutrients for flower let me know. I am going to include photo's of my 2 previous grows using the method I have stated above. Just trying to get the best quality flower possible :) Some thoughts of mine...… Topdressing vs Liquid Nutrients? Biobizz Bio-Bloom vs Dirty Hands Inc Bio-Phos? One topdressing enough 1 week before flip? Elemental Blend or my own flowering mix? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Grow: Medium: Top Half Freedom Farms soil (20l) + bottom half Orgasoilux(20l) Additives and Amendments: Molasses + Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes + Dirty Hands Inc - Bio-Phos + Mycoroot (seedling) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Seedling) - Solo Cup + Freedom Farms soil + Mycoroot -Transplant in week 2 of veg to 40l ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Veg Stage) - initial inoculant 2ml Environoc Microbes -1ml per litre Environoc every 2 weeks -5ml per litre Molasses every 2 weeks -Stop Environoc 1 week into flower ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Flower Stage) -3ml Bio-Phos every week (early flower) -5ml Bio-Phos every week (late flower) -5ml Molasses every 2 weeks -Stop Bio-Phos 2 weeks before harvest -Feed molasses until harvest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures below include TH seeds - Orangesicle + Trainwreck (darker leaves) and a photo of Orangesicle during veg
  2. 'Olla Bromigos! Getting started a little later this year than last, rain around this time in my neck of the woods played havoc with seedlings last year. For this Season I am firmly in the Local is Lekker corner, and will be running a bunch of @Totemicand some @Bay Seeds sourced a while ago from the Legends at @Cannabist. Thank you all for the great deal and freebies! Very grateful and super keen So here we go! Up first 2 each of: Totemic - Green Gelato. Reg Totemic -Strawberry Deluxe. Fem Totemic - Strawberry Sugar Cookies. Fem Bay Seeds - AK Royal x Lemon Jedi X Choc Gelato. Reg Totemic - Gelato x Cherry CBD. Reg All seeds soaking since 4PMish, dechlorinated water with a spritz of Biodyne and BioBizz Root juice. Some king sized seeds, some so big they got stuck in the container and needed prying out. Very keen to get started! Some will go straight into pots from here, others via ziploc and paper towel route. Don't have enough side plates to separate 5 diff strains in paper towels etc. Will give the Fems the special treatment and let the Regs go au natural.
  3. What up growmigos So got abit bored and wanted to do 1 last run before the year is up. Gona give the autos a break for now. STRAINS Regulars - Choc Gelato x Ghost Train Haze (5) shout out to @Totemic Feminized - White Rhino (5) Bag - OG Kush (3) Started off in small pots. Was all i had. And due to this not being an auto run, they would need transplants later on. ( i wanted to start small and then select the best babies to be transplanted.) Due to the unpredictability of the bag seeds and the regulars i decided to pot a few and see which will be worthy of a transplant. Im going to try and keep them outdoors for now. As my grow box currently has the Mixed auto run. If sprouting and growing goes well. I will then put them in the grow box and let the autos grow outdoors. (The autos havnt started flowering yet, so waiting on that) Seeds poted today. So first watering should be in a couple of days. Weather is bleek this week so pots not drying up too much. ✌
  4. Howzit fine people. Next run on the go. Next seed supplier on the hit list "Groen seeds" . . . They had a special on that i couldnt resist. So apparently these are autos. But unknown strains. They had a bag of 5 autos for 100 bucks. I also ran out of pots. So had to make a plan. According to my estimates. They are in 12 liters of soil. And the small pot is a 8 liter. Potted on thursday morning. 14-10-20 Freedom farms soil. Biobizz nutez.
  5. So I decided to grow some autos outdoors to replenish my stash while I mainline the Ethos ladies. I grabbed a 5 pack of Fastbud's C4 but lost 4 of the seedlings to heavy winds. The remaining survivor went in the cupboard to help her get established before facing the outdoor forces. I slowly introduced her to life beyond the wall till she started pushing pistils recently.
  6. Sjo howzit. I'm ready to share what I've been up to since the last grow. Right from the get-go, I know this setup has flaws. I've got two different kinds of lights, three different strains and two different growing methods. I'd like to say this is on purpose but honestly it just kinda happened. Somewhere between an upgrade and circumstance I've now ended up here. I've decided I am going to do one last hoorah with DWC, going back to my roots from when I first began growing and also use the HID lamps I've had tucked away since acquiring my LED. I really like DWC, it's hellah fun and technical. I just love the amount of control you have with it. However I really want to do a serious ScrOG attempt next and the last time I did a ScrOG it was with DWC and couldn't even finish that grow If not DWC with a ScrOG, what medium to use then? I've never grown in a solid medium before so I'd have to learn soil/coco. So I decided to throw in a couple plants in Freedom Farms Premium Classic and have them grow in the space I had left in my tent aside from the DWC setups, so that I am not a complete n00b when I do the ScrOG. Did I mention I got a bigger tent? I am now rocking a 1.2x2.4x2.05 meter tent and oh boy, I think a ScrOG will do just super.. but that's next time. Why waste time and not just do the ScrOG now? Well, I've got some very nice seeds on the way (enough time for another grow) and I'd like to create a mother from that pack of seeds and then use clones from the mother to fill the ScrOG. I also do not feel like my previous DWC grow was very good either, so I want to get a solid one in before dumping the buckets. The plan is to do 4 DWC cooler boxes, same design as before. They will have 250W MH to veg and 400W HPS to flower. The ladies in the DWC will be mainlined into 8 queen colas each and I am going to be extremely aggressive on the defoliation. No kak cheap branches this time with poopy airy buds. I want 24 thicc and solid queen colas that look like the Grinch took a shit on my desk.. multiple times. After setting up the 4 DWC systems I couldn't help but notice that I had a third of my tent unused. I had already gotten a few extra things to expand my HID lamp setup to accommodate the increase in DWC buckets and number of plants, so I don't want to invest in more HID power. I want to keep the power below 1000W in the tent, I don't think anything more is necessary for what I'm doing. Although I have my 250W LED still, so I decided to just throw that into the tent in the unoccupied space and do two plants of the same strain in soil to learn the ropes. The two plants in soil turned into five plants.. during the propagation stage one seed didn't pop, so I decided to pop more seeds to compensate and got a little paranoid and decided to pop more than necessary in case some didn't germinate.. they all germinated. So now I have five plants in soil, 4 of which are the same strain, 1 is a very long flowering strain. Once again I have done this to myself, putting different strains with different flowering times in the same tent. But mama didn't raise no simp so imma let them finish as is. But bro why not use the 80x80x180 tent you have sitting empty now? It's way too cold to veg under LED and no heating. The beauty of HID lamps in Winter is that you get your photons and a comfortable temperature in your tent all in one! So I've just put the soil plants under the LED in the same tent so they can share the heat. I did however add a small heater with a Sonof switch just to help the temp with the dips at night and these wacky cold fronts. Also because of the different flowering times I can then use this smaller tent as a drying tent as a harvest. Even better, if the 5 soil plants get too big in their corner I can just take a few outside to flower Strains! DWC: Pink Mango Gelato - Green Smoke Room Seeds Soil: Aurora Indica (1) - Nirvana Seeds Skywalker OG (4) - Nirvana Seeds
  7. Hi Guys I want to level up my game for my second year growing, for which i have the following questions. Im using freedom farms classic mix and growing in the 40 litre Velcro bags. Last year i fed only black-strap molasses heavily during veg and added Bio-bloom during flowering phase. Results were great. This year id like to prep my soil by adding a good amendment to my craft soil to boost it, I have the Biobozz Pre-mix in mind. Is this a good amendment? Should i be adding a high Nitrogen amendment? Nutes i want to add Biobizz Fish-mix and Biobizz Top-max to my Bio-Bloom. Can anyone who uses any of these products, tell me in what ball park their feeding schedule / quantities are? I know the dosages on the products are conservative, but i dont want to take the chance of hurting my plants. Can anyone give me a guideline for outdoor growing? I would appreciate any assistance from my fellow growmies! peace&love peace&love
  8. Hey guys, planning an organic grow, out doors, in pots though. Going with FF soil and biobizz. All the organic growers out there, which nutes do you use, and what additives? Been doing some reading about biobizz grow and fishmix, and I'm stuck on which to get, new to growing, and I've read that the fishmix can be a bit more forgiving, some do both, but got conflicting reports about it leading to possible nitrogen toxicity? Which do you use, and why? Any input is appreciated.
  9. Greetings 420sa Long time lurker , thought i would post my latest grow. 4 plant perpetual Environment: 80x60cm micro cabs x 2 - Early veg\Clone 1x1m Tent - Veg 2x1m Cab - Flower Genetics: 3x Dutchpassion Jorges Diamonds no1 1X Dinafem Remo Chemo Medium Organic soil, own mix based on rev 2.0 base mix Coco coir Perlite Worm castings Compost Potting soil dolomite lime Bone Meal mycoroot This was mixed let sit, then watered with a compost tea and let sit for another month or so, not pushing for full nute free grow, rather a slightly fortified light soil. Nutes: Biobizz fishmix in veg, grow bloom for flower Kelpak foliar Epsom foliar Compost teas, humic fulvic amino etc Lighting: 5x20w cool white cfl - seedling\early veg Micro 3x20w mixed - Clone Micro '360w' apollo 8 spot led - veg(currently in for repairs on my desk hence hps) 2x 400w HPS - flower Ventilation: Micros, 12v pc fans various Veg ,6" extractor, no filter - to move to flower once flower cab is completed flower, 6" extractor with 150mm-500mm carbon filter The Jorges came to me from another grower in rockwool prisons, i nervously hacked them free and transplanted to soil at i would guess 3 weeks from seed judging by nodes and development. they battled initially with transplant shock and root damage causing some cal/mag issues early on, once transplanted to 10l bags the offset of soil to rockwool seems to have balanced ph better and are now starting to take off nicely. Transplanted to 10l Moved to veg tent Still looked quite pissed off with me at this point and where we stand today Remo was a clone gifted to me, sadly came with signs of mites so she went into quarantine and pyrol torture for a week or two. she has recovered nicely and is starting to show some good growth. Below pic on arrival after first pyrol treatment Remo a substantially happier plant
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