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  1. @Cannabist I would just like to say thank you for my order it has been recieved. I understand you guys went theough alot during this lockdown period. You guys stuck to your word and I recieved a crap load of extra goodies with my order. You have redeemed yourselfs in my book @420SA
  2. I haven't sent any followup mails or messages since their post as I was trying to be understanding and I felt that they were under a lot of pressure , however @Cannabist Im at the 1 month mark now for my local stock order. I really want to give you guys a break but your last post said you would be 100% up to date. Am I part of that 100% ? @420SA
  3. Thabk your for your reply I appreciate the feedback
  4. Hi there guys and girls Is there anyone out there that has contact details for @Cannabist I placed and paid for an order but jave not recieved any communication from them or any signs of delivery. Its a bit worrying as they are all over this site as trusted and sponsors for competitions? Any help would be greatly appreciated .
  5. @Cannabist are your mails down ? I have have no response regarding my order? Please respond to my PM

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