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  1. Thanks for your input @CreX. Not applying anything to these plants at this stage. Just going to ride it out.
  2. Loads of people on the online forums using Spinosad. I see it is available here, good idea? kak idea?
  3. Thank you! Always willing to share!
  4. When you say the whole time, do you mean for the next few weeks of flowering? The damage is minimal, and i don't think it is at the stage where it will affect the plants performance to badly. The bigger leaves have the characteristic white spots where they have been punctured but that's about it, nothing to wild. Nothing dying off yet, maybe the plants will make the next 4 weeks.
  5. Small grow, Mammoth Pro 100, 1m² floor space 2m³ total. Seal up the inlet and exhaust and let the CO2 fill up the tent, can i leave the circulation fans run while this happens? I'll be sure my master(partner) keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings.
  6. DUDE!!!! My Gas head office is less than 100m form our warehouse! Thank you for the tip. I'm going to contact them now! Does the CO2 kill them off, while boost. THANK YOU!
  7. Ez 420SA growers, As per the title, I've discovered mother f***ing thrip damage on a few of the larger fan leafs in my tent. I am 4/5 weeks into flower and things are looking tasty apart from these little suckers(lol!) ruining my morning. Can i spray this deep into the flowering period? I was thinking that a weekly spray of Pyrol may be of help? or should i just let them run a mock in the tent? I predict i have another 4 weeks to go for this run. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
  8. Week 8 - Day 1. Coming along nicely. Should I defoliate a little more?
  9. Heteropyxis

    Sickly lady

    Sorry, what I mean is spider mites.
  10. Heteropyxis

    Sickly lady

    I think this is the reason for the issue.
  11. Storing your beans in the fridge?
  12. I think it is a grub. I understand they are the beginning stage of some or other beetle.
  13. Thanks for your willingness to share. I don't use these pots, I've just seen them and always wondered about them. They look the something you would find on the event horizon, lol!
  14. In saying he wouldn't, he is expressing an opinion. I'm interested to understand why @PsyCLown would rather use fabric pots. I don't have a dog in the race, I'm using 30cm pots rested in a 25ltr bucket. complete opposite side of the spectrum in terms of pots.
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