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  1. I am moving overseas, so selling off all my grow stuff Items as seen in photo Drop me a message if you are interested
  2. I am moving overseas, so selling off all my grow stuff Items as seen in photo Drop me a message if you are interested
  3. I am moving overseas, so selling off all my grow stuff Just needs a kettle plug Drop me a message if you are interested
  4. Happy to hear I know very little about them Hope they can help someone who needs
  5. Howsit everyone I got these nutes as part of a second hand purchase I did recently and I wont be using them So id rather give them someone who needs them From what I read these are for a hydro grow They have never been used and seem to be unopened I don't really want to go to postnet to ship them but if you send a courier or self collect that's fine I am in KZN (durban area) Drop me a message if you want them First come first serve
  6. Nah I am now quite strict since I had a few issues before and my over caring and over watering using pipettes and scales to get precise measurements for each and every nutrient I add, but I enjoy efficiency also, so where I can mix together I would like to Also depends how much time I have on the day to water and nutrient every plant individually with what they need.
  7. Yeah there is a dosage amount but purely a per/l for different mediums and that's about it They are a local brand, so will give them a call on Monday
  8. Had a look at the product I am using Feed4weed Calmag (dry little white pellets) Sadly it does not have anything on the label regarding N or + and merely has dosages Not sure if you know the product or not
  9. Eish that Biobizz Heaven is on my wishlist, but two hobbies is getting a bit expensive neh I will take you advice on the fish mix for next time round, currently lacking from my lineup but most of plants are flowering or at least close to it and going by the schedule... I should be alright Not sure what you mean about the Nitrates (still a nooby) can you link any info so I can do some reading? So I was only feeding calmag when needed, but now is the first time I am following a schedule... So slightly thrown off my norm (Will look at the plants rather and see if they show any signs) Yeah look, overcaring was a big mistake of mine also in the past, now I kind of keep my hands in my back pockets when I go look at them
  10. Yeah I watched the video with the Biobizz oke talking about it. But was not sure on all the deets and also wanted to see what others are up to
  11. Yeah so I have never treated the jojo...EISH I am gonna need to get on that Thank you for the tips/info
  12. Yeah before this I was using JOJO tank rain water... but I had a huge issue with pests and other plant problems in my last grow and was worried the runoff from the roof and gutter may have cause some nasties to get in there pests and otherwise 'Before this I have never grown a single pea in my life' So I can be rather paranoid when it comes to my plants So I made the switch to RO water as I felt without all the measuring tools it is probably the safest? (I do have a PH testing kit now, but I never had in my last grow.. can you believe) I wonder why I was having such issues with multigro, I started using it because a friend of mine had used it for years and I just assumed it does the job... Soon as I switched from startgro to multigro the leaves went dark and I got the claw.
  13. I was struggling with Ecobuzz Multigro and Nitrogen toxicity, hence my wife saw my frustration and hooked me up with Biobizz What ratio of Multigro are you using per 1l? I really enjoy their products especially the protect during flowering and the rootpro is magic In terms of water I am buying RO water at R1.10/Litre which is not breaking the bank for me with so few plants. Looking at my current lineup where would you introduce silica or should that be fed completely by itself? Also biobizz recommends adding Calmag to water when using soft water, which I am using at the moment... Shall I continue or split the feedings of biobizz/calmag up I havent even touched blackstrap molasses yet, but I believe that is more to revitalise the soil microorganisms ? So I am guessing this not often at all
  14. Hi - Pic of girls and sundew (for bugs) attached 2 x Sweet Gelato Auto (sweet seeds) 1 x Big Devil XL Auto (sweet seeds) 1 x Zkittles Photo cross (who knows what it germinated with) A seeds from my previous Zkittles plant 1 x Either a banana blaze or blue dreamatic... I forgot to label the seed holder This is my second run, only started growing last year Septemberish My Medium is - Freedom Farm Organic
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