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  1. You didn't get to Sedgefield. There's a nice little grow shop just off the N2. Cannot for the life of me remember the name.
  2. Sad days. I'm leaving for the airport to pick the Master up shortly. Maybe @Sublime Stirk will consider a danger pay discount for early next week. 😂
  3. I will encourage the people I know to contact you directly or join the conversation on this thread.
  4. Who have you chosen to grace the "shelves" of your store. There are some real great local breeders who don't get the attention they deserve.
  5. I hope so for his own sake. I need to pull the trigger before SWAMBO gets back from her family visit. LOL!
  6. PING PING... final call for @Sublime Stirk
  7. Isn't this just the plants showing mild fade?
  8. I'm keen to take them, hit me with a DM brother.
  9. Thank you. I shall watch with keen interest.
  10. Only 2 options for regs.... Old strains to boot...
  11. Shot @Chris Jay. Looking forward to going down this rabbit hole!
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