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  1. Okay cool! Sweet deal if you know whom you are buying with !
  2. Going direct is most certainly the answer, but trust is a key factor in these sorts of arrangements. I've been burned in various group buys of other species i have been growing from a number of years. @SkunkPharm What route did your collective buying group follow? Did you all get together in person to iron out a path, or was it all online? How did the nity grits of cash collection and ordering happen? delivery/collection?
  3. @PsyCLown thanks for taking the time to share this info. Guess I'll keep at it until I can get another one then. Any thing worth doing Yada yada.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I'll look at this in depth shortly!
  5. Sweet. I've dropped the Nitrogen component in the formulation. Will see how she responds.
  6. Then i will continue to give her the love she needs. Maybe you can help me with a question? I'm running a 240W QB in a 1m² tent. Is this lamp enough to cover the floor space? Ideally, I'd like to have 1 pot per 1/4m² so there is some space between them, but my mind says the plants need to be directly under the lamp...
  7. Day 39 - Amnesia Haze has stretched uncontrollably. I'm not experienced enough, but I think the Nitrogen content of the formulation I've been applying may have contributed to this. The below pic shows the stretch(far right plant). The nodes are all stretched out as a result, so not expecting much. Day 39 - The LST on StarDawg worked nicely, i am hopeful here, but she isn't in full bloom yet. Canopy.
  8. Or, you read a review and search the seed bank for the breeder and every single item is out.
  9. I bought from them. Service was way better than some of the banks on that list. Another thing is they actually have stock.
  10. Amnesia Haze - Day 32. This lady is a real mover and shaker. I've ordered more of these beans I can do AH only run. Seemango - Day32. Starting to Bloom! Looks like the beginnings chemical burn though? As always, opinions, crit and advise always welcome. Thanks for creating such a rad learning environment.
  11. Sweet. Thank you, I'll send a website enquiry.
  12. When are you dudes getting the 6" clip on fans again?
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