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  1. Okay, thanks for your reply. Wouldn't it make your fabric pot behave like a regular plastic pot? Please excuse my ignorance, I know very little about organic media in pots.
  2. Why have your wrapped that pot up. Like that?
  3. Good luck bro, from my experience with other species. I can tell you that its a long road and failures are inevitable. Maybe we need a novice plant improver thread where anyone can showcase their positive outcomes and failures. A place to ask questions and opinion with the goal of getting more people trying their hand. @Golden-Goose sorry to jack your thread. Good luck bro! I'll be watching your progress closely.
  4. I hope your desired outcome is shooting accuracy.. Storm troopers can use better aim.. LOL!
  5. Study Mendels law of inheritance and apply what you learn to the subject of you program.
  6. As long as you have direction you want to take your lineage, and you are doing the work to not only achieve the outcomes but stabilizing the new lines you create, go wild. Why wouldn't you. The possibility of finding something unique and special is not zero, you just need to wade through the piles of genetic material and be brutal with culling. oh, more space is often the common denominator.
  7. If you have identified desired outcomes, and intend combining genetic material to achieve the outcomes you are breeding. Even if it is just to feed your own curiosity. I wish more people would try their hand at plant improvement.
  8. Interesting stuff. I'm going to try that for my next run. The structure pictured on the home page is the beautiful.
  9. What are the easy plugs made of? Is it a kinda of foam, sort of like Oasis? I know they do make an inert foam type media.
  10. Thank you for this post.. You are spot on, particularly when it comes to commercial farmers. All commercial farmers worth their salt make use of an agronomist who analysis the soils and makes the calculations for amending accordingly prior to planting, as well as during to make sure the lands are as productive as possible, while not depleting the soil to a point of no return. Regarding flushing.. again, you are spot on. The whole flushing thing is made up WOO-WOO.
  11. I like the work of growing in coir. It really doesn't matter what I do or you do in the end. Do what brings you joy, and leave others to what does the same for them.
  12. Wow! Have totally forgotten what it's like with a crowd! UFC leading the way for the return of crowds to all sporting codes.
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