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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I believe you can add it to the solution you intend spraying.
  2. You can use a weak Sunlight soap solution. I'm not sure on dilution ration, cant be more than a few drops per ltr.
  3. We watched 6 last night, will watch 7 when I get back from this mornings activities. Tre is monster, the power in his kicks. Eina legs!
  4. Petr is a beast ! He would have finished Stirling off had he not been disqualified. I'm very keen on the rematch.
  5. TJ has ALOT to lose if he doesn't perform here coming back from the doping ban. That said Cory has a super opportunity to shine for the boss man Dana. As we saw with Kris "the punching bag" Moutinho(LOL), fight of the night can change your world in minutes. That hunger may just give him the edge over TJ.
  6. The Misses LOVES watching the fights. we will binge tonight!
  7. I haven't been following, there are not enough hours in the week unfortunately.
  8. LOL! There should be a UFC/EFC/combat sports thread.
  9. Spent some time going through HD's of tunes this weekend. All parties featured are cool as fuck!
  10. You are completely right about coming back after that injury. Even if he does managed a great recovery, that leg will always be a soft spot that opponents will take advantage of. He can retire a very wealthy man, the deal with Proximo Spirits for Proper 12 is valued at $600 million(not sure what his cut is) add to that the $100 million he made facing Floyd, money problems not in his lexicon. That said, humans who perform on that level struggle to walk away into the sunset. Will be interesting to see where he turns up. If there is a 4th fight... tbc.
  11. Eina. Even before that snap happend, he was getting beat up.
  12. I watched a few rounds and a couple highlight packages for his previous fights. The dude is a jiu jitsu beast. Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye on him. Enjoy the fights, dude.
  13. Connor/Dusin is going to be a war, there is so much pride at stake for both of them. The presser was tense! Aggressive Connor is back, but still favour Dustin. He seems to have grown as an athlete. Cool, calm and calculating. I'm not familiar of hand with Ryan Hall, I'll watch some vids and read up about him a little later. Thanks for the heads up. Why don't you like the Suga show? I love that crazy style with constant feints tricking the opponents to move in a predicted fashion. He's go mad power in those bombs he throws.
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