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  1. This is the stuff we use in our lab environment. It's quite an initial outlay, but I doubt you will ever need to buy another bottle. Kills shit dead. http://healthandhygiene.co.za/f10-sc-veterinary-disinfectant-product-information/
  2. Damn! serious commitment! Keep at it dude.
  3. Hey Evan, Hows the training going?
  4. Okay cool, I will run the Pink Kush with the next lot.
  5. You included some Skunk No1 seed with the book purchase I made earlier in the year. Where are they from?
  6. Sleg luck, dude. Your work is looking great!
  7. These plants are looking great! If I may ask, why do you allow the roots to be exposed on the surface as above?
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