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  1. If there is a forum group buy I'd be in like sin. Just saying, lol!
  2. I think you will find the guys on this forum are very positive for local products.
  3. I would love to take a crack at being in a comp, but I've just filled my space and I cant go back on what I've been working on since end of Jan.
  4. Make a pile and let it complete the composting process. You will need to turn the mound for aeration as well as ensure there is enough moisture available for the composting process.
  5. I didn't get them. Good luck, they are a nice addition.
  6. I'm feeling what you're dealing, but still seems a little backwards to me. I've never done an outdoor run so please take my comments as from someone with zero idea.
  7. I don't think it is wise to encourage pests just so you can have more beneficial insects... What are your goals, quality pest damage free outdoor or a insect battlefield?
  8. I am looking at your site right now. There are no regular seeds, just fems and autos... Why did you make the decision to no keep regs?
  9. Its not the money, it's the caliber of people riding the money train.
  10. LOL, the insta influencer crew been grating your carrot?
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