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  1. Tent Specs: Size 120x120x200 CM Components: Tent Cloth Floor Tray Filter Straps Corner Adapter Framework Support User Manual included. This tent is great, it's size and space for your plants to grow and breath is perfect, the reflector sheets on the inside insure that your plans receive all the light they need in all the right places, it's size allows for optimal growing, my biggest grow in this tent is 9 plants. The test has a good amount of venting windows for that extra airflow and more than enough tube outlets for fans and extractors and cable management.
  2. MarsGrow LED light TS-3000 specs Size: 150cm*150cm Number of LED's: 1016 Input Power: 450W +/- 5% Dimming Range: 10%-100% User Manual included. This light has gotten me through two beautiful grows, the possibility to adjust the LED brightness and being able to adjust the high of the light to my grow has been so helpful in bringing my plants from seedling to flower at such a beautiful pace and thus the grows have been epic.
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