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  1. Day 30 - 31 October 2019 I have repotted all in Freedom Farms Classic Growing Medium, except for the 2 DG Diesolines that are playing catchup. In a few weeks time I will slowly start adding nutrients, unlike our previous test, which had no nutes and the plants seem very happy. I'm going to try Supa Natural fish emulsion, at R89/bottle its half the price of Seagro and it seems to be pretty much the same thing. Anyone else try these nutrients? The roots look super healthy! The 3 DG Buffalo Cheeses Two of the DG Candy iV's DG Diesoline on the left, DG Candy iV on the right
  2. Day 73 - 27 October 2019 Quick update, another Candy iV turned out to be male. 2 of 3 of the males, 1 from each strain, have been harvested and the pollen collected. The one Buffalo Cheese male was particularly virulent, had the sativa pheno's we were looking for and has the same cheesy smell as this beautiful female below. Stu gets super excited every time he sees her! All of the females went into flower sooner than hoped for, but that is probably to be expected if planting before the spring equinox.... we have now decided to shorten the flower cycle now by putting them away in a dark shed for 14 hours a day. I want some bud. We want seed from these delicious cheeses! Also we have a project planned with the Diesoline showing the OG Kush pheno's on a dinky sativa like scale. Still has the same Diesoline aroma, just looks so funky! Female to male ratio - 3 seeds planted for each strain: Buffalo Cheese - 1 female, 2 males Candy - 1 females, 2 male Diesoline - 2 females, 1 male The Buffalo Cheese female is just a beauty 🥰 DG Diesoline DG Diesoline DG Candy iV
  3. Day 26 - 27 October 2019 Plants a coming along nicely, looking healthy and almost ready for a repot. DG Diesolines, still playing catchup.
  4. Sweet! Looks to us like some Original Gangser Kush pheno's are coming through in this batch.
  5. Day 15 - 16 October 2019 I so dig these pots from www.growkit.co.za. I've now potted them directly inside a bigger pot. The roots grow through the coir pots and provides a bit more ridgety to the soil and root ball when repotting them in their final destination. The 2 top right ones (pic below) are noticeably smaller as result of that feline fight and the seeds being exposed to the elements for a day or two.
  6. Day 14 - 15 October 2019 Transplant of the 2 casualties have worked out. They are a little behind the others in terms of growth, but 100% germination! I cant tell any difference between germinating in a nutrient less medium vs freedom farms classic grow medium. It seems as I thought, there is enough nutrients in the seed to kickstart life. 1 = DG Buffalo Cheese 2 = DG Candy iV 3 = DG Diesoline
  7. Day 8 - 9 October 2019 We had a mishap, cat fight in the middle of the night took out 2 Diesolines. I managed to replant them, here's hoping they survive. All but 1 of the 9 have germinated.
  8. Day 60 - 14 October 2019 Grow is progressing well, we are 8 week in. We have isolated 4 males from what looks like 5 females. Female to male ratio - 3 seeds planted for each strain: Buffalo Cheese - 1 female, 2 males Candy - 2 females, 1 male Diesoline - 2 females, 1 male Male jail below. Our females - Front left and middle is Diesoline, Back 2 are Candy, and the front right is Buffalo Cheese Interesting pheno for this Diesoline. Love the delicate leaf structure and colouration. A small plant, with tiny Sativa like leaves. Will be keeping an eye on this one as it's not how Diesoline was intended, but a very funky variation... Here is how Diesoline should look. Buffalo Cheese showing her flowers. Candy iV Buffalo Cheese male
  9. Day 1 - 2 October 2019 We are running another grow test using Freedom Farms organic craft soil as the plants just seem to love it. The same 3 strains, DG Buffalo Cheese, DG Candy iV and DG Diesoline. The pots are from www.growkit.co.za and make it very easy to germinate and repot into bigger post when ready - well you don't actually repot, just put these into your bigger pot and the roots grow right through, the pot becomes grow medium. Love it! The seeds were planted into the grow medium. It will be interesting to see if it helps or hinders growth vs using a perlite, vermiculite and coco coir mix, with zero nutrients for the first 3 weeks as our previous test was done.
  10. Day 47 Right, time for an update. These little babies are doing so well. Stems are solid roots, have taken hold big time and the growth is impressive. And they just look so healthy. DG Buffalo Cheese is already letting me know that skunk is in town, that undeniably delicious aroma when you give them a rub. However, we have a bull amongst the herd. A very handsome looking one at that, which I will now isolate from the rest and see how he grows. Hopefully into a fine specimen! We love male plants too at DG 🙂 All 3 of these are DG Buffalo Cheese, tall one at the back is the bull. DG Buffalo Cheese male with Rocky Mountain oysters on show. DG Candy iV. Yum! 😋 DG Diesoline. Some interesting genes coming through with variety in leaf structure.
  11. Beautifully! Blown away by how healthy they seem in Freedom Farms grow medium. I'll post an update tomorrow 🙂
  12. Day 34 Roots looking healthy, time to repot. I'm off on a boys holiday tomorrow, so had to get them done today! I'm using 20 and 30 litre pots and bags. DG Buffalo Cheese DG Candy iV DG Diesoline
  13. Day 32 Plants seem quite happy at this stage. I have just micro-topped them, to encourage more branching for more bud.
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