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  1. Day 32 Plants seem quite happy at this stage. I have just micro-topped them, to encourage more branching for more bud.
  2. DAY 25 All growing beautifully after last weeks epic sunshine. I've still not added any nutrients. Just rainwater and recycling some of the runoff back into the plants. I'm using scooby-doo wire to give the plants a little bit of support against the wind. I like this method, as the wire has plastic coating to help prevent bruising, with quite a bit of bendy give, and still allowing the plant some movement to strengthen it. Mind you Nr.1 on the far right, got flattened by a football and miraculously survived! 🙏 Love the symmetry in these early stages 🌱
  3. As well as our September Launch Special, purchase any 2 packs and get a pack of our DG GARDENERS DELiGHT free! 🌱 Visit www.daggafontein.com for more info. iRiE TO THE iRiE Bob 💚🌱💛🌱❤️
  4. DAY 1 - 15 August 2019 So we might as well be the first forum test grow of our genetics and we have chosen a medium becoming very popular in our local market. I like to do this every few weeks, test a batch for germination. This batch will be grown to full term using Freedom Farms organic craft soil. We usually mix our own, but I have heard a lot of good things about this mix and wanted to try it for myself. http://www.freedomfarms.co.za/ What we have here are our 3 strains, DG Buffalo Cheese, DG Candy iV and DG Diesoline and unnamed test strain #4 germinating in only a coco, perlite and vermiculite mix. No nutes and just good old rain water. The pots are from www.growkit.co.za and will be potted directly inside a smaller pot till the root ball takes shape. The seeds were planted directly in this mix, just less than 1cm deep. No pre-soak. The trays were filled with water, the grow medium and cups absorbed the water to provide enough moisture for the seeds. There is enough nutrients in a seed to sustain it for quite a bit, so I don't use any at this stage. 100% germination success rate. Sweetlings! Seeds germinated between 3-5 days, with DG Diesoline the last to show. Also the tallest after 12 days. Time to get them into the organic soil. The plants look a little like they need some nutrients, but they should get that from the soil now for the next 2-6 weeks. As soon as the root balls look strong, we will move them to their final pots. More to follow.... Happy growing 🙂 💚🌱💛🌱❤️
  5. Take advantage of our free seed giveaway to new customers! For the the next month, order our seeds from now till the end of September 2019, and as a warm welcome to the Daggafontein family, we will send you a voucher to use in our shop to the value of a premium pack of seeds in September 2020 and September 2021. 3 seasons for the price of 1. To qualify for your FREE SEED vouchers: Order with us or our stockist, anytime between 22nd August and 30th September 2019. Your order must be placed and paid for before midnight on 30th September 2019. Offer only valid whilst stocks last - we have a limited amount of stock till the new year. Valid per customer, not per order. www.daggafontein.com
  6. Hi 420sa community! A little more about Daggafontein Genetics. I am Bob, the marketing guy and my partner is Stu, the genetics dude. I am active on social media, Stu shy's away, so if there are any questions which I am not able to answer, bear with us a bit as messages take a while to get to Daggafontein and back! Our strains come from a medicinal background and the need to reliably grow outdoor varieties of high THC content. They also come from our shared appreciation of an iRiE smoke, of good quality bud, grown naturally and organically and pesticide free. Stu deals with our grow and has been tinkering with strain genetics for the last 10 years and actively working on our 3 flagship strains for the last 4 seasons. I have been growing his creations locally (not Daggafontein) and testing in a variety of medium. Testing his bud grown on the farm. Testing mine. Passing our seeds and buds to our buds and getting feedback. Testing some more (best part, I kid you not!), until we both felt, our ladies were ready for a wider audience, hardy to our environment and a good smoke, packed with punch. What we now need is to get our genetics out there, and prove we were not just up in smoke. We will be running a competition very soon to giveaway some seeds. If you do grow our genetics, please share your grow with us in our Grow Diary. If you were not lucky enough to win, you can pick some up at www.daggafontein.com or one of our stockists. We wholeheartedly support the craft industry and resist the push by government and big pharma to make licensing expensive and unattainable. Free to sow. Free to grow. To new beginnings. Happy growing! iRiE TO THE iRiE! 💚🌱💛🌱❤️ Bob
  7. Thanks 420sa, thanks for having us! Do we reach out to you for more info on vendors?
  8. Thanks! and yes we would love to sign up as a vendor..... is there a more info and a link to do so? I did have a look but didn't come across anything.
  9. Thanks Dank, been reading through some posts and yes, the community looks awesome! Lots of knowledge here. Rolling one as we speak
  10. Hi 420SA, We are a new local seed bank, with a few groovy cultivars on offer. We look forward to being part of this community and growing together. iRiE TO THE iRiE!
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