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    DG Buffalo Cheese, DG Diesoline and DG Candy iV, DG test strains
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    OG Kush, Malawi Gold, Cheese, Big Bud, NY Diesel
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    Joints, oil, vape

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  1. Thanks 420sa, thanks for having us! Do we reach out to you for more info on vendors?
  2. Thanks! and yes we would love to sign up as a vendor..... is there a more info and a link to do so? I did have a look but didn't come across anything.
  3. Thanks Dank, been reading through some posts and yes, the community looks awesome! Lots of knowledge here. Rolling one as we speak
  4. Hi 420SA, We are a new local seed bank, with a few groovy cultivars on offer. We look forward to being part of this community and growing together. iRiE TO THE iRiE!
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