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  1. Thanks Prom, it's all interesting stuff!. Maybe I'll try organic outside this year. I guess I fall into the lost world of clay pebbles for now!. Lost but happy!. Have a lekker evening.......
  2. As a sideline observation I noticed the tap root in my only planted seed had actually emerged half way down the 'plug'!. I can see now why Rockwall cubes would make better sense for a setup like this. I will be hopefully planting 3 more seeds tonight .........., just waiting for propergation to take place . I guess the 'plugs' would work better if they were half the size. Anyhow, onwards and upwards.......
  3. Many thanks Prom, I have been steadily decreasing the pH. Waiting for pump cycle so it helps mix the PhDown. Got it down to 5.73 so I'll leave it there for now and check again tomorrow. Seems I'm on the right track now . I have 3 more seeds in for germination so I could try the rockwool for them. Will update in around a week unless I hit any panic stations!. Cheers....
  4. Hi Prom, so it's 5.6-6.4 pH right from the start?. I've been giving 7 as I thought there are no nutrients yet. Please confirm. Your comments much appreciated. Cheers...
  5. Hi folks, What should the pH be for seedlings in clay balls and roughly how old is a seedling when it officially enters veg. Also, is the dripper arrow in the right position please. She is 5 days old (gorilla glue).
  6. Thanks for info Grass Bass. It's definitely something to consider!. Perhaps 2 in the ground and 3 in pots utilizing my existing setup. I like alternatives just in case there's a problem with either grow!. My forest friend grows in a large tunnel. No worries for heavy rain but shit does it get hot in there sometimes!. Life itself is an experiment.... Have a groovy day.....
  7. I think it's the stability of the weather more than anything!. I'm still trying of ways to protect from the HEAVY downpours we get. It doesn't happen often but I HATE having to cover with a Tarpaulin. Already Hermes started in 3 plants (bummer). They have been dumped . Suggest you get weather app for checking temps/humidity down in this neck of the woods. Information is quite accurate. Temps are coming down now and humidity looks reasonable for flowering (around 45%). Loads of mistakes but gaining knowledge. I 'pinched' 2 plants above only the 4th node and it shows how much more green I could have had if it had been pinched above 5th or 6th node!. As you can see, my posts are spasmodic at best. Will update in around a week. I have another experiment to try. I've never scrogged before so still learning. If the plants had been started earlier and I had topped/pinched them correctly I think the net would have been substantially filled with more green. Just had Solar fitted to house and should have around 500W extra per hour for small indoor grow in addition to existing outdoor one. That will be interesting!. Anyhow, have a lekker Sunday and I'll post update soon....ish.
  8. Yep,.......next time photoperiods!. Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a lekker day....
  9. Thanks for the excellent input!. I sure have learnt a lot on my first grow back in SA. Had absolutely no problems with Auto's when I grew a few years back in Spain. The summer months there were longer and the weather generally more stable!. Man,......it can get quite harsh down here in the Klien Karroo. I am considering growing in the ground next season with carefully mixed substrate AND photoperiods!. Friend of mine quite literally grows 'Trees' in soil and now has nickname of Forest . Photo shows my other efforts. Photoperiod seeds from my friend. Only started at Christmas so I never expected much. The plants are small however I really didn't expect to get this far so anything is a bonus. Your comment on soil is well noted and understood . Have a groovy day .........
  10. Greetings. It seems like I have grown ( without intention) a single bud!. It's the only auto I've managed so far!. All other auto's (15) in total were a failure. Now, how far do you think this bud needs to go before I harvest it?........(you may laugh if you wish). It's 9 weeks from seed and smells gorgeous!. Not many tricombes and they are still clear.
  11. Thanks Skunkpharm, Do you have any suggestions for equipment please. What size/make of fans etc . I suppose you can't mention brands on the forum but any information would be great. Cheers....
  12. Many thanks Totemic. Great answer!. I have a baseline now. The 1 M2 tent is the compromise. I'm just trying to imagine 4 plants in there?. I grew quite big plants in 20l pots before, and reckon each one was close to 1 M2. Pardon my ignorance on that one. I better get my arse into gear and fit solar first. Looking forward to trying a grow indoors! Will start looking for some gear soon. 1.0x1.0 Tent, Extractor fan size/wattage?? LEDs wattage/suggested type? Dehumidifier? Passive intake or fan? Anything else you think I need? Really appreciate your help. Sorry for delay in responding.
  13. Greetings. I'm in the process of installing solar to my house. A previous thread explained my concern over how much power a small growroom tent would require. I have since doubled my existing output and now feel confident to run a small setup. Ive had to compromise but will have approximately 5Kw allowance for my grow. So here's the thing. I need a list of equipment for a 2.4x1.2 tent. All equipment needs to draw +/- 500W combined. (Ballpark). LEDs , fans etc and anything else you can think of. 1Mtr tent is just too small so I'll try a 2.4Mtr one. I was hoping for maybe 3 plants in 20ltr pots????. I need to keep things as simple as possible. I'm sure there are hundreds of different ways to grow!. My first indoor grow so I would like 'simplicity' if possible. Thanks in advance......
  14. Thanks for that, I will update at some point!. Photo shows last setup. 6x250w panels. Batteries were 2v with tons of storage. Great system but realise now I need much more.
  15. Dear Psyclown, Thankyou so much!. 10 out of 10 for that answer!. I feel fully clued up know. Trouble is.......I do get a bit carried away at times. I lived in Spain for a few years and had absolutely no electricity up in the hills. My solar system worked like a dream. I only grew outside, so didn't need too much power. However, the system handled a pool pump for 7 hrs every day , the household water had pumps also. That was 5 years ago. Wow .......solar has moved on from then!. Anyhow, turns out I'll need a lot more power than my old 6 panel system! (Photo). At least now I know what I'm dealing with and what I need to make things work. I'm going ahead with my intended system in the knowledge that I can add extra panels and battery later. I've come to peace with the fact that it will cost me a lot more than I had previously thought!. Just have to wait to get the funds together that's all. Patience is the key. One other thought; What if I scaled it right down to single tent with one plant?. One reasonable plant?. But then I suppose you still have to have the same gear, fans etc. Ah well, my dream of giving Eskom the finger alludes me for now. Thanks again for your valuable insight. Have a lekker weekend. PS, Photos will be sent separately as they are on my pc.
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