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  1. best place to purchase cheese seeds? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. I will rip my dab with a touch of bubble hash lol freaken loving moonrocks 2😆 The struggle continues as per normal I guess till further notice Sent from my SM-A500F using Tapatalk
  3. So I can smoke in my own home but I cont buy weed or grow it mmm...it's sounds like my relationship COMPLICATED Sent from my SM-A500F using Tapatalk
  4. It looks a bit slow in here outdo season is starting organic growers preping dem soil gorilla outdo Hell Yeah and for the indoor and hydro lets get it on where is the logs I prefer soil tho I get more flavour out of it. I'll be logging soon. Got my tent out just need to find my Yoyo hangers an timer lol Sent from my SM-A500F using Tapatalk
  5. So my follow neighbors had decided to call the police on me an report me to the animal cruelty society bare in mind i am a animal lover i just reached a point where i cont deal anymore so im killin the mofo's. 4 of my neighbors throws all there left over bread out every morning attracting hundreds of pigeons once they are done with there breakfast feast all these pigeons come sit on my roof an shit all over my cars, washing, yard an my PLANTS. it might seem funny but try an relate to my frustration... So i spoke to them an asked them to stop or to build a pigeons hok by 1 of there houses so the pigeons can gather there as they love these pigeons they did not respect me enough to do so. So i lost my mind took out my riffle an went on a pigeon killing spree it was a massacre. I concided this pest control as you would do with rats etc. Do they have a valid case against me? Lol some advise please #100s of pigeons shit over my cars plants an washing so yes i headshotted no warning shots
  6. I have a buddy in durbz he never has problems when ordering seeds i get my beans from him
  7. JJ 38 years is very loooooooonnnnnnggg yet you still mention smoke not even 38months of growing?
  8. Thats what im trying...if i add a pic to this thread it tells me that, seems like the only way i can add a pics is if i take 1 via the app but anything out of my gallery comes out as a new topic.
  9. .....technical default on my side i tried entering but im unable to add a pic since before entries closed it says cannot add another topic to the post when i try to add a pic
  10. "Snarky remarks" this is most likely the best growers around meaning we smoke the best weed so try not to take everything so seriously......smile, laugh, engage an joke about remarks. Indeed here you will learn how to grow but also to mix with different personalities. The way you phrased that comment did sound tho like you have more than weed to hide in your home...growing shrooms in your freezer or something lol point is jelly baby shake it off there was no harm intended in it buddy.
  11. Thats deep kim #meditate lol makes sense tho.
  12. The way i see this is there is hectic inactivity in the forumn a competition will either make it better or my chances of actually winning something is good due to inactivity so its a win/win situation lol meditate
  13. Jellytot try a outdoor grow, plant a seed or 10 lol its outdoor season post a grow log guidance will be here. Its just december now Toby an 420's must of harvested recently leaving them in a vegetative state on mind lol but the Guru's will make a comeback soon
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