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  1. Feeling blessed. This year has been epic! I have shared a total of 1300 regular seeds, and now the first 1000 feminised seed are on their way to Swaziland. :rastabanana

    Next year there is plenty new gear coming, and hope that Totemic will continue to make a mark as we enter a new decade.

    Merry Christmas to all of you. 

    1. Smelly Joe

      Smelly Joe

      Have a blessed Christmas. And thanx for what you are doing.... 

    2. 1000Hills Nursery

      1000Hills Nursery

      Well done, quite an achievement in a small space of time. Should be proud of yourself.

      All the best in your 2020 projects... pretty sure our paths or atleast our genetics paths will cross some time or the other... 

    3. 420sake


      As a newby in genetics upgrading I am personally greatful for your good work Totemic. Thank you.

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