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Official club for the 2019 Outdoor Growoff. If you'd like to participate start off by joining this club

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  2. Stuntman Mike

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    I'm in for the outdoor grow.
  3. Would love to say that I'm definitely in, but not 100% sure where I'll be at that time of the year, so will have to see closer to the time
  4. I`m in my outdoor plants does great
  5. Outdoors always a challenge in the windy mother, but Ill give it a go. Im in.
  6. "Im in" most def
  7. There's still a lot to be finalized with our Growoff's as the idea is still in its infancy. Right now we have the following details: @Totemic Genetics has very kindly offered to donate his chocolope seeds to every participant. All the participants will need to do is cover their own courier fee however this aspect needs to be finalised. Germination date for the indoor growoff will be 15/05/19 and the deadline will be 18/09/19 Germination date for the outdoor growoff 18/09/19 and the deadline will be 15/06/20 More details will be shared soon
  8. Please indicate your willingness to participate by simply replying to this thread with "I'm in"