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  1. @Bospatrollie2 osmotic pressure science is real.
  2. @StickyD420 thank you for your opinion im sad I did not know this befor buying the green house .... so I can veg them in the green house and then flower them in the sun?
  3. @SAgrower I live in a valley on a farm there is mountains on everyside of my house , and then by 6 pm the sun is behind the mountain... does the greenhouse tunnel help with sunlight intensity? Cus they are in a green house
  4. Thank you alll for your input ... im going to have a look today , is it possible to move the plants outside at 6 the moring and inside at 6 at night to keep them in flowering mode?
  5. @afternoon blazer thats some good news ... the last pic is my babba kush plant she has been in flowering for 2 months now and still clear tricomes,😥
  6. @CreX bro i cant help it im a newbie I have to look with my hands.🤣
  7. Hey guys my winter buds are looking good.. giving I have gave them no extra firt or nutes to start with... I would like to know why some of my top buds on my plants are one day rock solid and the next like a spunge ?... I dont get it
  8. @StickyD420 oky that is also very true thank you.
  9. @StickyD420 thank you for the advise I know now that I can use my bally seeds to learn and f@ck with to be able to grow good with quality seed.. am I right by saying that?
  10. @StickyD420 I need to actually get in touch with him.... I want to plant my greenhouse full but im not sure if my genetics are trust worthy so I want to compensate and plant 30 instead of 15 just in case i lose some due to bad genes , but then IF they all are perfect then im going to cry😥🤣🤣🤣
  11. @StickyD420 The price I paid says it is from a harvested plant. But he told me he breeds for seed. His son is a professional grower in Lesotho so I think I can trust him.. But I know nothing about these genetics😥
  12. @Bakstein420 These are the Genetics I have. They are from a guy who calls himself BudBally.
  13. @StickyD420 they are from a Old guy i used to buy bud from He calls himself Budbally he owns a 420 BnB in Mtunzini. I bought the greenhouse from him aswell.
  14. @Bospatrollie2 I know nothing about the genetics but this is the seeds I have
  15. @StickyD420 dude I would love thay But my mom is very hardass with the whole Covid thing....but I will keep asking and learning and maby oneday I can do a collab
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