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  1. Congrats @TheUltimateNoob Twas the smurf all along....hahah, and well done to the other guys too....
  2. Not at all brother, I didn't get to use ehg for that long to have formed a solid opinion before I switched only did 1 grow with a couple plants on ehg.... I kinda look at the Swampjuice price and compare it to say growopz qb's because I know I'm going to be rewarded two-fold in the long run. If I look back now last 2 months blue Kush clones I had outdoor versus the plant I cut them off who was indoors I'd swear they were identical in every aspect of flowers density terps and all and you could easily claim them to have been grown indoors only difference is the clones from outdoor have a seed or
  3. These are past and present girls on Swampjuice.....
  4. Ive been growing with Swampjuice for a year now and was growing with it in its developmental stages, it is a salt based nutrient feed plain and simple guys, I use mainly in coco/perlite but it ( can ) be used in organic growing as mr.Oolong has stated it hasn't killed the earthworms. As far as my recollection goes @Amir Laity never actually said/stated anywhere that his product is 100% organic or anything close to that merely that it's a salt based regime that works for coco/hydro and your normal garden soil.... In regards to quality of flower, i can honestly say my terps are off
  5. Blue Kush by Dinafem, coming down this weekend... 9-10 weeks flower. Tight compact flowers, and raspberry and orange smell about her....
  6. So I'm going to quadline inzane2 as she's got the structure going already, will do the clone tutorial for you soon cause I want to put Hettie, Kaknie and Gaspode into bigger pots as I can see they going to get root bound nearly..
  7. Hello boetie how ya doing.... ...
  8. The governments of the world are using covid as a guise to control the people and unwittingly some governments are playing right into it...
  9. Hmmmmm...... Just observing the world as we all watch and wait really... Two powerful countries, 2 versions of Corona.... Whose version is going to put a dent in which first world country's population first. At the moment America is taking quiet a beating and thinning out the population. Other countries are merely small players on this global chess board at the moment, us as a country with our supposed leader/leaders well we in kak plain and simple under the guise of COVID-19..........
  10. Thankyou kindly brother, if it's white light then I'm game....
  11. Evening brother could you tell me more bout this please as I reckon I'd be interested in this deal... What is the difference between the Cree and Epistar models and are they both purple or white as I see in the one pic..?
  12. Apple cider vinager and hydrogen peroxide is also tops in my books....
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