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  1. Aloe sap and cinnamon powder work well as rooting hormone... 4 X hot chillies, 4 X garlic cloves ( chop chop ) boil/steep for an hour or 2 on stove med heat. Strain off solids and store in fridge.. Take a big pinch of tobacco ( boxer ) add to 2lt water and steep over night, strain off tobacco. add 10-20ml chilli mix, 1 tbs cooking oil, 1 tbs dish soap to the 2lt tobacco water and you have a decent pest spray for the outdoor girls... Apple cider and hydrogen peroxide work well for powdery mildew...
  2. I've been messing round with autos and trichs go the same route as photoperiod strains, busy with a ak47 auto and it's going on 68days and still no sign of flowering yet, my dog topped it for me but it's still going strong..
  3. That's good news thanking the kindly mr.Totemic, I believe I recieved mine from the same source as you so hopefully it's still good to go.
  4. evening mr.blazer did the STS come from local if you don't mind me asking.... Another random question can DIY bottled Collodial lose its mojo...
  5. evening mr.blazer nice variety....
  6. Morning brother @420SA I did sign up for the outdoor but I haven't ordered my beans yet as don't want to commit and not be able to fulfïll my side of the deal...
  7. I was looking at the HLG website this morning, sent email asking if they ship this way.
  8. You are either up early or hustling customers to check out before 10am brother....haha I see HH has also got qb's in store now but growopz is the cheaper of the 2 and favourite from what I read...
  9. All good this side brother, keeping my neck wound in...haha Busy taking clones of strains I want saved for summer as want a good run and want to avoid seed dampening which plagued me end last year... Sincity, critical Kush, La cheese, U.K. Cheese, LuckyStar, Ny GreenCake ( trialing), Blitzspear and Bruce Banger which is lost in the mix somewhere...haha
  10. Hey mr.Pat evening to ya brother, how are you keeping brother....?? I see you still pumping out fire between graft good man....
  11. Shoh all the stunning pics coming out to play this month.....
  12. Morning guys thank you kindly.... @Clint it was luck of the draw brother reason saying that is I voted for you...haha, I like the way you have a skinny stem but then a tabletop of flowers on top... I hope you enter this month again brother.....
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