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  1. Thankyou kindly brother, if it's white light then I'm game....
  2. Evening brother could you tell me more bout this please as I reckon I'd be interested in this deal... What is the difference between the Cree and Epistar models and are they both purple or white as I see in the one pic..?
  3. Smeegol


    Apple cider vinager and hydrogen peroxide is also tops in my books....
  4. The little Hobbit... Sativa Hybrid.... WW X Cali o X white rhino X super lemon haze... Pushing out 5th set of leaves already...haha
  5. SIncity Kush and critical Kush tickled my buttons this season past....
  6. I believe it's called back building from what I've read.
  7. I may have a torture device to add to repitore mr.Smelly but need daylight to share..
  8. Maby maby not you find this helpful brother... https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-how-to-add-flavour-to-your-cannabis-before-during-and-after-harvest-n1176
  9. Good morning mr.Smelly brother I see like me it's the cloning business that we get into this time of season, i got a cpl WW clones I dipped in a new product called canna roots roots gel or something it's now replaced the Clonex brand which has been discontinued.. I normally favour fresh aloe and cinnamon powder as my rooting agents and something new I want to try from another grower who mentioned using fresh shoots from a willow tree which have been steeped/slow boil and drain and use that on cut clones.. but the willow tree is in someone else's garden and the rooster over there is worse than the fooking dog... Ive been using a dome on mine but I think I'm going to do my cheese clones dome off this next time round .....hope it's a blessed weekend for ya mr.Smelly...
  10. Aloe sap and cinnamon powder work well as rooting hormone... 4 X hot chillies, 4 X garlic cloves ( chop chop ) boil/steep for an hour or 2 on stove med heat. Strain off solids and store in fridge.. Take a big pinch of tobacco ( boxer ) add to 2lt water and steep over night, strain off tobacco. add 10-20ml chilli mix, 1 tbs cooking oil, 1 tbs dish soap to the 2lt tobacco water and you have a decent pest spray for the outdoor girls... Apple cider and hydrogen peroxide work well for powdery mildew...
  11. I've been messing round with autos and trichs go the same route as photoperiod strains, busy with a ak47 auto and it's going on 68days and still no sign of flowering yet, my dog topped it for me but it's still going strong..
  12. That's good news thanking the kindly mr.Totemic, I believe I recieved mine from the same source as you so hopefully it's still good to go.
  13. evening mr.blazer did the STS come from local if you don't mind me asking.... Another random question can DIY bottled Collodial lose its mojo...
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