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  1. Dart07

    NFT Grow

    @PsyCLown Yo, things turned out wellish. It was a more complicated and difficult to set up and get working well than I initially thought. I still prefer to just grow in coco actually 😅 @GGG your system seem really amazing. it’s really awesome you were able to incorporate the fish. Does that classify as aquaponics? Do you think you would be able to use your system for cannabis?
  2. Yo fellow growers, I just wanted to update you guys. I’ve been super critical of cannabist but they really made up for it in the end. I was emailed by them last week explaining the situation, some of the seed didn’t come through. He made a very generous offer to replace them with anything other seeds I wanted. So I replied today and got the seeds the today. I mean that’s pretty amazing, service. They also gave me bunch of free seeds and cool merchandise. I honestly thought I wouldn’t ever say this but I would actually buy from them again.
  3. HEY GUYS,@DavidB IM also still waiting for my order bro. I was wondering if there were other people still waiting. Hope it works out for you 💪
  4. Can I grow these strains outdoor or is a greenhouse recommended?
  5. I got pretty much everything from Jamie’s garden shop. The staff are really friendly as well. Highly recommend
  6. @zambezi Totemic said he uses the 200g sachet
  7. Dart07

    NFT Grow

    Thank you Evan, thats sorta system I had in mind.
  8. Dart07

    NFT Grow

    Greetings growers Im planning on changing up growing technique. I’ve been interested in a sog nft grow system. Does anyone have some advice or know some good sources? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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