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  1. Hi, can anyone confirm if this is a hermie? Thanks.
  2. Someone posted on cannabisclubsa a while ago that they are not sure if the seeds they got from there were fake or real. I’m not sure which they ordered from. 2 strains in one pack and strain names written in. No sealed barcode either.
  3. I emailed them last week because they had the secret jardin ds120 on their site to confirm stock. They replied that yes they stock secret jardin. I sent another email asking if the specific model I requested was in stock, when will they ship it after receiving payment and what courier they used. I never received a reply. I emailed info@onlinegrowshop.co.za but the reply came from some random gmail address.
  4. thanks I’ll check it out
  5. Yeah unfortunately 5 weeks wait I’m looking for the ds but futurama has no stock of any secret jardin. I emailed them.
  6. thanks, I’m looking for a secret jardin tent and unfortunately they don’t have. That maryandjane is the only place I’ve found that might have according to their site.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I filled in the contact form asking about stock of a tent and they replied it was in stock however it was not the model I asked about. I emailed again and haven’t received a reply. I would order from grohydro who did reply quickly but they only expect stock in 5 weeks.
  8. Hi, has any one purchased from https://maryandjane.co.za ? Are they legit? thanks G
  9. Hi, will this light be ok for vegging or starting out seeds and clones?I want to have a small side tent to get my next seeds or clones going before I’m ready to harvest in my main tent . http://drlight.co.za/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=385 . Thanks for any advice.
  10. Gee88


    Hi, thanks for the replies . I’ve got about R7000 to get started but can add on as Months go on. I would be spending the money on buying anyway if I don’t grow my own. I’m looking to grow about 4 To 6 plants indoor at a time. My outdoor grow was pretty awesome. After buying for so long I’ve been smoking my own since January when my first outdoor auto tangematic from fastbuds was harvestEd. I grew way too much too close together that I couldn’t harvest it all on my own before a bad week of Gauteng weather kind of ended it. I grew a lot of autos to.My triple cheese and liberty haze were awesome. My phantom OG and acapulco gold got pm and I ended up tossing it. I’m currently still harvesting a Franco’s lemon cheese but she’s mostly cut down now and have one Swazi regular female and a royalI ICE that’s still a way off and I’m not sure will survive tonight’s cold. I’ve also got 2 blue cheese autos that I’ve just started. I take them out during the day and put them under 2 45w cfl bulbs inside at night. I’ve tried to chose more pm resistant strains for my next outdoor grow with short flowering times of 6-8 weeks and a few longer ones so my harvest is more spread out. I’ve got seeds for Holland’s hope, Church, Pineapple chunk, peyote cookies, S.A.D and LA confidential but might get white label master kush and Afghan kush regular seeds instead. My mind changes a lot . Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  11. Gee88


    Hey Guys, I’m G . Looking forward to meeting you all ! Just done an outdoor grow and now looking to setup an indoor one.
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