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  1. Lady at Hortishop said they are doing trials before they start selling it, apparently running a bit hot for seedlings.
  2. Correct, they also had a corner where they sell products from The Grow Station on the way out. This was the one in Joostenbergvlakte
  3. Also had fungus gnats with previous grow with FF but can't really say if it was from the soil. Do you find the DE better mixed with the soil or top layer, or both?
  4. Started gathering supplies for the season today, some Freedom Farms, Just Cannabis and some of The Grow Station's soil. Hoping for two girls so I can compare FF with one of the other. Seeds will start off in 1.5l pots with FF Seedstarter and the be planted in 95l fabric pots. Thinking about it now I am not so sure that the 1.5l pots will be large enough until they show sex?? I have to give +rep to Hydrobiz, didn't know they aren't open on Saturdays but owner were there and still proceeded to help me. Also visited Hortishop this morning, see they are extending their Biobizz range in September to include Top max, Heaven & Root Juice Thank you @Totemic, @420SA & @Justin Hemp for making this possible!!
  5. Looks good! I will also be trying out the Just Cannabis Soil (as is) for the grow-off. Hoping for at least two females so that I can compare with Freedom Farms Soil.
  6. The "Grow Report Page" is a great idea!
  7. I planted in a 40l pot outdoors end December and she still needs to go a few weeks. The whole pot is a thick mass of roots which is why I am planning on trying out 100l pot (the next available size after 40l fabric pot) this coming season. Also, if you are not going to train her and leave her to grow tall, the 40l pot tips over easily. Soil is going to be expensive, you can make your own (Search the forum for "Organic Super Soil and Promix"),would cost you almost the same as freedom farms and from what I have read, better than ff.
  8. Breadinator

    Roll Call

    Same here, come to Bellville and CY! Lol.
  9. Looks good and more efficient, would probably still use tapatalk, may just be too used to it. 420sa app ftw!
  10. I wash because I have a lot dirt, insects and I spray frequently. Check out the sand on this one after a windy day: I haven't done a comparison and plan on doing do with upcoming harvest, but it just makes sense to me. I do 3 bucket wash: Room temp water with Bicarb soda & lemon juice Warm water Cool water About 30 second rinses, hang to drip dry in semi lit garage for 24H after which I proceed as per normal drying and curing
  11. Will definitely contribute come pay day! Like Zaskar said, R100/R200 is nothing compared to the knowledge and help that is available on this forum.
  12. This is really a great competition, not just for the prizes but for the learning material. Cannot wait for the outdoor!!
  13. I would buy all of the products advertised if I had some money lying around, everything looks great!
  14. Would love to try the soil, but it gets expensive with courier cost.
  15. Looks great, looks store bought!!!
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