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  1. Can you do requests as well? I mean, can I request seeds that you do not currently offer and you source them?
  2. Then the jar might not be sealing like Skunk said.
  3. Feel the boveda packs, if your bud were too dry the packs could have released all of its moisture and will be rock hard and wouldn't be able to increase humidity further.
  4. Yip, still planted in may/June last year, although those buds were small and airy.
  5. Done this numerous times! [emoji854] And I definitely agree that growing is addictive, driven by the outcome.
  6. Ja, also don't see any use for indoor. Outdoor, it is nice to be able to harvest a few different varieties to taste while waiting patiently for the photo's Have only grown a few and an autoflower plant was one of my first plants. What I like about auto's, it's a crash course on cannabis growing.
  7. Above was his reply on fb, you can order through his page. I asked if it is mainly for non-organic growers as I saw it was a 2 part nutrient: " No Sir it organic as its salts Dry powder and granules you just have to follow the instructions mix with water and feed your plants done "
  8. "SwampJuice Salt based nuclear[emoji3542] cell food Ratio balanced for veg. N:K, K:Can, Can:Mg. Contains essential micro-elements & enzymatic metal catalysts incl Molybdenum. Ca:Mg K:Ca No fillers, carbonates, bicarbonates or chlorides to ensure optimum nutrient absorption. Makes 1400lt 00 litres or 16c/litre to feed Multifunctional1 components - pH modifiers & buffers, macro & micro-elements. No science needed, dilute as directed & water. pH & TDS balanced. I've done all the Rocket Science for you Guy's brother believe me " " SwampJuice is 2 parts Nutrients Veg x2 part R420 Bloom x2 part R420 SwampFire 250ml R420 Bloom Enhancer Courier fee payable depending on your location "
  9. I'm fine with 600g dry, don't see anything about concentrates though? Also they are going to need to clarify a bit more. What about plants still in veg/flowering while having 600g stock on hand, will there be a limit on amount of plants growing..
  10. It is recommeded to use a torch and bong, needs higher temperature than a lighter. But yoh, it can make you trip balls. A lot of people recommend a sitter especially if you haven't done hallucinogens before. The feeling can be overwhelming for the mind and body. Would also recommend telling your wife if you should try anything stronger than just the dried leaves. I've never had a hangover or down afterwards, usually feel more "open minded and clear" afterwards. Had some nice experiences while doing meditation, taking a hit and continuing with my oooohhhhhmmm
  11. Hahahahaa! Interesting stuff. I have never smoked just the leaves, always added the 40x sprinkles on top (bong with a torch) and "hallucinated" quite pleasantly most of the time. I think it is also nice that it is such a short lived high.
  12. My first time was with dried leaf with 40x extract sprinkled on top,I mean it is legal, how strong can it be? It hit me sooo hard almost instantly started sweating, took off all my clothes and felt like someone was pressing on my chest forcing me to lie down, which probably was a good thing. After that, I knew what to expect and it just got better and better. Obviously not a recreational drug and have only used it something like 8 times.
  13. @Bakstein420 would be great if you could go have a look and give some feedback. I Would love to start growing them again!
  14. I started reading up on this over the weekend seeing as flowering time is upon us. This is what Tim Wilson of Microbe Organics had to say: " People talk about different recipes and making a fungal tea opposed to a bacterial tea anyway it doesn't really work that way as far as recipe goes. Although you can have some influence with the recipe it's more the timing. So obviously if you want to have straight bacteria in a tea it's going to be in the first probably twelve hours that you want to use it. However if you do have fungi in your compost it's going to be growing at that time as well ... " He also compared various brews under the microscope and found that there is not really a noticeable difference in microbial count and diversity when using just compost/worm castings and molasses vs compost/worm castings, molasses, kelp meal, bran, oats, rock phosphate etc, etc. The above came from Episode 5 of the below podcast. https://www.kisorganics.com/pages/podcast Also going to start reading through the following threads which looks promising, all about teas https://logicalgardener.org/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=54702d6a37de9ba55a9c6a740f1b45f7
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