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  1. I didn't learn my lesson from last season [emoji26]. Want to put up a netting wall/windbreaker in front of the plants from the corner of the house to the vibracrete wall. This is also a perfect spot for a net structure like yours actually.
  2. Being growing faster with daily watering and increased feeding. I installed a dripper system for both plants. Will start using it from tomorrow. The wind snapped two branches of the LST'd sister, did what I could this morning
  3. DIY drip irrigation is probably going to be the cheapest, just need to make sure it is tuned in correctly. I installed a drip irrigation today and connected blumat sensors to it. All the piping, fittings, drippers, etc (everything except reservoir and sensors) cost less than R200.
  4. Added some Margaret Robert's Organic Supercharger on Sunday. Watering every day now instead of every second day, seems like she prefers it. Hopefully I will install my drip system within the next week.
  5. Atlantic Bio Ocean (Builders warehouse) seems like a good alternative to Seamungus.
  6. I cleared her bottom will remove some inner foilage next weekend Her sister is also doing well
  7. Had some high winds a few days ago, added support for the main stalk. Added a top dressing and covered with some hay yesterday. Standing at 1.4m today
  8. Nothing much to report. No issues and growing strong Open the the sister up over the weekend and seems like she liked it.
  9. My first thought was nitrogen toxicity, but she hasn't been fed in a week and a half. The leaves also looks a bit dull. I'm also thinking that she is naturally darker, she has been darker than the rest of my plants from the start. Maybe it's just because I haven't see her in a while, didn't even recieve pictures. Gave Bio-grow tonight with a good watering, as I suspect that they were receiving less water than usual while i was away (I could actually move the pots for the first time)
  10. Been away for work since last week Tuesday, plants only recieved tap water. Some nice growth, leaves look a bit darker than usual. She is almost as wide as she is tall Her sister is looking nice
  11. I agree, I haven't tasted the difference between organic and synthetic, be it cannabis or any other commodity. As you said, nitrogen is nitrogen to the plant. I don't believe organic will improve your crop. A lot of commercial fruit farmers only do it for the financial benefit and their yield is often less than conventional. Organic farming is supposed to be about the environment.
  12. Thanks, will do some reading and give it a try. Also want to give LAB serum a go. Read now that you ferment the SST with some lacto, two flies with one klap. Will definitely give it try and alfalfa seed are like R70 for 10 000 seeds.
  13. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/2174-fabric-grow-bags/&share_tid=2174&share_fid=155892&share_type=t&link_source=app
  14. Jip, agree. Will see if can sort something out when I'm on leave in December. I gave her some Bio-grow on Friday and compost tea last night. Also bought Seagro to stretch my Bio-grow (one week Seagro other week Bio-grow). Want to alternate my watering as follow: Compost tea Bio-grow / Seagro Straight Water Repeat One or two leaves had some leaf miners, nothing to serious. Could be a coincidence, but that was the week I didn't spray neem oil as part of my weekly routine.
  15. Also haven't decided. I have always wanted to grow a canna tree, so might just leave her as is. Thinking of putting up a vertical trellis for support, but don't know if it is needed.
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