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  1. Thanks a lot! She does most of the work. [emoji16] Biggest problem at the moment is that I don't really know when to water these size pots and how much. Currently just following my gut, so far so good... Also becoming more and more clear why I need to make my own soil. I haven't fed them bottle nutrients yet, but how much is it going to cost to give these two girls bottle nutrients? I have got some biobizz, but a 1l bottle ain't gonna last long between these two.
  2. By when do we need to pick which plant we will enter?
  3. No issues so far, grew 10 to 12cm in a weeks time. Haven't given any bottle nutes yet. Want to LST one of them this weekend.
  4. As StickyMan said, get a few RH meters, I bought 10 for R300 on Banggood a year ago and they still working and accurate.
  5. @totemic @420SA how long do we have to choose the female which will be entered into the competition?
  6. Into their final pots, glad I went with 5l to start with. Bit disappointed with The Grow Stations soil, feels and looks like 70% sand, will see how it performs. I need to build a dolly or something, can't move these pots a cm when wet... Freedom Farms The Grow Station
  7. 2 confirmed females, 1 maybe 2 males and the two smallest hasn't shown yet. They have recieved only water with two feedings compost tea. Two biggest plants are female, about 35 x 35cm today. Prepping final pots to transplant Saterday.
  8. It would be nice if I could select more than one category when searching for seeds and only being able to view 9 varieties at a time meant that I have to go through 86 pages (only got to 12 and got tired). I love Seedsman's website. I use their site to search for seeds I want and then come back to our local sites to see if they offer it, because most, if not all, of our local sites doesn't have a nice filter search.
  9. Add a link, will make it easier to get to your site
  10. I went with a 40l pot last year December and she got over 2m, but was a bit skinny. Biggest problem I had was that the slightest wind would tip her over
  11. Search google using "woven wire mesh", found the following, they are situated in Cape Town, no prices indicated https://www.ecotao.co.za/html/pricenylonmeshmicronscreen.html
  12. Nice! There are a few twins that has sprouted for both the indoor and outdoor competition, but this is the first one I see where one twin has whorled phyllotaxy.
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