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Snapshot Of The Month Xmas 2020 - Sponsored by Biltong & Budz, Totemic Cannacraft & TheHighCo

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So, I was sitting in traffic looking out of the window of my car and saw something that caught my eyes. A real South African beauty on the side of the road. I felt sorry for her. She had to stand ther

Everything was captured on Nikon D90 1. Bag Seeds  2.Bag Seeds 3. Lavender Best Auto(biltong & Buds) 4. Durban Poison Auto(biltong & Buds) 5. J

All the pics are always above ground, so thought I would mix it up. If i blur my vision i can see a pugs face in the centre of the root mass 

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1 hour ago, Bakstein420 said:

Just realized that I am rather ignorant when it comes to joints (in my defense I mainly smoke bongs). Googled and found out that there are quite a few "exotic" joints out there.

@Bakstein420look for my pic of a crossjoint in "420 culture" in the Gallery - i attached a joint rolling handbook PDF there

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1 hour ago, BON FIYA CLUB said:

Anybody know what strain this is ? I was gifted seeds by a friend from Canada in June 2020, he doesn't know either.

You'll never know bud. No way of telling what a strain is by looking at it. 

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Is a hybrid.... 😁 more info you will hardly get. Would be very cool, if you could identify the strain over the leaf 😎

You might grow something nice, or might be a total waste of time. It bares advantages to know what you grow 😉

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