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Good day Growmies 

So I have a question for the guys that have been at this, way before 2018. The real OG,s and guys that just know more then me. 

So I want to know, in your opinion.  Who are the best breeders and which are the dankest strains you've grow. 

I am not looking for your everyday and especially not the main stream things. 

Why I ask, because as everyone know, I am still to see a havest 🤬. So I am not rushing and taking my time in selecting strains and growing them out to select the best pheno types.  

I am looking at starting a mother collection.  

I would appreciate as much information and if you have links, pop them in. 

Happy new to everyone and all the best for the new year. 

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My best local breeder is Jay from Amadeadly Seeds. His genetics are worth collecting, he has a facebook page only. Easy to find, also I think he has amalgamated with another bank. I am sure they are great, he does not pussy foot around.

International commercial breeder I would suggest the following seeds:

Sannies Seeds - https://www.sanniesshop.com
Reeferman ( be careful lots of fakes ) - currently only sold in Canada, but will be sold worldwide soon.
Sensi Seeds - buy through seedsman or direct from their site. Not to sure if they ship to SA.

Good luck and lets keep this list going.


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Sorry forgot to mention www.growlikejoe.com, he is not the breeder but works with some great old school genetics. Worth their weight in gold.

My best strains I have grown:

Nigerian 99 and Senegalese Haze from old afropips ( no longer, but growlikejoe still has genetics )
Malawi Kush -  from growlikejoe, ( my plant in the pic )
Pure Kush -  GHS
Pink Kush from Reeferman
Sour Gelato from Greensmokeroom
..... and the list can go on.

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