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  1. For any low tech members, an easy way to remove all info from a pic is open the pic, copy, open MS Paint, paste, save as what ever you like, info is gone on this copied picture...
  2. 😅 haha well I don't own other shoes so...
  3. Yea it rained enough to fill my watering bucket nearly to the top...
  4. I started learning about AACT mainly from this guy who made this book who is a weed grower that started contributing knowledge on Overgrow and ICmag forums in the early 2000s. And I have some experience in making and testing over the years. I found that when making AACT you want to mainly make food that the fungus and bacteria in your medium can consume live or dead. I don't care too much about AACT giving fungal benefits to my soil, I can get the fungal component by using mushroom compost and other organic ammendments that fungus likes to eat. In AACT you wont be able to multiply fungal count very easily - only grow existing count to larger mass... it just seems way better for multiplying bacteria. Short brew seems way better than extended brew. Waiting for a large amount of foam seems like bro science and I'm happy with a thin film of activity. I like to inoculate with worm castings in a stocking. Using indigenous microbes cultured from a place in the garden or a forest floor seems more risky to me so I stick with worm castings. I add a tiny bit of black strap molasses or sometimes Biobizz grow product which is basically fermented sugar beets and molasses. Benefits include competing for space on the plant surfaces when you foliar spray, edging out pathogens like powdery mildew. It also accelerates the speed at which the microbes break down the organic material into chelates that the roots can uptake. Key tips: Don't brew for too long, pH test your brew at beginning and don't let it rise too much before you use it. Ambient temperatures can speed up the process.
  5. Thanks, that's really interesting!
  6. Problems to try identify: 1. pH of the water or water+nutes is within 5.8 - 6.8 (ideal around 6.4 for soil), and run off is similar. 2. Three days after watering the bottom of the pots is dry. If this is the case then your mix is not holding too much water. 3. You are providing all the nutrients required. You have a good compost or earth worm castings for organic or you are using bottled salt nutrients that cover all the nutrient requirements. 4. Temperature is within 18C - 30C. 5. VPD is within limits, if you don't know what VPD is then google please. 6. You have no known pests in the area. Broad mites and other microscopic pests are sometimes a problem on stalled plants. Each type of infestation leaves tell tale signs. 17 days after sprouting you should have a plant around 15 - 20cm high unless there are problems.
  7. Nice, are you going to press that hash into rosin?
  8. The plants that I post and say DJ's mother plants are referring to his breeding mothers, not just a selection from the seed line. I try to note it clearly as dj mother, as not to confuse, because I do hold a few of my own dj gear mother selections from his seeds, and my own f2's and f6's.Dj mothers I hold currently are:BlueberryFloBlue MoonshineNewberryand I have a couple other possible mothers from the f4 r and d he did recently. Fx3 looks pretty interesting to me. Ill get some more pics up of them, but for now I still have the originals from dj's room. - From the guys mouth
  9. Here are some pics of DigiBerry (mother is 1999 dutch passion blueberry, father is backcrossed 2001 blueberry indica x sour bubble). This is the best Blueberry hybrid that I've found so far.
  10. Blueberry is an amazing variety on its own. I think blueberry makes some of the tastiest herb that you can find on planet earth and its the main smell from one of my fav plants the digiberry (mother is 1999 dutch passion blueberry, father is backcrossed 2001 blueberry indica x sour bubble). If any of you have not grown a real DJ short blueberry then do yourselves a favor. The cheese is more elusive because it wasn't stabilized like how blueberry is. To have tasted the real cheese is rare and because of that so many knockoffs or failed attempts at making a cheese tasting hybrid were undetected by growers. My friend 'Miraculous Meds' is doing a good job with Mr DJ Shorts guidance and they are releasing some more blueberry stuff soon. These are made with original DJ Short cuttings and Miraculous Meds obtained cuts. The Navy Cross hybrid looks to have taken the best blueberry traits, that look screams flavour.
  11. Warning for sharing cuttings: They often come with unwanted travelers. Broad mites are the worst possible case because they are invisible for the most part. You will only notice strange stalled growth. Russet mites are also possible but they can be spotted without magnification when they gather in larger numbers and look like white or copper coloured dust. Root aphids are almost impossible to cure but luckily are quite rare in South Africa where the mites mentioned above are a very real threat to any operation. When you get a new cutting its best to isolate it away from your other plants for at least 4 weeks. I like to dunk the whole rooted clone in neem oil (not Bioneem, thats too weak) 10ml per litre. And then I spray neem oil once every 5 days after that initial dunk. I use a USB microscope and a jewelers loupe to spot check the plant for any bugs. When you manage a lot of plants you must be very sure that you are on top of any issues that can occur
  12. I tasted the original UK cheese cut from a friend who stays in London and collects all the famous cuttings like pre98 bubba kush, white rhino, livers, etc that floats around top circles in London. That cutting of UK cheese clone makes all the different seed versions of cheese seem dulled down indica garbage. It was Big Buddha seeds who made the first cheese seeds that actually tasted of cheese and not skunk. Then Greenhouse Seed Company put out their version called Exodus Cheese, this is what everyone's growing these days (GHSC marketing budget is huge!). Its not very cheesy compared to the original clone, and much more indica. I got sent the supposed exodus cheese from CPT growers who said they selected it from 15 packs of seeds or something like that. Grew that one in 2017 and was quite strong herb but not so cheesy either, more fuel smells than anything else, and gets powdery mildew BAD, had to let her go. The Exodus cheese thats going around KZN is also a green house seed company one. Similar to the CPT cut I tried but more fragrant and less strong, but a far more healthier plant in general - still not extremely cheesy.
  13. That Exo cheese makes its way to all the gardens in KZN hahaha. Its a friend of a friend who found it. Its even in JHB now too. There are loads of other cuts also popular in KZN among the long time growers - mostly commercial guys who trade. Majority of the old cuts came from two guys. One guy on the south coast had his grow room burn down. Other guy by PMB moved to the berg side and still growing. There is even a Jack Herer cut going around from 2003... Other KZN cuts - Da Cheese, DigiBerry (was from me), Grandslam, Jack of Spades (was from me using the 2003 Jack herer) - and newer ones like Dairy Queen. Will be cool if guys here have grown any of those - let me know.
  14. Hello I just wanted to say thank you to all those responsible for getting my prize to me. I'm sure it was a hard time for some of the parties involved to fork out the free goods after the rona. All arrived in tact and lots of free stuff packed inside. Thank you Cannabist 🙂
  15. "It really helps having guys with the palettes that saw and tasted the oldschool DP" To me this is the most important thing. I've been on this landrace journey for a while now. Glad to find other interested people.
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