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  1. Geez, firstly my head is trying to process the information. But thank you to all that have shared their knowledge. Think this thread will help more then just me. So some of the breeders that have been mentioned, I dont even know of. My other question would be, where does one source these things or does one have to order directly from the breeders, themselves? With shipping costs, it can quickly become expensive.
  2. Good day Growmies So I have a question for the guys that have been at this, way before 2018. The real OG,s and guys that just know more then me. So I want to know, in your opinion. Who are the best breeders and which are the dankest strains you've grow. I am not looking for your everyday and especially not the main stream things. Why I ask, because as everyone know, I am still to see a havest 🤬. So I am not rushing and taking my time in selecting strains and growing them out to select the best pheno types. I am looking at starting a mother collection. I would appreciate as much information and if you have links, pop them in. Happy new to everyone and all the best for the new year.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, will keep growing. All the best.
  4. Hey Bud Thanks for you pitch in. Truly been a minute since I posted this but what I have come to realize is ,we dealing with nature man and no one can guarantee it. For example, I bought 3 laughing buddha seeds, 2 are perfect and one just shit. I am new to this and if I go to any shop, I hold the shop to account but I am quickly realizing that in this thing, that you cant complain to seedbank because, like you say are just the middle man. So when buying seeds you take all the risk and is shit goes south, like the OGs in this forum say, "charge it to school fees" 😅. In terms of my growing, did some outdoor for a bit and recently moved indoors (current run). Environment wise, I have ticked almost all the boxes, just need to look at a Ac unit . I mix my own soil and use sprouted, compost teas etc. Finally you quite right, when you say keep persevering, strains don't always deliver what they are promising . Made my peace with how things work.
  5. I cant comment yet on the exhaust fan yet, will install tomorrow but I find that I have to run a dehumidifier in my room some days, as humidity is super low. Inland problems but I have DIY some fabric pots and have noticed that with them in the space, humidity has gone up to about a consistent 40 rh. Maybe it's not but that's what I have noticed. Wired. Now I have no experience much but I am hoping that my exhaust fan will be able to control such. But like I said not sure.
  6. Wow pleased to hear that because my temps have reached 35 and my white skunk #1 and seedlings don't even flinch. There is no heat stress or anything. I will have a 200mm exhaust fan ,which is to big for my space. Also at the point my roof meets in my grow room, is where I will be putting it up tomorrow. So will be pulling out, but will keep records to see if it helps. Also I am pulling air in through the side of the space,where there is shad all day long. The highest temp from that, is like a 26 during the day. The nice thing as well is that my space is right under a tree. I've made a cheap intake fan thing. Which helps but hoping that a lot of passive air will be pulled in because of the big fan. My room isn't sealed and won't be sealing it .
  7. Thanks bud. True will be installing the fan tomorrow and 200mn inline . Will be running that 24/7. It is hot here and low in humidity.
  8. I do have a MH that I am vegging under. For now they are all under the 400w and will only turn on the other 400w closer to flower. Which is the HPS ,so thinking of mixing the lights but then will pull out the MH after the 2 weeks of flower. Then put the second HPS till end of flower. I have been so unlucky on the seeds side, that I am still to see a havests, almost 8 months later. So excited about seeing this through ,finally have my own stash. Prices are hardcore . I will be putting up an 8 inch fan to get the hot air out. Don't want these babies to hernia. I read that 2 x 400w lights are better then a single 1000w light. What's everyone's opinion on that. How would one set that up to combine power. Because they will be flowered under both lights. And wouldn't that have a bigger penetration?
  9. Okay thanks, will keep this thread updated. But you reckon that a good yield could be achieved in a four week veg cycle. Plus my room has a height of 2,4 m . Could vegging for longer, cost me in flower, it supposed they will stretch 150%. Laughing Buddha is said to be a "almost pure sativa". I will lst,super crop and top. Might put my scog net up. Will see.
  10. I socked for about 36 hrs and then put on paper towel and close to my hard drive and done. 36hrs later they up. With the Monster Genetics Bruce, I did have to crake it open, such beautiful healthy seeds. But now way, it would have generated, with a shell so big. Got a line on a 8 inch inline fan?
  11. I wish one day to afford Led, cant ignore that they are the further. @Mambawanaplease explain, what you mean by flipping early. How long would you recommend vegging for? Do you not recomend vegging for like 8 to 9 week? Plus will be using the second 400w , thinking midveg.
  12. They are on a mission, hoping to keep clones for a few grows. I start with plain coco and in a few days will love to my own mix of super soil. The Bruce Banner Auto is the biggest seedling I have ever seen.... so cool.
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