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What Do You Do???

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The cape medallion makes a great hot sauce that has all the flavor but almost none of the burn. Great for those that dont like the heat. 

Hello folks. I'm the WC regional rep/transport manager/storeman/cleaner/technician and tea boy for a small company supplying speciality automation components. Occasional chooffer, father of two w

@Dope_Boy26 don't wait to years to see what happens dude! First movers advantage is already rolling for the South African cannabis industry. Over the next 24 months you should be building a brand, so

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I work for a digital agency by day and then work on my lil project Cannabis Events South Africa by night!

Nice to to meet you all🖐️

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By day, I sell epic grow lights....

At night... well, that is a secret 😉


Always lovely to see how diverse the cannabis crowd can be, people in various fields and walks of life coming together due to a single common interest. :rastabanana

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I am a programmer for more than 20 years now. Got retrenched last year September and took the rest of the year off. Hunting atm

Actually had a interview with the question: what do you do that’s not on your CV that you can tell us about. “Growing bonsai cannabis” almost slipped out

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