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  1. My last purchase I'm very much looking forward to making Lebanese hash in the new year.
  2. Sounds like a great supplier. Hydrobiz doesn't offer any warranty/guarantee on their small oscillating fans. I will swap to a box fan as soon as the clip grip fan breaks.
  3. This also happened to me with the "grip clip" fan, same as this, but purchased on takealot.
  4. According to dubi from ACE seeds, landrace genetics often have a lot of hermies. ACE goes through a number of rounds of selection in order to reduce/remove the hermie trait. We could probably do the same with our own landraces if we are motivated enough. And I agree, tall sativas are meant to be grown outdoors
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the tip!
  6. @PsyCLown, please provide some links to the fans that you are currently using.
  7. My oscillating "grip clip" style fan fail after two months of use. Hydrobiz stocks the fans, and the they told me that it is typical for these fans to fail after two to three months of use. This feels like a really short time to me. What oscillating fans are people using inside their tents, and what's the lifetime of these? I'm looking for something that will last a while.
  8. I'm a computer programmer and I'm into growing (and sampling) high CBD strains.
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