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  1. rdc420


    Thanks guys! Yip that's the 115l smart pot from Hydrobiz. The material it's made from feels quite flimsy and it doesn't have any handles. Let's hope I can get a couple more grows out of them. Next time I will look for something more robust.
  2. rdc420


    The bud structure is very loose and I'm seeing plenty of foxtails developing. This is good for making hash since a large surface area makes it a little easier to extract the trichomes. The leaf claw symptoms are still visible on about 10% of the leaves on the wider-leaf pheno.
  3. rdc420


    A number of weeks ago I chucked the pollen from the two males onto two branches of each female. The pollinated branches have become so heavy with seeds that they've started bending over sideways! I've since added some support to prevent the branches from breaking. Here's a pic of a seeded branch: Unfortunately the broader-leaf female has become over-fertilised, as can be seen from the "claw" leaf shape. I've since removed the top-dressing layer and flushed with water. Let's hope it doesn't get worse.
  4. rdc420


    I'm not sure why this is such a big problem for you. I guess I can use alternative words, such as "early", or "highly photo-period sensitive". However, semi-auto is the word that landrace collectors/breeders use, so why change anything? I'm not feeling much love here, so I might just delete this thread.
  5. rdc420


    Thanks for the kind words. You seem like a great guy. No, but I haven't found a breeder with more info about their strains and more grow reports on the internet.
  6. rdc420


    Pure sativas can be found. You just need to know where to look.
  7. rdc420


    The semi-auto trait is also found in Moroccan Beldia Kif, which is another landrace plant. Here's a description of this trait [1] : If you are looking for a long-flowering pure sativa, you can try the Oldtimer's Haze from ACE seeds [2][3]. It has a flowering time of 14-20 weeks! ACE also has many Real Sativa varieties with somewhat shorter flowering times. [1] https://khalifagenetics.com/beldia-the-endangered-moroccan-landrace/ [2] https://www.aceseeds.org/en/oldtimershazestd.html [3] https://www.icmag.com/forum/icmag-vendor-forums/ace-seeds/54839-oldtimer-s-haze
  8. rdc420


    This is exactly what I'm saying. Here's the strain description, taken from https://www.icmag.com/forum/icmag-vendor-forums/ace-seeds/349127-lebanese: I see that these seedlings/clones were placed under lights for the first part of their lives. Did the photoperiod changed when they were moved outside? This is incorrect. Please read the Lebanese strain description above.
  9. rdc420


    Maybe I'm wrong about this. I just repeated a rumour I heard. Wow you seem to know my garden/genetics/conditions much better than me. My other (non-Leb) plants aren't flowering yet. Semi-autoflower plants are supposed to flower early. Who else has outdoor plants that are flowering at the wrong time of year?
  10. rdc420


    @Weskush, I've come to realize that most/many modern popular strains are not pure sativa because breeders try to reduce the long flowering period. Also: Dutch Passion's website claims that Durban Poison is a "Durban X Unknown Indica". ACE seeds is a trusted breeder that has many pure sativa lines.
  11. rdc420


    You can find more info here: https://www.aceseeds.org/en/libanostd.html https://www.icmag.com/forum/icmag-vendor-forums/ace-seeds/349127-lebanese
  12. rdc420


    These are autos that work a little different because the autoflower trait didn't come from Ruderalis. There's a layer of wood chips above the soil in all my pots. I also added a bunch of pine leaves on top of the wood chips to further increase the moisture retention in the containers. When I top-dress (e.g., guano/compost) I add that below the wood chips.
  13. rdc420


    The indoor flowering period is 9 - 11 weeks. However, Sativas can finish faster outdoors.
  14. rdc420


    These are semi-autoflowering landrace Sativas that express both THC and CBD. The semi-autoflowering trait causes them to start flowering after about 6 weeks, or if they become root bound, or if they detect that the photoperiod is shortening.
  15. rdc420


    The stretch has finished and these ladies are now between 110cm and 140cm. The pics show a broad-leaf and two narrow leaf phenos. I got some yellow leaves on the broad-leaf plant, so I top-dressed with compost and bat guano and started keeping a closer eye on the moisture levels in the smart pots. They dry out quickly when it's hot! The flowers are releasing some lovely floral notes. I pollinated a branch of flowers on each plant with the pollen from the two male Lebanese plants.
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