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  1. I just made my first batch colour between dark green but the substance does not look or feel like oil i used vodka as i had to improvise Steps 1. Crushed the cannabis mine did not make bud so i used the whole plant 2. Used a coffee filter to filter off 3. Kooked the mix in a souce pan this is where i began to worry nothing looked like oil just kept on boiling i saved the last before all was lost its a normal South African landrace sativa i used i followed the Rick Simpson video on you tube Can anyone tell me if what i made is worth anything, none of my plants made buds i used the females kno males involved i have attached a picture for what its worth
  2. Could you guys please tell me if this is male or female ? Have been growing it for a while now in my greenhouse but haven't shown any signs of sex
  3. Goodday i'm looking for a name of the local Canna we grow in SA except for landrace that could be snything Durban Poison we don't grow in Gauteng attached is a picture
  4. Has anyone here been to the 420 cafe in Sandton i'm planning on going there
  5. Don't forget my CHFI Certified Hacker Forensic Investigator i don't just hack but i catch the bad guys
  6. Looks like everyone here is in IT or IT related O i won't Ethically hack 420 check out the ECCOUNCIL's website if i get cought i'll lose my qualification
  7. I'm a IT Consultant CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
  8. I'm also an Epileptic looking for alternatives to epileptic medication thus making my own oil please help with my first thread
  9. Im a IT consultant and a beginner grower my name Huff & Puff
  10. I'm a beginner grower i have both plants Sativa Landrace strains growing in my garden and in a greenhouse the ones in the garden has got thin leaves but the one in my greenhouse the same strain thick leaves can someone help does the fact its in a Greenhouse play a role in this case
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