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  1. JOOOOH, sorry my dude! Been battling with the fiber in the area due to load shedding Please pop me a DM with your number and ill whatsapp to keep in contact if you are still keen on them???? APPOLOGIES!!!
  2. I used 4 bags of garage ice in total (+-8kg) and 20L of water... I processed the original material 5 times for that run and look it was pretty fun for the first 2 washes, then I got thirsty 😁 It is not really much effort as it is time consuming as the last bag (25 microns) drains super slow
  3. It went surprisingly well for the first time, used around 150g (at a guess) of offcuts / trimming and small buds and got +-42g out. Haven't tried any of it yet...
  4. 5 x 5 gallon bubble bags up for grabs (220, 160, 120, 73 & 25 micron) Used once and am just too lazy to be bothered doing it again... LOL For sale - R600.00 collection only or to swap for W.H.Y?
  5. Received and planted my order 30/11/2020 and happy to say that all 6 strains ordered have germinated and are doing very well!
  6. Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to pop in and say howsit as a new 420SA member! Keep safe and don't be strangers 😉 Chow for now!
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