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  1. Hey man nothing happened unfortunately I need to sell the equipment due to unforseen circumstances. Would love to keep them but unfortunately I can't. Nothing wrong with the product
  2. Hi Guys I'm selling my 2 240w quantum boards from light it up. Lights are as good as new bought in November 2020
  3. Hi Sure will send through a pic. Great to see you guys being proactive. Keep it up!
  4. Hey guys I bought 2x240w fixtures from you guys this past week. Placed order made payment. Once payment was received order was packaged and shipped promptly thereafter. I was impressed with the overall customer service. I would suggest regarding the packaging to have a slightly more protective package as I did have a scratch on the one qb panel on arrival. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and I'm excited to get my first grow on the go! Have a good one Cheers
  5. @Bakstein420 Hey I'm going to be growing outdoors for now but in the process of looking at equipment to get a 1.2m indoor grow setup.
  6. @TheUltimateNoob Thanks very much I'll definitely check out their blue dream sounds good
  7. Hi guys im new to the growing community. I would like to find out where you guys get your seeds, what strains you recommend for beginners? Is it safe/an option to import seeds from the likes of seedsman? Looking forward to hearing your input. Cheers
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