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Found 12 results

  1. Budwizer

    DIY QB

    These are my DIY QB lights I can run them full power with no issues. Quite expensive to build, but I like the reliability of passive cooling.
  2. Light It Up is an online store which provides high quality, high efficiency, affordable, grow lights and accessories which are conveniently delivered straight to your door. Helping all growers light up their grow!
  3. Hi guys, I am selling my extra grow light as I have some other items in my sites like a tent. Item has been used for 2 overlapping grows so is still practically new. Happy to chat about price and availability. Can ship and payment will depend on price. 076 904 640 for more. Thanks
  4. Hey there guys, Thought I'd drop this here so long... Please let met know what you guys think: This forms part of the main Dutch Passion Auto Daiquiri Lime Grow Series (Forum Grow Report and YouTube Grow Series). I will be building this forum topic as I get time, so just sharing the video for now as I'm quite busy with my full time job, etc. I'll post some finer details if anyone is interested and can post some decent quality copies of the photos in the video for those interested in this sort of thing (DIY light building/tinkering with electronics). Hope you
  5. Morning Fam. Just wanted to start a little something to see what you guys are up to with any custom LED lighting units. Be it parts you ordered and pieced together, or parts salvaged from other fixtures and flood lights. So yeah, feel free to showcase whatever you've completed, are working on, or built and is in use. Also add in any supplementary lighting that you may have used even if it isn't LED. Don't feel shy to post your rough DIY work, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, lol! Anyway, it would be nice to see how everyone's making things work with what
  6. Hey guys, new member here ­čÖé Does anyone here dabble in building LED lights? It is such an addictive hobby and so rewarding watching your babies grow with something built by your own hands. Here are some pics of some of my latest builds using Samsung Lm301b diodes as well as Bridgelux USA LEDs. I have since retired my HPS lights. Let me know what you think!
  7. Greetings everyone. I'll keep this one relatively short. I have a 60cm x 60cm x 120cm DIY grow box that I want to setup for vegging to hopefully get a perpetual grow going. I can't buy a new light right now so I've put something together with what I had on hand (including a timer) These are the lights wattages; LED plate: 1 x ~48w actual (Chinese UFO Blurple) White LED bulbs: 2 x 9w Osram 6500k LED bulbs: 2 x ~28w actual (red+blue+white+UVA+IR) Do you think this would be enough to veg 2-4 trees for 5-6 weeks? I could also veg 2 trees and use
  8. Afternoon all the wise peeps here. i am looking for some advice please. i ahev recently bought one of these I am not to keen on the results. I understand that it is not a true 1000w. (most likley 100-240w) So I am keen to get one of these. Budget is non existant and trying what ever I can for a decent indoor grow. any recomendations would be supper awesome.
  9. I decided to check my knowledge on the efficiency of grow lights. From https://aeradix.co.za/grow-light-efficiency/: PPFD is a measurement of light intensity within the PAR wavelengths and is measured in ┬Ámol/m2s1. The efficiency of a grow light on the other hand is measured in ┬Ámol/J. Sometimes written as umol/j, ╬╝mol/j, umolj-1 or PPF/W. Grow light efficiency is also referred to as photosynthetic photon efficiency/efficacy (PPE). Thus, ┬Ámol/J is the amount of micromoles of photons produced per joule of energy used. The power draw of a light is measured in watts and watts is
  10. Hey guys, I found a really good valued COB LED oversees but there is one thing 'pulling me back, me back' from looking at buying it... It has one main switch which turns the entire thing on instead of 2 separate veg & bloom switches. Is this a problem? LED spec: Full spectrum - 56pcs Double Chips 10watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips + 2pcs x20w CREE COB Kind Regards KN
  11. Yo Guys has anyone ever bought LED grow lights from Ali Express or any of those fong kong places? are they legit when it comes to true wattage and full spectrum? REALLY wanna move to LED"s
  12. I have recently set up a grow closet with an LED full spectrum light. When I open the cupboard it kills my eyes. I don't have the budget at the moment for glasses. Can I temporarily switch the LED off to tend to the plants? Will this cause damage. I have 65w 6400k CFL built into the closet that I put on when the LEDs will be off.
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