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  1. Agreed. That's where mixing your own soil comes with huge benefits, you know exactly the amounts of what you put in the soil and with trial and error you can eventually have a soil that will in most cases will push through flowering. Knowing what the plants are needing is key in organics thats why I do not advise new growers to try organics, with synthetics its easier to fix with flushing and also plants react faster to synthetics, with organics if something does go wrong, we looking at removing the plant from the medium rather than flushing in most cases, and trying to fix things can take up to a few days so it's important to try get things dial in from the start. I don't want to discard elemental blend from the topic, I do believe it can get the job done if you tweek it abit, from my only run with it last time I would diffinatly add abit more nitrogen around 4 weeks, possibly bone meal or more worm castings, in my situation my plant wasnt getting enough nitrogen during flower and diffinatly wasn't potassium, @GGGadds more castings which leads me to believe that maybe the blend could do with a better nitrogen source . Still I did get a decent harvest, not perfect but as I said if you know what you doing and tweak it abit you can have a good product
  2. I usally mix my own soils to good effect but Ive been getting lazy in recent years, one of the reasons why I moved away from synthetics and into organics for its laid back style. However amending each ingredient can also take alot of time which I'm looking to cut out by using dirty hands elemental blend. Now altho it has everything I usally mix I don't know the ratios they use, I did experiment with it before but mid way through flower my plant started to turn yellow, I would say the reason was due to top dressing too late. My question is how long does the Elemental blend last for example in a 20L or 30L before you need to reamend to be able to push through flower?
  3. They got a few products on alibaba with a min order of 1 piece. Definitely a good buy especially if @ORGANinc.Confirms the quality to be worth it
  4. Technically If it's barely tied and is just supporting the stem it should be fine but I agree with @CreX& @420SAit's best to use garden ties or try not to tie seedlings at all by supplying a better light that will limit your stretch
  5. I guess if you growing organic than basalt and barley would be the best options and there wouldn't be a need to supplement anymore silica. I will add a little bit more basalt in my next mix
  6. I started with an international product called "Silica Blast" and than after doing some research and gathering some homemade recipes and tweaking it I moved away from the product. At the time I was hugely into coco and synthetics (hydro style) so I would mix silica in water and let it set for about 2 hrs with no added chemicals except for phing solution (no base nutes or anything else added) I would feed it once a week with no issues. Stems became stronger and "bendy" which allowed me to LST even to some "extreme" angles, which also helped me to avoid "Topping" and focuss more on LST and Supercropping. Yields did increase but I can't say it a direct effect of silica or more likely the ability to train the plant more effectively
  7. There's a silica recipe you can make at home, its what ive used for years with coco. There's similar recipes on the net, Maybe I ll create a thread for it and you guys can try it out with soil. As i mentioned before silica has huge benefits but as @ORGANinc. & @The_StonedTrooper also mentioned it can also cause problems in soil, however there numerous growers using it with soil with extremely good results. I have covered abit of info on the matter with the international guys and it seems like its a 50/50 debate aswel. Im convinced enough to try it in soil at 1/4 dosage and take it from there only because i have seen good results in coco. i will run one plant in soil using silica and we will see what type results appear
  8. This makes sense. 👍 Looks like you have some phenos worth keeping
  9. What's your method on sex revealing? Do you let them grow & reveal sex normally, stress by training to force them to reveal sex early or do you flower early and than revert back to veg once you have identified sex and selected the ones you want? Edit: Early Flower (sorry didn't read all post)
  10. I would like thank @GreenGrow Garden Route @Totemic @Bay Seedsfor the awesome gifts and @420SAfor giving us such a great platform to be able to display our work. You guys are force within our community and I ask that you may continue doing the great jobs that you do and as the saying goes "stay lifted" 🔥 🤜 🤛
  11. I wounder if @Totemicand crop king both woke up one day with the same cross idea 🤔......... Unlikely 😂
  12. Well sooner or latter these type of tactics comes back to bite them 🤞
  13. No credit given either, well it is what it is, seems others like to ride on others hard work. Happens to me all the time with my competitors, copying my original ideas and than passing as their own. Its sad
  14. Will you send me the link, i'd like to read it
  15. Let me throw my 1c in here, I used a 600w HPS for a long time and just before I converted to LEDS i used a 1000w HPS, first thing the heat off those things is crazy, having to run your extractors on all day costs cash plus add in the costs of running such lights to your electricity bill, Was it worth it? Have i seen better yield using HPS rather than LEDS? I cant say because i haven't run true 1000w LEDS to be able to compare, what i will say is for less watts than HPS I get a pretty damn close yield with LEDS, less heat also meant I didn't have to run my extractor all day, meant I saved on electricity bill, less watts for the same outputs or close to those of HPS aswel. So no matter which way you look at it, LEDS are a win win
  16. On the wall yes but output is much more with LEDS, so 600w HPS vs 600w LED might be the same on the wall but far apart on output
  17. OH i remember running HPS (High-Pressure-Sodiums) they used to get the job done, BUT running at 600W the electrical bill was no fun. LEDS for a home grower is a must
  18. TA (GHE) is really good, nothing against it at all, the only thing that puts me off the product is the price tag that comes with it. I think there is just as good local products for a fraction of their price
  19. Welcome to the fam. Nice setup
  20. Yea I'm keen to see how this vote goes. I mix my own soil aswel. I have used FF once tho
  21. Because I'm expecting people to come at me with pitch forks and touches 😂 we all now the normal 12/12 and 10/14 but not to many people have heard or tried the 13/11 or 11/13 thats why I decided to post under conspiracies 😂
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