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  1. Just an update on the light I ordered. You can see my total cost I ordered it on the 24th it arrived yesterday. Very happy and so are the plants.
  2. So I'm eyeing this out. Any opinions guys? https://m.alibaba.com/product/62146659046/Yuanhui-best-LED-grow-light-using.html
  3. Hooper


    Sorry guys late reply. Broke my phone and lost most of the pics to update u guys. Also harvested my outdoor. Managed to make my first clones out of the outdoor. Heads were so nice I had to try do one indoor. Indoor auto is almost finished. Cloudy trichomes. The photo I've been hustling to keep down till the auto is finished before I push to flower. The WPM is all gone. Been giving biobizz bloom to the auto and grow to the photo. Led lights I have have all but halfed in power as most of the less are dead. Also mostly red less now. Looking to get a 240w quantum then eventually another. Enjoy your long weekend
  4. ja i'm definitely not going too
  5. Anyone had any experience with these. I know of someone using 2 x 400w and 2 x 100w for a grow. Just waiting for the end results.
  6. Hooper


    Shot bru. Just had a spell of powdery mildew. In a panic used milk. Never again. Now im battling to get it off. 😂
  7. Saw them on hydroworks. But i went and looked now and the site is down. So no idea whats happening there.
  8. Ja i saw a local supplier for the 2ft ones R90 a strip. How was the customs charges? Have you got a link for the Alibaba one?
  9. virtually exactly what i'm looking at. but the 4x4 plans with 24 bridgelux eb gen 2's. So its not worth doing this build anymore?
  10. First round of biobizz done.
  11. ordered the biobizz pack
  12. i've been using the ph test kit from terra aquatica
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